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A Brief Introduction to Components Sourcing

Components sourcing in the electronics industry is vital to finding PCB parts and components to populate circuits and component boards. This process can include resistors, capacitors, integrated circuits, transistors, diodes, and more. In addition, the components must be sourced from reliable suppliers to ensure the product’s quality. 

Depending on the PCB components needed, sourcing components can involve working with domestic and international suppliers. When sourcing PCB board components, it is crucial to consider factors such as price, quality, availability, lead times, and minimum order quantities. Additionally, printed circuit board components must be compatible with other components in the circuit to make sure function correctly.

The circuit board parts sourced from suppliers must be inspected before being used in production, which includes checking the components for quality, performance and safety standards. Additionally, circuit board components must be appropriately labelled, stored and tracked to ensure they are up-to-date with industry standards and regulations.

By ensuring all PCB parts and components are sourced from reputable suppliers and that components are inspected and tracked, Viasion can ensure we are producing products of the highest quality.

In short, electronic components procurement is critical in the electronics industry as it ensures that the manufactured products will be safe and reliable.

Viasion’s Competitive Advantages in Components Sourcing

Components sourcing is an integral part of PCB assembly and electronics manufacturing. Viasion works closely with customers and suppliers to ensure that the best price is negotiated on materials and that materials arrive on time and meet quality requirements.

Our experienced procurement staff will handle the challenges of securing parts and maintaining modifications to the bill of materials. We will use our expertise and electronic component supply chain knowledge to maintain the right balance between schedule and price. We will always inform you of any issues with the PCB board parts  as they arise. Our relationships with key circuit board parts distributors are strong, and we will use our resources to find those components that are obsolete or hard to find.

With our highly experienced team, we can always find most of electronics components at competitive prices and high quality. Here are our main advantages:

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    Buy From Authorized Distributors

    We always purchase all our electronic board components from certified distributors such as Arrow, Avnet, Digi-Key, Mouser, etc., to ensure the circuit board parts are original and new.

    Cost Effective

    Because of our trusted vast supply chain, we can get both SMT components and PTH components from our supplier at the lowest price and quote to our customer with a very low margin.

    Great Customer Service

    Our experienced sales, engineer and buyer team will always quote your price quickly and supply relative information quickly if needed.


    One-stop Solution

    Besides electronic component sourcing, we can supply One-stop Solution from PCB fabrication to turnkey box build assembly. You can always rely on us for your electronics supply chain management.

    Certified Quality

    We gained and strictly follow ISO9001:2015 quality standards to ensure high-quality service to our customers.

    How to Get a Free Quotation of Components Sourcing

    Please get in touch with our sales to get a free quote by sending emails. Their contact information (phone number&email address) is listed on our official website: We are looking forward to serving you!

    How to Identify Suitable Components

    How to Understand Component Quality Standards

    When sourcing components, it is essential to understand quality standards to ensure that PCB components meet the desired requirements.

    Quality standards refer to criteria used to evaluate components and determine whether they are suitable for use in a particular application. Quality standards can vary depending on the components being evaluated and the intended purpose of the components. Common quality standards for printed circuit board (PCB) parts include materials specifications, product performance tests, and environmental requirements.

    By understanding these quality standards and selecting components that meet or exceed them, Viasion can ensure components are reliable and fit for purpose.

    Challenges of Components Sourcing

    The electronics components sourcing process can be complex and challenging, with various potential risks and obstacles. One of the most significant challenges of sourcing electronic components is cost control.

    How to Purchase Electronic Components

    With the continuous development of the electronic industry, there are more and more types, brands and manufacturers of circuit board components, which require more and more personnel to purchase components. As the saying goes, details determine success or failure. What problems should be considered in the procurement of electronic components? When choosing and purchasing, what should we pay attention to? What purchasing pitfalls need to be avoided? Let’s take a look at the following paragraphs for these answers.

    (A) The complete device type includes the body type, prefix, suffix, package, foot spacing, error, material, etc. Device prefixes are extensive series of devices, so prefixes are less common, but suffixes are more common.
    The type suffix, for example, has the following uses:
    For instance, MAXIM’s reset chip MAX706 is also 706, and the suffixes “S” and “T” represent different threshold voltages. The threshold voltage of MAX706S is 2.93V, and the threshold voltage of MAX706T is 3.08V.

    (B) Distinguish device grades and operating temperatures. For example, the benchmark voltage chip TL431 of TI Company, TL431C, represents the device’s operating temperature from 0 degrees to 70 degrees (civil grade), and TL431I represents the device’s operating temperature from -40 degrees to 85 degrees (industrial grade). The suffixes “C” and “I” represent different operating temperatures.

    (C) Differentiating device packaging forms Take TL431 as an example. TL431CP represents PDIP packaging, TL431CD represents SOIC packaging, and the suffix “P” and “D” represent different packaging.

    (D) Distinguish the way of ordering the benchmark voltage chip TL431 CD of TI company. If the requirement is to purchase by disk (2500PCS/ disk), then the model of TL431 CDR must be ordered, and the suffix “R” here stands for the disk. Otherwise, if you order according to TL431 CD, you may buy materials packed in tubes (75PCS/ tube).

    (E) Distinguish between lead-free and lead-free—for example, ON Company’s comparator chip LM393D (“D “means SOIC package). If you want to use the lead-free model, you must place an order according to LM393DG.

    With the development of the Internet, the online trading platform of electronic components and components has risen rapidly. It collects the resources of domestic and foreign original factories, well-known agents and spot suppliers, and users can search and compare channels through models quickly and conveniently. According to the requirement documents, the dealer can quickly make the correct and valid quotation. And each inquiry comparison price is the most tiring and headache.

    MOQ (minimum order quantity): The existence of minimum order is the basis for manufacturers to ensure the cost (materials, labour, etc.). Generally, standard parts or customized parts have the minimum order quantity requirements. However, the actual purchase of small and medium-sized orders is often because the minimum order quantity can not meet manufacturers because of small order losses and the order rejection phenomenon.

    MPQ (Minimum number of packages): Due to the high degree of automation in producing standard components, automatic or semi-automatic equipment also completes the packaging process. Suppliers must establish minimum packaging to meet the production efficiency of automation equipment and save packaging materials and transportation costs. For purchasing manufacturers with relatively small demand, such as enterprises with planned demand for thousands of finished products, purchasing a plate of 10K components means temporary use of funds, inventory overhang and waste. Now there is no need to worry about this situation. All the suitable suppliers can provide unpacked purchase service, and retail can help also.

    The qualifications of suppliers include a business license, tax registration certificate, product agent authorization certificate, supply quality assurance agreement, product testing certificate, production license, manufacturer’s quality assurance system certification, special product industry identification certificate, etc.

    Large enterprises usually have a special department for PCB parts identification and testing of purchased components, but most small and medium-sized enterprises often do not have the above ability. As a result, today’s component market is full of fake and defective products. Choosing the right procurement platform for PCB parts suppliers can reduce the probability of product quality problems.

    The delivery time requirements include the following:

    • The time the buyer requires to purchase the product.
    • The time the seller needs to prepare the sample.
    • The first small batch production.
    • The time necessary to place the production order at regular times.

    Although the supplier can cooperate according to the buyer’s requirements, the delivery length is related to the price of the purchased products. Therefore, the buyer should put forward the requirements according to the actual needs rather than blindly pursuing the timely supply.

    The delivery mode of domestic trade is usually railway and road, while the delivery place and delivery mode of international purchase determine the price calculation.

    If the Sellers are asked to quote on a CIF basis (the components of the CIF price include the standard freight and the agreed insurance from the port of loading to the agreed port of destination), whether by sea or air, the cargo and the insurance shall be jointly borne by agreement or by one party.

    Different billing methods depend on the distance of delivery. Suppliers usually quote based on sea transportation because sea transportation is the most economical way of delivery.

    How to Optimize your Components sourcing

    Electronic component sourcing is a critical part of any product development process. It involves finding components or parts that fit the project’s requirements while considering cost, quality, availability, and other factors. Several steps can be taken to optimize components sourcing.

    Define Your Requirements

    Clearly define the components necessary for a successful project, including size, materials, features, and other specifications.

    Evaluate Vendors

    Research multiple vendors to determine which components meet your requirements while offering the best price and quality.

    Negotiate Terms

    When identifying your vendor, negotiate pricing, delivery terms, and other contract components.

    Monitor Quality

    Once components are in hand, inspect them to ensure they meet your standards.

    Long-term Partnership

    Establishing relationships with component vendors can help maintain a steady supply chain for projects. Doing this early on can ensure the component's availability and save money.

    Components sourcing is a complex task, but following these steps can help you find PCB parts and components that meet your needs while staying within budget. In addition, doing components sourcing service right will lead to happier clients and more successful projects. Ultimately, components sourcing is vital to achieving success on any project.


    Electronic components are generally divided into domestic and imported. Domestic general procurement process: looking for manufacturers (through the network and other channels to search manufacturers) – quotation – sampling – price comparison (bargaining) – order – follow up – incoming – quality inspection – abnormal handling – account reconciliation, etc. The import part must find the original factory agent or distributor through the PCB component brand and choose the most profitable way to contact the quotation – sampling, etc. In addition, there is another kind of procurement for traders. They will look for similar products with the lowest price from various channels and sell them to customers to earn the difference.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Passive components and active components are the two types of electronic components.

    We can source all kinds of components, such as:
    Integrated Chips (ICs)
    Optical components
    Electromechanical components

    If you want to buy electronic components online, you can search on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. There is a lot of information about suppliers of electronic components on these websites. Therefore, it is very convenient to buy electronic components online. But you can also rely on us to source all kinds of components.

    According to Viasion’s experience, the cost associated with components sourcing is determined by several factors, such as the part number of the components you need, where and how you source them, and the number of components you require.