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What Is Turnkey PCB Assembly?

Turnkey PCB assembly is a full-service manufacturing process that includes all steps required to assemble PCBs. It covers everything from PCB and parts procurement, surface mount technology (SMT) assemblythrough-hole technology (THT) assemblyconformal coating, and testing of the completed PCB assemblies. Undoubtedly, turnkey PCB assembly services enable customers to outsource their entire process from design to delivery, saving time and money. By the way, Viasion is experienced in handling various projects, from prototypes to medium-scale production runs, and has access to the latest technology and components.

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    Why Choose Viasion as Your Turnkey PCB Assembly Manufacturer?

    Advanced Equipment & Experienced Team

    Viasion has advanced manufacturing equipment and testing equipment, as well as a highly qualified technical team. We implement scientific management methods and an ISO9001 quality management system to win customers' trust with excellent product quality, good service, and competitive prices.

    Excellent Quality

    Guaranteed by excellent quality, mature technology, and professional service, Viasion provides professional and efficient services to meet the different needs of our customers. We are deeply trusted and supported by our customers.

    Reliable since year 2007

    You can work with Viasion confidently, knowing you are working with a reliable partner who takes pride in providing high-quality service. So contact us today and let us help you create the perfect PCB assembly solution for your project!

    Competitive pricing

    Vision has started PCB assembly since 2007, so we have a strong supply chain that can supply us with high-quality electronic parts at competitive pricing. Besides, our skilled workers have been working in our factory for many years, so they can always work with high efficiency.

    Advantages of Complete Turnkey PCB Assembly

    Complete turnkey PCB assembly can reduce the cost of purchasing materials. PCBA manufacturers have many material purchases and will work with a dedicated fixed material supplier. The supplier will provide the lowest material price to cooperate with PCBA manufacturers for a long time.

    Complete turnkey PCB electronics can reduce the warehouse area. However, if you need to purchase many raw materials, you must prepare the warehouse to store them. Then you have to spend the cost of warehouse occupancy. There is also a dedicated person required to manage a large number of raw materials in the warehouse. All these are costly.

    Complete turnkey PCB services can save money on buying machines and equipment, and the saved money can be used in more needed places. However, to carry out the whole process of PCBA, you also need various precision processing equipment and testing equipment. Therefore, if our customers process it themselves, they must buy the equipment, which costs a lot of money.

    Steps of Turnkey PCB Assembly Manufacturing

    1. Design and Prototype Development – Full turnkey PCB assembly begins with creating a schematic and design layout, which is the basis for fabrication.
    2. Fabrication – This involves creating individual components on each PCB layer using special chemicals and processes that ensure quality results.
    3. Soldering – Once all components are placed onto their respective layers, they must be soldered together to form a functioning circuit board assembly (CBA).
    4. Testing & Quality Assurance – Turnkey PCB manufacturers typically employ rigorous testing procedures during the manufacturing process to make sure everything is working correctly before final delivery.
    5. Final Assembly & Packaging – The final step in full turnkey PCB assembly is when all parts are connected to one functional product and packaged up for shipment or sale.

    How to Ensure the Quality of Turnkey PCB Assembly?

    To sure the quality of PCBA. Viasion would use various testing methods the sure the PCB assemblies are not defective to ship out to the customer. We use test methods such as Automated Optical Inspection, Flying Probe Testing, In-Circuit Test, X-Ray inspection, and Burn-In Testing.

    How to Choose the Best Turnkey PCB Assembly Service

    When it comes to turnkey PCB assembly, selecting the right service provider is critical. Turnkey PCB manufacturing involves a complex process that requires precise engineering and expertise to ensure the highest quality results.

    By choosing Viasion, with all of these qualities, as your turnkey PCB assembly supplier, you can ensure that your turnkey PCB assembly project will be completed successfully and on budget.

    Experience, knowledge and resources

     Make sure that you choose a turnkey PCB electronics service provider who has the experience, knowledge, and resources to deliver top-notch results.

    Comprehensive package of services

    The full turnkey PCB assembly manufacturers should provide a comprehensive package of services that includes design consulting, materials procurement, prototyping, testing and assembly.

    High quality in production

    Quality is always the most critical factor. Especially in a turnkey PCB assembly, a lot of material will be involved, such as printed circuit board, electronic components, cables, enclosure, programming, and testing...

    Low cost

    We must always supply cost-competitive products, or we can not win in the market. So we need to find suppliers who can supply low overall cost.

    Flexible in quantity and lead time

    Additionally, they should be flexible, both in order quantity and lead time; both small and large orders are available, and both normal lead time and quick turn are available.

    Superior customer service

    Finally, you want to select a turnkey PCB manufacturing service provider committed to providing superior customer service and support.

    Cost Considerations for Turnkey PCB Assembly Services

    Turnkey PCB manufacturing services can be a cost-effective solution for businesses that need to produce high volumes of printed circuit boards. The cost of turnkey assembly typically includes the cost of components and labour and other factors like shipping, handling fees, and setup fees.
    Turnkey assembly can reduce the time needed to produce PCBs since the entire process is done in-house. It is evident that companies that choose turnkey services can benefit from shorter lead times, improved quality control, and increased scalability. Turnkey assembly also eliminates the need for expensive capital equipment or a large workforce since most of the work is done by an experienced third-party provider.

    Turnkey assembly provides businesses with an efficient way to produce high-quality PCBs in large quantities. Turnkey assembly can save a company time, money, and effort while still producing the quality products their customers expect. Turnkey services are an ideal option for any business looking for an efficient and cost-effective way to make printed circuit board assembly.

    Viasion is one of the best turnkey PCB manufacturers in China, supplying highest quality full turnkey printed circuit boards at most competitive pricing. 

    Viasion summarizes the following factors affecting the cost of turnkey PCB assembly.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Turnkey PCB assembly is a contract manufacturing service offered by PCB assembly companies that allows customers to outsource their entire electronics manufacturing process. This service provides a one-stop shop solution for production, including design, component sourcing, procurement, PCB assembly, testing, and final product delivery.

    1) Full turnkey PCB assembly service ensures that a single provider takes care of the entire manufacturing process, from the sourcing of components to the final product. It streamlines the entire process and eliminates the need to communicate with multiple vendors and suppliers.
    2) It also significantly reduces lead time since a single company manages all process steps. As a result, they can provide the most efficient and cost-effective production solution for customers.
    3) Additionally, many PCB assembly manufacturers are certified by various industry standards for quality control, assuring customers that their products will be safe and reliable.

    Yes, we can provide partial turnkey PCB assembly and full PCB turnkey solutions services.

    Two to four weeks are taken for turnkey PCB assembly or mass production.

    We will provide turnkey PCB electronics for our customers as soon as possible in case our customers are in immediate need.

    Turnkey means any products are completely finished and ready to sell. As for printed circuit turnkey service, it means the printed circuit boards are fully assembled with electronic components and ready to use by customers.

    Yes, conformal coating is included in our turnkey PCB assembly services.

    Concerning the cost of the printed circuit board turnkey assembly, the following factors should be taken into account.
    1) The cost of PCB
    2) The processing cost of SMT/THT
    3) The purchase cost of components
    4) The cost of PCBA testing
    5) Turnaround time
    6) Quantity
    7) Packaging

    The following are testing protocols for PCB assembly in Viasion.
    1) Electrical Test (E-test)
    2) AOI (Automated Optical Inspection)
    3) ICT (In-circuit Test)
    4) FCT (Functional Test)
    5) Reliability Test
    6) First Article Inspection

    Yes, we supply full turnkey PCB manufacturing services to our 1000+ customers worldwide.

    If you want a quick quote for turnkey PCB assembly services, please email our sales staff. Their contact information (phone number and email address) is listed on our official website: https://pcbviasion.com/contact-us/. We will reply to you as soon as possible. We will offer you high-quality turnkey PCB assembly services with competitive pricing.

    We look forward to your turnkey PCB assembly inquiry and hope to establish long-term PCB business cooperation with you.

    Yes, Viasion has focused on Turnkey prototype PCB and medium-volume printed circuit board assembly since our foundation in 2007. We are your most trustful turnkey PCB manufacturers in China.

    In the turnkey PCB prototyping stage, our usual order quality is 1-10 pcs. We welcome small to medium-volume orders.