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Overview of China’s Low-Cost PCB Assembly

The increased surge of electronic portable devices nowadays offers a strong market demand for the Printed Circuit Board (PCB). With so many PCB manufacturers sprouting in the industry nowadays, one of the best options is to look for low-cost PCB assembly manufacturers or low-cost PCB assembly services. With China’s rapid growth in the technology business, one should take a look at China’s low-cost PCB assembly services. Low cost PCB assembly is an important necessity especially if the product is still for new launch. In this way, it can help avoid expending too much when dealing with technical errors in a mass production run.

A fact that sets China low-cost PCB assembly service is the quick and ready access to numerous suppliers of raw materials and components making them a complete supply chain that is needed to make a low-cost PCB assembly. High productivity is also what China is known for because of the technology they have invested in their infrastructures to be able to build a highly reliable product with low-cost PCB assembly manufacturing. With labour costs for skilled workers set at a reasonable price, China will definitely have the most advantage in providing a low-cost PCB assembly service.

China low cost PCB assembly services are popular as they offer a favourable aspect in terms of cost. Yes, it is important to have quality products but let us not forget one of the crucial items that dictates the business operation which is the COST. When China’s low cost PCB assembly service combines with the technology and skill, it will equivalate to a high-quality PCB product at a reasonable price, and this is a major pillar that is key to a successful business.

Low Cost PCB Assembly Viasion

Viasion Technology has been supplying PCB assembly services since 2007. With our experienced engineering and production team and utilizing Shenzhen’s advanced electronics supply chain, we can supply high-quality PCB assembly at a very competitive price. And our PCB assembly are widely used in lots of industry areas.

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    Factors to Consider for Low-Cost PCB Assembly

    In making low-cost PCB assembly, there are several factors which are involved. This includes the PCB assembly manufacturer, the PCB manufacturer location, the PCB design complexity, materials, PCB size, PCB order quantity, and process cycle time or the turn-around time.

    PCB Assembly Manufacturer's Capability

    For low-cost PCB assembly, the number one factor to be considered is the manufacturer’s capability. Even with the low-cost PCB assembly services, the manufacturer should have the equipment and technology to process the desired product. It is also important that the low-cost PCB assembly manufacturers do willingly suggest low cost PCB assembly solutions when asked. In this way, a rapport will be built to have a strong long-term business relationship. Low-cost PCB assembly manufacturers should be able to optimize their process parameters and implement quality control and preventive maintenance with a low-cost PCB assembly service.

    PCB Assembly Manufacturer Location

    A strategic location is an important factor to consider when choosing a low-cost PCB assembly manufacturer. Since China is a gigantic electronic supplier and manufacturer that has a very convenient logistic system, they can definitely supply a low cost PCB assembly product. A strong factor for location is the lead time. Shipping of raw materials and components is shorter due to the fact that almost all low-cost PCB assembly suppliers are within the China region. Therefore, making a low-cost PCB assembly product.

    PCB Design Complexity

    The cost of the assembly of PCB is directly proportional to the complexity of its design. The low-cost PCB assembly suppliers opt for the usage of the standard substrate shape for the PCB circuitry to make a product with fewer complications and errors during the manufacturing process. The spacing between the components is also set to a minimum for the maximization of the PCB area and to minimize the failure of continuity.

    The number of layers of PCB substrate will definitely have an impact in terms of cost. This will have the same scenario with the Copper thickness and the surface finishing. The more PCB layers the more materials to be used, and the more manufacturing processes involved the higher the cost even at a low-cost PCB assembly manufacturing. Hole size and hole quantity are also a factor in cost. The smaller the hole size the higher costing as it may require specialized tools or equipment. The more the hole quantity the higher costing to accommodate the processing time of the PCB to be built.

    PCB Materials and Electronic Components

    Quality material is important to have a reliable product. Choosing material is easy but choosing material that is best fitted for your design and budget is difficult. Low-cost PCB assembly manufacturers should understand this and also solve this issue for low-cost PCB assembly. So, it is important to have a Bill of Material or BOM when considering a low cost PCB assembly. The BOM list will serve as a footprint for the cost of the PCB assembly as it contains the details and quantity of the raw materials and the electronic components to be used in the PCB assembly. It is important for low-cost PCB assembly supplier to provide technical advice on the best components for the desired PCB design.

    PCB Size

    The surface area of a PCB affects its cost, and we know that a smaller PCB size will have a low-cost PCB assembly impact because of the fewer materials that will be used. The use of standard-size of PCB in the design of the product will result in the use of common equipment technology. Thus, it is a contributing factor in making a low-cost PCB assembly. This should be a rule of thumb for anyone planning or considering China’s low-cost PCB assembly service.

    PCB Order Quantity

    Low-cost PCB assembly manufacturing and PCB assembly suppliers consider the number of order quantities. We have to keep in mind that prototype unit costing is higher compared with the mass production unit. With China’s low-cost PCB assembly, the larger the scale of the order or service, the lower its production cost. The reason behind low cost PCB assembly is that the operational cost is distributed over a large number of units. Another advantage of larger order quantity is that materials are purchased in bulk which again is a factor for low-cost PCB assembly.

    Process Cycle Time

    Another factor to consider for low-cost PCB assembly manufacturing is the process cycle time or the turn-around time. Low-cost PCB assembly service and manufacturers have a general rule, and this is “Time is Money”. So, when products are made even at a low cost PCB assembly, and take a long time to process, it may affect the value it has on the customer. This is because the technology market is a fast-paced war zone. Streamlining the PCB process minimizes and improves cycle time. Thus, it increases the efficiency and productivity of low-cost PCB assembly by the means of elimination of non-value-added waste.

    Application of Low-Cost PCB Assembly Services

    Low-cost PCB assembly can be applied to all electronic products that use the PCB. Here are some examples.

    • Industry control, automation and equipment
    • Telecommunications, wireless, 5G
    • Consumer electronics
    • Testing and measurement equipment
    • Automotive
    • Medical and healthcare
    • Information technology
    • Computer Electronics: Laptops, desktops, memory
    • Mobile devices: tablet computers and smartphones
    • Recording devices: digital cameras, microphones, camcorders, etc.
    • Home and entertainment equipment: alarm clocks, coffee makers, DVD players, televisions, etc.
    • LED and lighting devices
    • IoTs & Robotics
    • Wearable devices
    • Research and development

    Viasion’s Advantage for Small-Batch, Low-Volume, Low-Cost Printed Circuit Boards

    How to Choose Low-Cost PCB Assembly Manufacturers?

    For those who don’t know how to choose the right cost-effective PCB assembly manufacturer, you can consider the following points as references to choose a suitable manufacturer. Viasion is one of the best Low-cost PCB makers in China. 

    Professional equipment and personnel

    Whether the PCBA manufacturer has the professional equipment and professional process management for quality control. This is very critical to find a good one in the low-cost PCB providers.

    Long experience in the industry

    Whether the manufacturer has many years of experience in the industry. Viasion has more than 16 year of experience in low cost PCB assembly.

    Promise fulfillment

    Whether the manufacturer's promises to customers can be fulfilled. Viasion is very good at low cost PCB assembly services and always fulfill our promises to our customers.

    Feedback from customers

    The feedback of the manufacturer's previous cooperation with customers can better reflect the strength of the manufacturer, after-sales, and pre-sales services of the products. By browsing the manufacturer's official website, viewing the success stories, understanding the customer reviews, etc., you can make a general judgment about the strength of the PCBA manufacturer.

    Balancing Quality and Productivity with Low-Cost Manufacturing

    For every business, it is a necessity to have a quality and affordable product that would satisfy or exceed the customer's expectations. The PCB industry commits also to this mantra. With quality as the top priority, PCB manufacturers can build a deep connection with their customers.

    Cost on the other hand needs to be managed to ensure the product will remain competitive in a fast-paced and challenging PCB industry. This will bring us to low-cost PCB assembly by means of optimization without sacrificing quality.

    China’s low-cost PCB services balance the quality and cost of PCB assembly. Streamlining of design and process is the bridge to make a balance between quality and cost. This is what China is known for – Low-cost PCB assembly. Low-cost PCB assembly allows different businesses to offer a product with high-quality performance at a price that is competitive in the market.

    Market research is an important key in PCB process streamlining to be able to achieve a low cost PCB assembly. Low-cost PCB assembly manufacturers analyze the customer’s requirement and prioritize those functions, therefore, developing a process that is highly efficient to cater for the product requirement.

    Low-cost PCB assembly streamlining has a lot of benefits which PCB manufacturers, suppliers and customers can reap. Through streamlining of PCB process, manufacturers and suppliers can increase their productivity because of no redundancy in process activities and workflow. Thus, utilizing the equipment and the manpower resulted in a low-cost PCB assembly. Optimization of resource allocation can reduce waste from PCB assembly, it is being translated to a low cost PCB assembly service. As China’s low-cost PCB assembly service took a top spot in the PCB industry, they are gaining and achieving higher progress in terms of customer satisfaction.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    From the PCBA manufacturer’s point of view, low-cost PCB assembly can attract more customers for cooperation and expand market share. From customers’ point of view, low-cost assembly can help customers to win in the market.

    1) The profit for low-cost PCB assembly is low.
    2) The low-cost strategy may lead to products that are not as good in quality and harm the brand image of the company or product.

    Considering the following aspects can guide how to choose a low-cost PCB assembly service.
    1) Quality of products
    2) Quality of service
    3) The reputation of the manufacturer
    4) Comments from past customers on the manufacturer

    You can expect to pay less if ordering a low-cost PCB assembly. You can expect high-quality, low-cost PCB manufacturing and low-cost PCB assembly services from us.

    Yes! Viasion is one of the best low-cost PCB manufacturers in China. We supply the highest quality printed circuit boards at the most competitive pricing.

    1) 1 week for only PCB assembly
    2) 2-4 weeks for turnkey PCB assembly
    3) 4-10 weeks for turnkey box build assembly

    1) Some PCB assembly suppliers may use second-hand or counterfeit parts;
    2) The quality of the PCB assembly is terrible;
    3) Customer service is no not good.

    1) Save costs. As the saying goes, saving money is making money.
    2) Bring higher consumer satisfaction to customers.
    3) Bring a better consumer experience to customers.

    Low-cost PCB manufacturing is one main part of low-cost PCB assembly, since PCB cost and components cost are the two main parts of PCB assembly price.