High-Mix, Low-Volume PCB Assembly

  • Small to medium volume & No MOQ
  • Quick turn PCB prototyping in 24 hours
  • Consignment & Turnkey PCB Assembly
  • SMT+PTH mixed, quick turn manual soldering
  • ISO9001:2015 & UL Listed
  • 100% AOI, X-RAY, ICT, FCT & Visual inspection

What is Low Volume PCB Assembly?

In the new electronic PCB design, we may be not sure whether there is any defect that exists, then we would need to assemble a few pieces for evaluation or testing first. The order number usually varies from 1 piece to 100 pieces. This kind of order is regarded as low-volume PCB assembly or small-volume PCB assembly.

Low-volume PCB assembly is very suitable for prototyping. Prototyping is an excellent way to prove your design before starting mass production. We strive to get the best one by continuously manufacturing multiple PCBs according to different design requirements until the final version of the PCB design is determined. It is very helpful for us to save production costs and reduce time to market.

You are welcome to order low volume PCB assembly service in Viasion. There is no minimum order quantity in our company. Moreover, Viasion has focused on providing small to medium volume PCB & PCBA services for more than 16 years. We are one of the best low volume PCB assembly manufacturer in China.

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    The Benefits of Low-Volume PCB Assembly

    Reduce development cost

    When we design new electronic products, we may need to produce prototypes 2 or more times. To save production costs, we just want to order a minimum quantity that is enough to do the functional test. The smaller the order quantity, the cheaper the cost. So small volume PCB assembly will save a lot of money in PCB development. Especially some time will need to produce samples several times.

    Shorten time to market

    It is obliviously that the production time is shorter if the order quantity is smaller. The lead time for mass production PCB assembly is around 1-2 weeks. But for low-volume PCB assembly, we can finish it in 1-3 days. Shortening the market time of the product is no longer a fantasy but can become a reality.

    In addition, it is recommended that customers can provide designs of multiple PCBs and require the manufacturer to produce them together in small batches, which will also help us to shorten the development time.

    Quality approval to keep a good reputation

    Lowe volume PCB assembly be used to approve quality and eventually help to keep a good reputation. After we got fully functional prototypes, it is better to produce a small batch of trial orders to approve the quality on small scale, rather than deliver the products to the customer on large scale directly. This will help us to reduce potential risks or design imperfections. Since a recall of products will be extremely costly. So a trial order is very necessary for the high volume products, to test and approve the quality in all aspects, and make necessary changes if needed. Then we won’t have to worry about mass defective products releasing into the market and damaging our reputation.

    Reduce production cost

    For customers who focus on small to medium volume products, it is not necessary to run PCB assembly by themselves. Firstly, the divestment of a PCB assembly line is very expensive. And also inefficient operations of assembly machines and equipment can result in accelerated wear. Insufficient process planning and insufficient personnel arrangements can result in bottleneck processes. Poor process control can lead to product backlogs and a high turnover of staff. Production management is another cost to consider. Office space, air conditioning, and water expenses are additional costs. Investing in efficient equipment will lower costs. If you turn to experienced PCBA manufacturers which focus on low-volume PCBA manufacturing, they will manage to provide cost-effective services after handling these issues.

    The Lead time of Low-Volume PCB Assembly

    The lead time of consignment low volume PCB assembly will take no more than one week, while that of turnkey low volume PCB assembly will take at least two weeks. Anyway, we will provide low volume PCB assembly for you as soon as possible within the lead time.

    Application of Low-Volume PCB Assembly Services

    Types of Technology Used in Low-Volume PCB Assembly

    Different PCB designs may need different technology for assembly. The following introduces three kinds of technology used in low-volume PCB assembly respectively.


    Through-hole Technology(THT)

    Surface Mount Technology (SMT)

    While traditional through-hole technology solders the pins of the components through the holes of the PCB, surface mount technology (SMT) mounts components on a PCB’s surface. It also enables greater density in PCB design, which is beneficial in manufacturing more integrated chips. This technology has several advantages over traditional through-hole construction, but its size and design are not suitable for all components. In addition, SMT isn’t suited for components that must be regularly connected or disconnected.

    SMT components are often more susceptible to mechanical stress than through-hole counterparts. Repairing component-level assemblies requires expensive tools and experienced operators. Compared to conventional through-hole assembly, SMT components also tend to be smaller and require less solder.

    SMT assembly steps

    STM assembly is always done by pick & place equipment. The steps in SMT assembly are:

    1. Stencil preparation

    A stencil is used to print solder paste on the PCB pads. It always cut by laser

    2. Solder paste printing

    Firstly, we need to print solder paste on the pads of the PCB by using a solder stencil. Solder paste can be printed by automatic machine or manually.

    3. Place the components on the PCB

    After the solder paste is printed on the PCB surface, we need to place the PCB components in the correct place. We will use a high pick & place machine to place to do this. For some special components, we may need to place them manually. But manual placement has low efficiency and is also not possible for small components.

    4. Run through the reflow oven

    When components are all placed correctly. We should run the PCB through the reflow oven. The temperature profile may be different for different PCBs, so experienced engineers are needed. Of course, we need to test the oven temperature frequency to make sure the is no mistake.

    5. AOI (automatic optical inspection)

    We always use AOI for every PCB assembly, to reduce the chance of making mistakes. But experienced workers also need to recognize if it is a real defect or not.

    6. Visual inspection

    Visual inspection is always needed since there may be different kinds of defects. We always inspect products according to IPC Class 2.

    If there are defects, then the SMT assembly is done by far.

    Mixed Technology

    In line with the trend that electronic products are becoming more functional and smaller, PCBs are being designed smaller and smaller, which means that the density of components mounted on the PCB is increasing. At the same time, mixed technology is a need in PCB assembly. Mixed technology can be a mixture of SMT assembly and PTH assembly or a mixture of single-sided assembly and double-sided assembly. Mixed technology is commonly used in various industries such as power and control, testing and measurement, telecommunication, automotive, medical, etc.
    We have introduced SMT assembly and PTH assembly above, here is some introduction about single-sided assembly and double-sided assembly. Single-sided assembly means all the components are placed on one side, either the top side or the bottom side. Double-sided assembly means there are components assembled on bother sides. The materials used in the production of mixed-technology PCBs have to be kept in a cool environment to prevent them from getting easily applied to the surface. This process can be very complex and requires a lot of knowledge and skills. Besides the regular components, the boards also require different shapes and sizes.
    A double-sided printed circuit board can be made up of both sides of one board. The small components and normal components separate on the different sides of this board. Recreating this type of board for the other side can destroy the delicate components on the first one. An optical inspector should be hired by the manufacturer of mixed-technology PCBs to thoroughly inspect the boards. Besides checking for quality, this type of board should also be cleaned. Since it’s very complex, every step of the production process must be conducted properly.

    Differences between High Volume and Low Volume PCB Assembly

    1. Different Quantity

    Their names show intuitively that they are differentiated by quantity. Here we think the order from 1 piece to 100pcs is low volume order and the order of more than a few standards are high volume order. So the order between 100pcs to a few standard pieces are medium orders.

    2. Different equipment needed

    Since different types of pick & place requirements are more suitable for different quality of orders.

    For example, Fuji NXT equipment is very suitable for mass production since their deficiency is very high if several of them work together. But the Yamaha YS series is very suitable for small series production since they are more flexible for different kinds of components, and also easier to load or unload PCB components.

    3. Different engineering and production team

    If the company focuses on small-volume PCB assembly, all the engineering and production teams need to be flexible and quick in action. But the fore then works in high volume company, accuracy and “stick to plan” is more important. Viasion always focuses on low-volume PCB assembly, so we are always flexible and quick in response to our customers.

    4. Flexibility

    As mentioned above, high-volume production needs high deficiency and high accuracy, so the manufacturer for high-volume PCB assembly is not very flexible usually. At Viasion, we are always flexible with our customers. We will try our best to meet every demand from our customers, such as quick turn orders, free DFM, substitution advice, pull-in or push-out orders, preparing components in advance, box build assembly, IC programming or testing, etc.

    Why Do We Need Low-Volume PCB Assembly?

    Once a new electronic product has been developed, producing low-volume PCB assembly can set the stage for the success of carrying out mass production later on. It allows you to inspect and identify the components in detail, and it can also help you determine if they need to be improved.

    Reasons to Choose us to Build your Low-Volume PCB Assembly

    Generally speaking, in Viasion, we focus on low-volume PCB assembly. Our equipment and personnel are arranged to meet this goal. So we can be helpful for you to reduce your cost and shorten your time to market and can be your trusted partner.

    Viasion focuses on providing small to medium volume PCB assembly manufacturing services
    From the first day of our foundation, Viasion always focuses on small to medium volume PCB assembly, so small-volume PCB assembly fits us well. So we always welcome small orders, not like the manufacturers who always want big orders. All our equipment and personnel are prepared for this goal.
    “Quality comes first”
    Being focused on quality is what sets us apart from other companies when it comes to providing low-volume PCB assembly. All our staff always remember “Quality comes first” in our hearts. We perform DFM, e-test, AOI inspection, X-ray inspection for BGA, ICT (in-circuit test), and functional test if needed to make sure of good quality products.
    Strong supplying chain
    Through our strong vendor network and supply chain expertise, we can help our customers to find the ideal materials and components for their PCBs at a good price. This helps them to save product costs, reduce their time to market and improve their efficiency.
    Original new component and quality guarantee
    All our suppliers are audited and approved suppliers, and most of them are our partners for many years. So we can always get new and original components at a competitive price, so we can make sure of good quality and supply quality guarantee.
    One-stop solutions for PCB&PCBA manufacturing
    We have the necessary capabilities to provide both turnkey production and assembly of PCBs. This allows us to reduce the time it takes to develop and produce PCBs. As an experienced manufacturer providing one-stop solutions for PCB&PCBA manufacturing, we are confident that our low-volume PCB assembly services can satisfy your needs. Apart from PCBA manufacturing and testing, we also offer a variety of other services such as packaging, supply chain management, and testing.
    Advanced equipment and experienced team
    Viasion's production workshop is equipped with a series of automatic production and testing equipment. Additionally, The entire manufacturing staff team has rich experience and a rigorous attitude toward work. That’s the reason why we can promise that the low-volume PCB assembly is manufactured in high quality in Viasion.
    16+ years experience
    Viasion started supplying PCB assembly in 2007. So we have more than 15 years of experience in PCB fabrication and assembly. Many of our customers have been working with us for more than 10 years.
    IS09001 certified and UL listed
    Our company is IS09001 certified, and our daily operations are performed according to quality management standards, such as material control, production quality control, staff training, etc. Our PCBs are also UL-listed. UL is the most widely accepted stately standard in the world.
    Capable of all kinds of PCB assembly methods
    We use different mounting techniques for our low-volume PCB assembly. These include the use of surface mount technology, plating through-hole assembly, and PTH and SMT mixed. We also offer single-sided assembly, double-sided PCB assembly, and flexible and rigid-flex PCB assembly, so we can meet all your PCB assembly demands. Besides, we offer various types of packaging, such as chip-scale packaging and grid array ball array.
    Highest standard solder paste
    We only use high-quality solder paste: Alpha and Senju which can ensure good quality of the PCB assembly. Since the most important thing for us is quality, rather than saving cost.
    Great customer service team
    Our customer service team is composed of highly experienced individuals who are dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible service. Whether you need a few pieces as the prototype or a few hundred of PCB assembly, please contact us for a free quote immediately. Besides, we can also handle orders with larger quantities such as 10 thousand or more. Please do not worry about future mass production.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Low volume printed circuit board assembly means small batch PCB assembly; the order number usually varies from 1 piece to 100 pieces is regarded as low-volume PCB assembly.

    Yes, we do. Viasion focuses on small to medium-volume PCB & PCBA production.

    Reduce development cost
    Shorten time to market
    Quality approval to keep a good reputation
    Reduce production cost

    To reduce the probability of defective products in high-volume production.
    To decide whether to cooperate with the PCB manufacturer in the future for high-volume production.

    Of course, we can provide low volume PCB assembly with SMT and THT mixed technology.

    The lead time of consignment low volume PCB assembly will take no more than one week, while that of turnkey low volume PCB assembly will take at least two weeks. Anyway, we will provide low volume PCB assembly for you as soon as possible within the lead time.

    Yes, we can provide low-cost & low-volume PCB manufacturing and assembly services. We will offer high-quality PCB assemblies at the most competitive price for you.

    Yes, we can provide quick turnaround low-volume PCB assembly as you require.

    Such a solution is reflected in Viasion’s low-volume PCB assembly capabilities.
    SMT assembly, PTH assembly, SMT & PTH mixed
    Single-sided components, double-sided components, press fit assembly
    PCB type: rigid, flex, and rigid-flex PCB
    Turnkey PCB assembly
    Consigned and partially consigned assembly
    Box build assembly
    Conformal coating
    Cable assembly
    PCB parts sourcing
    100% AOI, X-ray if there is BGA, FTC if needed
    Min. component size: 0201
    Component type: passive, active, SOP, BGA, PLCC, QFN, etc. all kinds of chips
    Component package: reel, cut tape, bulk, tube, tray, in loose
    lead time: 1-3 days after components collected
    Min. order quantity: 1 piece

    Yes, Viasion will carry out a series of testing and inspection for all the products. The following states the main ways of testing and inspection in Viasion.
    Electrical Test (E-test)
    AOI (Automated Optical Inspection)
    ICT (In-circuit Test)
    FCT (Functional Test)
    X-ray inspection
    Visual inspection

    Yes, Viasion can provide customized low-volume PCB assembly to satisfy the customer’s requirements. We focus on low volume PCB assembly in China.

    No. Although we focus on low-to-medium batch PCB assembly. But we also assemble high-volume PCBs.

    Viasion has more than 16 years of PCB & PCBA manufacturing experience, specialising in low-volume PCB prototype assembly and medium-volume printed circuit board assembly.

    Yes, Viasion will undertake the rework of low-volume PCB assembly (T&Cs apply). But it is better if you can send us PCB assembly files to check and compare. PCB and PCB assembly diagrams are very helpful to our work.

    We produce and assemble PCBs to meet the needs of our customers according to their requirements. Each department in our company does its job and strives to do the best job possible. Our factory is equipped with advanced PCB assembly equipment. Operators on our PCB assembly lines have years of skilled production experience. Our professional technical team will give technical support to avoid quality issues. Our sales team gives feedback to customers’ orders with a serious service attitude, such as engineering questions, delivery dates or any change of plan. All these ensure that our company can provide high-quality products that meet customers’ requirements in small-batch assembly services.

    The following factors should be considered when you choose a low-volume PCB assembly service.
    Quality of products
    Delivery time
    PCBA manufacturer’s reputation
    PCBA manufacturer’s industry experience
    Reliability of the PCBA manufacturer

    Viasion’s advantages of manufacturing low-volume PCB assembly are as follows.
    Viasion has focused on providing small to medium-volume PCB assembly manufacturing services for more than 16 years.
    Viasion can provide one-stop solutions for PCB and PCBA manufacturing.
    There is advanced equipment and an experienced team in Viasion.
    The customer service team at Viasion is composed of highly experienced individuals who are dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible service.
    Viasion has a strong supply chain of ideal materials and components.
    Products manufactured in Viasion are IS09001-certified and UL-listed.

    The cost of PCB: It is determined by layers of the PCB, materials, process techniques, size, quantity, the requirements of pads, and other special requirements.
    The cost of the stencil
    The cost of components
    The cost of assembling
    The cost of testing

    The lead time of consignment low-volume PCB assembly will take no more than one week, while that of turnkey low-volume PCB assembly will take at least two weeks. Anyway, we will provide low-volume PCB assembly for you as soon as possible within the lead time.

    Yes. Incorporating DFM(Design For Manufacturing) rules and guidelines helps speed up design and reduce or eliminate manufacturing delays and subsequent redesigns. 

    Technically speaking, DFT(Design For Testing) technology is a discipline formed to improve the testability of circuits. It makes the nodes within a circuit more controllable and observable by adding some hardware circuits, resulting in shorter test times and higher fault coverage.

    SMT assembly, PTH assembly, and SMT & PTH mixed assembly are involved in small-volume production in Viasion.

    Yes, we can provide complete turnkey low-volume PCB assembly services. We look forward to serving you and providing products that meet your requirements.

    Please contact our sales to get a free quote by sending emails. Their contact information (phone number & email address) is listed on our official website: https://www.viasion.com/contact-us/. We are looking forward to serving you!

    Yes, we do supply turnkey PCB assembly for prototype and small quality. We will provide full turnkey services, including PCB fabrication, components sourcing and PCB assembly.