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Viasion’s Advantages for High-Volume PCB Assembly

Viasion Technology is located in Shenzhen, the centre of electronics products in China. Utilizing the cheap labour cost, advanced supply chain, and our experienced team, we can deliver high-quality PCB assembly at the most competitive price since 2007.

At Viasion, we have confidence in providing our customers with the best quality and service. Our team is committed to delivering reliable, durable low-volume to high-volume PCB assembly that meets all your project requirements. With 16 years of experience in the industry, you can trust us to provide excellent service every time.

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    Benefits of High-Volume PCB Assembly

    Greater Efficiency:

    We can complete high-volume PCB assembly faster, reducing time and labour costs for companies.

    Enhanced Quality Control:

    By producing large volumes of boards in a single run, PCB assembly companies can provide consistent quality control throughout the process.

    Cost Savings:

    Manufacturing high-volume PCB assembly at once helps reduce the cost per unit, making them more affordable for customers.

    Faster Production Time:

    By automating processes such as loading components onto boards or testing, manufacturers can reduce production times significantly.

    Improved Scalability and Expansion Options:

    Companies specializing in high-volume PCB assembly production can quickly scale up their operations when needed without compromising on quality standards or customer deadlines.

    Application of High-Volume PCB Assembly Services

    • Industry
    • Automation & Control
    • LED & Lighting
    • Energy & Power
    • Telecommunications and wireless, 5G
    • Automotive industry
    • Consumer electronics
    • Medical devices (monitors, scanning technology, control systems, internal devices, scientific instruments)
    • Industrial control
    • Computer & networks
    • Test and measurement
    • Test and measurement
    • Servers, data centres, and other infrastructure for big data computing
    • Safety control
    • IoT & portable devices

    All You Need to Know about High-Volume PCB Assembly

    This article introduces all you need to know about high-volume PCB assembly. For example, I will elaborate on the definition, benefits, applications, and how to choose a high-volume PCB assembly service and Viaison’s advantages for high volume PCB assembly. This article is helpful for those who are interested in high-volume PCB assembly.

    As its name suggests, high-volume PCB assembly refers to mass-producing PCB assembly in large quantities. This production requires advanced technologies and high-precision equipment to ensure that each product meets the exact specifications. However, by leveraging automated processes for material handling and component placement, high volume PCB assembly lines can quickly produce large amounts of PCB assembly with minimal human intervention.

    What Are the Stages Involved in Performing High Volume PCB Assembly Production?

    There is a brief introduction to the overall process of high-volume PCB assembly.

    Incoming material quality inspection

    After receiving the material and PCB board, workers should count the quantity of the material to confirm whether it is enough at the time of production. And also check the quality of all the PCBs and components. 

    Prepare stencil
    Procurement of the stencil should be based on the Gerber file provided by the customer.
    Production files prepare
    Engineering staff should do the SMT placement procedure according to the BOM file, Gerber file, coordinate file, and silkscreen diagram provided by the customer.
    Adjust equipments
    The production tuner imports the program data made before into the machine and then adjusts the device according to the data.
    Prepare PCB, components and all material
    Workers can officially start the PCBA processing order on the production line when the materials are all in place.
    Place PCBs on the loaders
    The employee who manages the material uses the flyer and loads the material for the component placement on the flyer.
    PCBs run into the printing machine
    Using a board loading machine, PCBs are placed on the production line and transported under the solder paste printing machine by rail.
    Solder paste printing
    Put the opened stencil on the solder paste printing machine. Then the solder paste is printed onto the PCB pads through the stencil according to the debugged program.
    Place the SMT components on PCB
    Use the SMT machine for placing the components.
    First article inspection after SMT assembly
    First, we mount components on a circuit board. Then we use the first component tester to test the orientation of some components and each component parameter of this board to check whether the parts are correctly mounted.
    Reflow soldering
    After the first piece of inspection has no problem, the following step is reflow soldering.
    Quality inspection
    After we finish reflow soldering, check if there is any bad condition, such as empty solder, multiple solder joints joined together by solder, etc.
    Mass production PCB assembly
    After the first piece of inspection has no problem, the rest of the circuit boards is ready for normal processes such as mounting, reflow soldering, and inspection. Maintenance personnel should repair the circuit board if the inspection finds problems.
    Through-hole assembly
    After we finish component placement if there are plug-in materials to be installed on the circuit boards, wave soldering is required.
    Quality inspection after PTH assembly
    In addition, if no plug-in materials are installed after the reflow soldering, the product is inspected and qualified. After that, it can be directly packaged and shipped.
    FQC and package
    QC staff should inspect the product after welding the plug-in material. After the products are inspected and passed, they can be packed and shipped directly.

    Why is the High-Volume PCB Assembly a blessing for PCB Design?

    High-volume PCB assembly is a blessing for PCB design because it enables manufacturers to create high-quality printed circuit boards in more significant quantities and at lower costs.

    This process involves using automated equipment that can process multiple boards simultaneously, allowing for faster production times and less manual labour.

    Additionally, high volume PCB assembly makes it possible to produce complex designs with intricate component placement. PCB assembly manufacturers that offer high-volume PCB assembly services advertise their cost savings and quality assurance capabilities. These companies have well-defined processes for minimizing errors, such as stringent testing protocols and automated inspection systems. These processes help ensure that the products created meet customer requirements and industry standards.

    Things You Must Consider Before You Choose a High-Volume PCB Assembly Service

    First, do the planning.

    Before your design is complete, selecting a supplier that matches your needs should be on the agenda. It allows you to incorporate the expertise of a PCBA processing and prototyping manufacturer in the PCB design process. In addition, the manufacturer’s engineers are likely to be able to advise you on ways to improve your design, making your product easier to manufacture and reducing test costs. Communicating with the manufacturer in advance will reduce the cost later.

    Second, find a partner supplier.

    Choose a supplier that will work with you as a partner, not just a vendor. In every project, there will inevitably be the back-and-forth adjustment work of design, modification, processing, testing, and other aspects, so you need a supplier to work with you to eliminate the initial stage of immaturity. And work well together as a long-term partner on all future projects.

    Third, assess the supplier’s capabilities and capacity.

    It is necessary to assess whether the supplier can provide the complete service you want. These services may include PCB assembly, component procurement, mould opening, SMT placement, product assembly, testing, and design support. Does the supplier have the equipment to handle the PCBAs you are using efficiently? Do they have the capacity to meet the delivery schedule for the number of products you expect to produce each year?

    Fourth, trust your supplier.

    • Once you have chosen the right supplier following the guidance we have just given, trust their advice. They have experience in producing thousands of different products for thousands of customers, including high volume PCB assembly services.
    • They will know the problems and pitfalls that can limit the success of your product, and they will know what to do to get things right. So listen carefully to what they tell you – their advice is invaluable.
    • After 16 years of development, Viasion has grown into a substantial enterprise with core technology and products and has established a good reputation in the industry. It is one of the best high volume PCB assembly house in China.
    • Our excellent product quality and comprising product price have won praise in the market; the perfect after-sales service has met consumers’ needs and gained our customers’ trust.
    • Viasion provides practical solutions for customers with all our hearts, gives full play to our technical and resource advantages, and provides products of excellent performance and reasonable prices to get the maximum value-added benefits.
    • Moreover, we are willing to establish long-term mutual trust and a win-win strategic partnership with customers, to be a long-term partner of our customers as their high volume PCB manufacturer.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

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    As the name implies, high-volume PCB assembly is the mass production of PCB assemblies.
    Yes. Viasion’s production workshop is equipped with automatic production and testing equipment so we can handle high-volume PCB assembly production.

    As mentioned above, some benefits of high-volume PCB assembly are stated below in a simplified way.
    Greater Efficiency
    Enhanced Quality Control
    Cost Savings
    Faster Production Time
    Improved Scalability and Expansion Options

    Yes, we offer competitive and reasonable prices for high-volume PCB assembly production.
    Of course, we offer lead-free mass-production PCB assemblies which comply with RoHS standards.
    Yes, we offer both bulk SMT PCB assembly & through-hole PCB assembly.

    Yes, we are good at both high volume PCB production and assembly; please contact us freely for any kind of printed circuit manufacturing demands.

    A high-volume PCB manufacturer is a company that produces printed circuit boards in high volume. In contrast, a high-volume PCB assembly supplier is a company that supplies circuit board assembly services in high volume.

    The following are testing protocols for bulk PCB assemblies in Viasion.
    Electrical Test (E-test)
    AOI (Automated Optical Inspection)
    ICT (In-circuit Test)
    FCT (Functional Test)
    X-Ray Inspection
    Visual Inspection

    Of course, we can provide turnkey assembly services for even large-volume PCB assembly. We will provide PCB assembly products that fully meet customers’ requirements.

    Yes, we also offer custom PCB assembly to our customers. We will manufacture custom PCB assemblies according to their requirements.

    It takes two to four weeks for high-volume PCB assembly.

    IPC guidelines, ISO9001, UL, RoHS/REACH standards, etc., are the qualifications for a high-volume PCB assembly factory.

    PCB assembly companies prioritize the safety of their high-volume PCB assembly products to prevent damage, recall, or malfunction. To ensure the safety of such products, PCB assembly companies must adhere to a strict set of guidelines and protocols that cover the entire production process from design to testing and final delivery.
    1. The first step is to have a team of experienced engineers who understand the fundamentals of PCB design and can produce circuit boards that meet all specifications.
    2. Once the design is finalized, the components are ordered and efficiently assembled into a finished product. The assembly process includes several steps, such as soldering, programming, testing, and checking to ensure that the board meets all expectations.
    3. Once the final assembly is complete, the product is tested to ensure its quality and safety before it is shipped out.
    As one of the best high volume PCB assemblers in China, you can trust us for high quality and safety standards for your high volume Printed Circuit Board order.

    If you want to get high-volume PCB manufacturing, please send us your PCB files (Gerber files best) and the quality you need, and then we can quote you in 24 hours. We are one of the best high-volume PCB manufacturers in China.