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What is a Quick Turn PCB Assembly?

Printed Circuit Boards have vast applications in consumer electronics, telecommunications, and automotive sectors. There are thousands of PCB manufacturers in China greatly driven by the emergence of information technology, automotive electronics, and the Internet of Things.

PCB assembly is the process of mounting electronic components into the PCB circuit boards. With the surge in demand for PCBs, more and more customers are seeking manufacturers with fast turnaround times. This type of assembly processing, also known as “Quick Turn PCB Assembly”, can shorten the lead time from weeks to just 24 hours, depending on the agreed design.

Quick turn PCB assembly means printed circuit boards are assembled in a relatively short time. The average processing time of a standard PCB can take up to a week or more which heavily relies on the complexity of the design. As for quick turn PCB assembly, China quick turn PCB assembly manufacturers take the leading position in both quantity and quality.

Below are the factors that can substantially affect the processing durations: number of layers, PCB thickness, design complexity, number of components and order quantity. Quick turn PCB assembly is often adopted in prototyping or mid-volume quick-turn PCB assembly wherein a tight deadline for the project is required.

PCB assembly that meets the customer’s fast delivery requirements is called quick-turn PCB assembly, or fast turn PCB assembly.

Here in Viasion we can deliver a fully assembled PCB in 24 hours when all components are ready. Our normal delivery times are:

  • Kitted PCB Assembly: 3 days
  • Turnkey PCB assembly: 2-4 weeks

Viasion’s Advantage for Quick Turn Printed Circuit Board Assembly Services

A quick turn in PCB assembly manufacturing means that the PCBA manufacturer has to provide PCBA services to the customer in the shortest possible time.  

As a quick turnaround PCB manufacturer, Viasion always focus on low to medium-volume PCB fabrication and assembly. On one hand, we can supply quick turn printed circuit board in 24 hours; and on the other hand, we can do quick turn printed circuit board assembly in 4 hours. 

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    Advanced Equipments and 16+ years of Experience

    Viaison has advanced manufacturing equipment and established a set of scientific and perfect quality management systems. For 16 years, under our strict quality management system, we have been highly recognized by our customers in terms of "the best product quality", "the most competitive price" and "the most satisfactory service".

    Professional Team

    There are engineers with many years of experience in circuit board production and skilled production staff in Viasion. We are confident to provide our customers with reliable quality products at a reasonable cost, and services for quick turn PCB assembly. Our whole team in sales, engineering, purchasing, production and quality are very experienced in fast turn circuit board assembly.

    Great Customer Service

    Viasion has established a set of perfect and humanized business service processes, which can quickly respond to customers' individual needs and provide customers with personalized services such as technical support, order support, and inquiry support of production progress. From the time a customer places an order to the time of production and delivery, our sales staff follow up the whole process to ensure that efficient and high-quality products are delivered to the customer. An order is considered 100% complete only after such a process is completed.

    Competitive Pricing

    We understand that you want a reliable provider who can deliver on their promises and offer competitive pricing. That's why our quick-turn PCB assembly services are backed by competitive pricing that is tailored to suit each customer’s needs. We also understand how important it is to get your project completed on time and will do everything we can to ensure that happens. So you can always trust us for fast turn printed circuit board assembly at competitive pricing.

    What are the Benefits of Quick Turn PCB Assembly?​

    Let’s next examine the benefits of quick turn PCB assembly services. The reasons why most customers would opt for quick turn PCB assembly are the following:

    • Time-Saving: As the famous Benjamin Franklin’s quote goes, “‘Time is money.”, which implies that with time, money can be indirectly generated. In the context of quick turn PCB assembly services, the shorter the time is, the earlier the product can be used which translates to higher customer satisfaction, and more units that can be produced within a particular time span.
    •  Cost Avoidance: Since production times are shortened, spending is also lessened. 
    • Customization: Since the goal is to shorten the production time, materials, components and processes can be optimized without sacrificing the quality and overall functionality of the boards.

    What are the Common Challenges in Quick Turn PCB Assembly?

    Challenges are unavoidable in any business decision. As we are trying to squeeze the turnaround times, we must be aware of the challenges that may come along the way. In this manner, mitigation actions and careful planning must be done to overcome the challenges:

    Component Availability

    With the rising number of China quick turn PCB assembly manufacturers, components may not be easily available for purchase. Remember that the Bill of Materials (BOM) for PCBA is composed of several components, both active and passive components, so it is necessary to make sure that everything is available to avoid unwanted surprises during project execution. 

    There are several approaches to solving this problem. The first is to build and maintain relationships with suppliers. This will help to ease sourcing of the needed parts as you have a list of alternative options for suppliers and have accessible means to communicate with them. Another solution is to establish a stock system to ensure the availability of component inventory. For the parts that have high demand, especially the passive components, it is best to have buffer stock to eliminate shortages and project delays due to material sourcing and lead time. An important method is also to find an alternative part that has the same fit, form and function for flexible options. In case the designated part is not available, you can still purchase the alternative component and meet your timeline. 

    Time Constraint

    Since the primary goal for China quick turn PCB assembly is to be able to manufacture the boards in a short time frame, every detail and activity should be laid out. The timeline is often plotted in a "Gantt Chart" which shows the breakdown of activities and the planned timing of completion. Part of the timing is also the expedited delivery as the printed circuit board needs to arrive to the customer on time. 

    Cost Control

    Knowing the allocation of budget in your printed circuit board project is one of the main challenges of quick turn PCB assembly. Making several design iterations and redoing PCB prototypes can bulk up the cost. Other factors affecting mid-volume quick turn PCB assembly services are the cost of materials, complexity of the processes and testing.

    Quality Error and Defects

    Getting to the final product within a prescribed time can sometimes push aside other critical metrics like quality and good parts yield. This is where thorough Design for Manufacturing analysis and assessment plays a vital role. During the design development of the printed circuit board, the schematics and layout must be evaluated for tolerances, robustness, and functionality. The design team should have constant coordination with the manufacturing team for any potential concerns during manufacturing.

    What are the Factors to Consider in Choosing a Quick Turn PCB Assembly Manufacturer?

    Many companies are also offering quick turn PCB assembly services with highly automated processes and expert engineering support. Quick turn PCB assembly makes these companies more competitive due to an added advantage in terms of time to deliver the products. Do not trust easily in choosing a China quick turn PCB assembly supplier. With the primary intent to speed up production, keep in mind that a suitable supplier is very critical in ensuring that your main and secondary objectives are met.

    Delivery Time

    Delivery time should be as short as possible which can be achieved by having a short manufacturing cycle and expedited shipment to be able to complete a printed circuit board delivery. The committed delivery time must also have a detailed cycle time for each process to be able to plan correctly. Quick turn PCB assembly does not end when the finished goods are produced. The success rate will depend on how fast the part has been delivered to the customer. Design to manufacturing can be done in as short as seven days. Company websites often publish their quick-turn PCB assembly delivery time based on the number of layers. 


    Even with the fast turnaround times, quality must be given high importance and priority. To determine if the China quick turn PCB supplier can be qualified, there are several international standards that should be complied too. A common standard that is known to almost all industries is ISO certification which has sets of requirements related to quality management systems. Even with quick turn PCB assembly, the components, and materials to be used must still conform to IPC and UL standards which are both international organizations which cater to the electronics manufacturing industry.

    Technical Capabilities

    Quick turn PCB assembly cannot be realized if the machines to be used are slow, manual, and difficult to set up. A quick turn PCB assembly manufacturer should have state-of-the-art, highly automated machines that can cater to complex printed circuit board designs with varying component types. Technical capability in terms of design and manufacturing engineering support is also essential. A good and capable quick turn PCB assembly supplier can offer a prototype quick turn facility and a high-volume production factory with low-cost labor. In this type of business model, processes are optimized and a smooth transition to high-volume manufacturing is possible since communications are more streamlined from design to production. Advanced Surface Mount Technology (SMT) line must be available with capabilities that match your technical requirements. 

    Customer Service

    Come to think of it, poor customer service usually impedes smooth communication and further delays decision-making during product development and manufacturing. If there are requirements that are misunderstood, the cycle time can be severely affected. The customer, design team, fabrication and engineering support team must all work closely together to discuss issues and project status. Excellent customer service means being able to address concerns in a timely manner, being proactive to potential concerns and being transparent with the gaps and issues to correct and prevent problems. Technical and administrative support must be provided by the supplier to strike a balance between meeting the shipment requirements and having a quality and fully functional PCB. 

    PCB Assembly Cost

    Cost, almost needless to say, is a common metric in choosing a suitable partner for quick turn PCB assembly services. Better select a China quick turn PCB assembly supplier that can meet your desired project deadline and still offer competitive pricing. Suppliers can be dealt with in terms of how cost can be reduced by choosing an alternative, cheaper material or eliminating unnecessary or non-value-adding processes. A detailed quotation must be requested with the breakdown of each cost factory for easier assessment of how to make the project more cost-effective.

    What are the Steps in Quick Turn PCB Assembly?

    To ensure high quality and quick delivery, we alway follow the steps in quick turn PCB assembly, from DFM to prototyping, pre-production, full production,  testing and inspections. Please refer to the detailed steps as below.

    Step 1: Design for Manufacturability (DFM) Check

    The PCB design must first be submitted to the quick turn PCB assembly manufacturer and will undergo a Design for Manufacturability (DFM) check. The design is in Gerber file format which is the industry-known standard used for manufacturing. Gerber files are often one of the main references of quick turn PCB suppliers for pricing. 

    The DFM review is a process of technical verification if the materials and design conform to IPC standards and capabilities of the manufacturing or assembly line. In DFM, brainstorming is being done by the design and assembly team to assess risks and ensure that the quick turnaround is met by eliminating potential errors. 

    Step 2: Prototyping

    Prototyping is first performed to have some initial builds to evaluate the functionality of the printed circuit boards. A series of collaborative discussions between the manufacturer and project leader are being conducted to know the gaps and potential improvements in the design. For high volume quick turn PCB assembly services, this often happens in a very short period. Prototyping is an important stage where correction and revisions can be done to have a robust quick turn production.

    Step 3: Pre-production

    The next stage is pre-production wherein a few quantities are again produced to test in a relatively bigger volume and check the readiness of fabrication and assembly line. 

    Step 4: Full Production

    The next phase is full production PCBs wherein the design and assembly technologies are already frozen and satisfy the requirements for mass production.  

    Step 5: Inspection and Testing 

    Finally, inspection and testing should be done as part of the quality checks of the product. Even if it is a quick turn PCB assembly, these quality checks are significant to filter out only good units that are then to be shipped to customers. Inspection includes rapid Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) machines which check for the solder joints and completeness of components on the printed circuit boards. Testing is also being done through In-Circuit Testing or Flying Probe Testing which are both test probe methods that check for electrical connection issues. The main difference is that in-circuit testing utilizes a fixture while a Flying Probe Test has movable probes that can access test pads.


    High volume quick turn PCB assembly has gained popularity due to the rising demand for electronic products. Options are available left and right for PCB assembly providers that can cater to your needs and time requirements. Collaborating with a trustworthy supplier can help you actualize your expectations and produce a high-quality printed circuit board.

     In this way, China quick turn PCB assembly manufacturers are highly competitive in quick turn PCB assembly services because China quick turn PCB assembly has built a good reputation across the globe. Viasion Technology is one of the China quick turn PCB assembly suppliers with years of experience in mid-volume quick-turn PCB assembly. For more information, you can contact their subject matter experts at any time.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Quick turn PCB assembly service is a process that enables manufacturers to quickly manufacture PCB assembly at a fraction of the time required for traditional manufacturing.

    1) It can meet customers’ requirements for fast lead times.
    2) Allowing customers to verify PCB assembly designs faster than competitors is a significant competitive advantage for their businesses.

    Yes, we can source parts for your assembly according to the bill of material you provide for us.

    We will store unused parts in a suitable environment to prevent them from being scrapped.

    Yes, as one of the best quick turn PCB assemblers in China, Viasion can provide any kinds of PCB assembly, including BGA assembly service for our customers.

    Of course, Viasion complies with ROHS standards to produce quick-turn PCB assembly.

    Surface finishes that we cater for quick-turn PCB assembly and quick turn PCB manufacturing include HAL, ENIG, immersion tin/silver, ENEPIG, gold finer, gold plating, selective hybrid, etc.

    In Viasion, we can supply wide range of quick turn PCB circuit boards, includes rigid PCBs, flex PCBs, rigid-flex PCBs, HDI PCBs, metal core PCBs etc., so we cater for all these kinds of quick-turn PCB assembly.

    Yes! As one of the best quick turn PCB assemblers in China, we are good at both fast turnaround PCB assembly and quick turn PCB manufacturing.
    Yes! We are also a quick turnaround PCB manufacturer who can supply printed circuit boards in 24 hours.

    Standard turnaround time varies depending on the types and the quantity of the PCB assembly. The following are some examples.
    1) Quick turn PCBA service takes 1-5 days.
    2) It takes one week for only PCB assembly.
    3) Two to four weeks are taken for turnkey PCB assembly or mass production.
    4) Four to ten weeks are spent on Turnkey box build assembly.

    Yes, we cater to different quick turn PCB assembly service types including SMT assembly, PTH assembly, SMT+PTH mixed, and manual assembly.

    The following are testing protocols for quick-turn PCB assembly in Viasion.
    1) Electrical Test (E-test)
    2) AOI (Automated Optical Inspection)
    3) ICT (In-circuit Test)
    4) FCT (Functional Test)

    If you want to request a quick-turn PCB assembly quote, please send emails to our sales staff. Their contact information (phone number and email address) is listed on our official website: Contact Us- Viasion Technology Co. Ltd. We will reply to you as soon as possible. We will offer you high-quality quick turn PCB assembly services with competitive pricing. We look forward to your quick turn PCB assembly inquiry and hope to establish long-term PCB business cooperation with you.

    It is important to assess the capabilities of the PCB assembly companies that you are considering for your project. The best way to do this is to review the services and advantages they advertise, as this will give you an overall picture of the quality of their work. Viasion can assure you that we will provide you with high-quality quick-turn PCB assembly to save you from worry.

    1) The design data of PCB assembly does not match the manufacturing capacity of the manufacturer.
    2) It is difficult to ensure the short lead time of products.
    3) It is difficult to do thorough testing to ensure the quality of products.
    4) Sometimes, electronic components need a very long lead time.

    1) Quick delivery and offer products quickly
    2) Increased production speed and win in competition
    3) Improved customer satisfaction rate
    4) Reduced lead times

    The following points are involved in reducing the cost of quick-turn PCB assembly.

    1) During the design of PCB assembly, selecting the right components can indirectly reduce PCB assembly costs.
    2) It is critical to provide the PCB assembly manufacturer with the most complete bill of material(BOM). Not only does it help the manufacturer place components in the correct size, but the complete BOM can also help you plan and budget purchases using quantity and usage.
    3) Manufacturers should look for multiple sources to purchase components, which facilitates the procurement of components at the lowest cost.