High-Quality Halogen Free PCBs with Competitive Pricing

  • Material: Halogen free laminate
  • Layer counts:1-40 layers
  • Board thickness: 0.1-7.0mm
  • Max. PCB size: 1200x1000mm
  • ISO9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016 Certified & UL Listed
  • Min. Drill size: 0.1mm
  • Min. Copper trace width: 0.05mm

What is Halogen Free PCB

To understand Halogen Free PCB, we need to know what is halogen first. Halogen are the elements such as fluorine (F), chlorine (CL), bromine (Br), iodine (I) and atastatium (At) which are fatal to life when exceeding a certain level. So Halogen Free PCBs are the printed circuit boards are produce by the material without or with very limited halogen elements. Normally we can classify it as halogen free if chlorine (CL), bromine (Br) are less than 900 ppm, and overall halogen elements are less than 1500 ppm.
When there is a fire, normal PCBs with halogen such as FR4, CEM1, CEM3 will produce lots of elements which are fatal to life, such as like dioxin, furan, and acid or corrosive gases. So halogen free PCBs are used widely used on the electronics such as automobiles and mobile phones, medical equipment, power stations, distribution rooms, laboratories and outdoor power systems.

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    Why Choose Viasion As Your Halogen Free PCBs Supplier?

    Our distinguished competence

    Viasion has rich experience in the halogen-free PCB manufacturing and strong technical strength. We have a group of professional and highly responsible engineers, technicians and sales staff. Our internal management process is efficient and standardized.

    High quality and low cost

    Utilizing our strong supply chain, experienced staff and standard quality management systems, we can consistently produce high-quality halogen free PCBs at low cost.

    Quick delivery

    Since we are producing lots of halogen-free PCBs, we will book halogen material regularly. Then we can produce and deliver halogen free PCBs within our standard lead time of 2 weeks. And we can provide quick turn service if you need.

    Our sincere commitment

    Viasion provides professional and efficient halogen-free PCB fabrication services to meet the different needs of our customers, as always, with the guarantee of excellent quality, mature technology and professional service.

    Our devotional attitude

    We value listening to our customers' ideas and are committed to establishing a win-win long-term cooperative relationship. Therefore, we are willing to provide you with the most professional service and the best quality halogen free PCBs with the most sincere attitude.

    Detailed Introduction of Halogen Free PCB

    Halogen-free PCB is a very environmentally friendly PCB. It will not produce harmful substances and gases when burning like halogen PCB, which Viasion highly praises. Viasion has extensive experience in halogen-free PCB production. As the name implies, the material of them is made of a halogen-free substrate. Viasion has also been working hard on PCB halogen free for decades. Please call us any time for any of your halogen-free PCB fabrication demands. 

    Generally, according to Viasion’s production experience, PCB materials will contain specific concentrations of halogens, and environmentally friendly halogen-free PCB materials will replace these halogens with unique halogen-free materials to achieve the purpose of environmental protection.


    Next, Viasion will explain the environment-friendly type of Next, Viasion will explain the environment-friendly type of halogen-free PCB. It can not only protect the atmosphere of the earth but also protect the respiratory health of organisms. Therefore, it is an essential material. As Viasion mentioned above, the characteristic of printed circuits made by halogen-free material is the particularity of material making and proportioning and using materials with strong dehydration and flame retardancy to achieve the purpose of environmental protection. According to Viasion’s production experience and cooperation experience, it is mainly divided into two series. The first series is based on phosphorus.

    For Viasion, The main working principle of phosphorus is that it is contained in the resin PCB. When burned, it will form a carbonized protective film to prevent flames. The other is phosphorus nitrogen. Its principle is more straightforward than the previous one.

    The resin PCB containing it will not produce combustion gas directly when burned, which is equivalent to improving the flame retardancy coefficient. These two materials are currently the primary halogen-free printed circuit boards materials, including Viasion.  Please get in touch with us when you need any halogen-free PCB manufacturing service. 

    Halogen Free PCB’s Advantages and Features

    To put it simply, the advantage of halogen-free is that it is very environmentally friendly and has many features. Still, the relative disadvantage is that it is more challenging to produce and design.

    Someone may wonder, ” Regarding the nitrogen and phosphorus in the material of the halogen-free cicuits, if the fox pair electrons of N and P in his redox resin are much less than that of the ordinary halogen PCB, will that lead to a lower probability of hydrogen atoms forming hydrogen bonds in water?” The answer is yes.

    According to Viasion, that will further lower the material’s water absorption than the flame retardant coefficient of ordinary halogen PCB. Also, According to Viasion’s production experience, Viasion found that lower water absorption will further improve the stability of PCB materials, which is also a significant advantage and feature of halogen-free PCB material.

    According to Viasion’s production experience, the insulation is better than the ordinary halogen PCB. According to the experience of Viasion, it is believed that the particular material mainly comes from the halogen-free PCB, which makes the polarity of the molecular bond segment of the epoxy resin lower, thus achieving the effect of reducing the insulation. Viasion thinks this feature makes the PCB halogen free stronger in withstanding voltage.

    Halogen’s Definition and Hazard

    First of all, the definition of halogen. According to the production experience of Viasion, halogen composition is mainly F, CI, BR, I, and even at. But it is very harmful and is not included in the plate. It’s a hazardous, radioactive substance. So the main components are F, CI, BR and I. They also play a similar role in halogen-free PCBs. They are mainly used as flame retardants to improve the flame retardance of PCBs further to achieve the goal of environmental protection. In addition, Viasion will also use CFCS, HCFCS and other materials for freezing dose. Please contact our sales team to quote your halogen-free PCB manufacturing cost.

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    Halogen Free PCB Application


    Viasion has accumulated many years of experience in the production of halogen-free PCBs.  So we have strong supply chain for the top quality halogen free PCB material. And in PCB production process, we make sure halogen are used in halogen free PCBs. Please contact us free when you have any halogen-free PCB fabrication requirement. 

    On the other hand, Viasion will discuss the presence of halogens in PCBs in normal production. 

    Halogen Free PCBs and Environmental Protection

    Industrial revolutions bring environmental pollution

    Since the two industrial revolutions, steam and electronic technology development has changed with each passing day. At the same time as rapid development, it has also brought about severe environmental pollution. Over time, it has slowly caused devastating damage to species worldwide. Attack, when the growth rate of science and technology is gradually slowing down, the eyes of the world are also focusing progressively on environmental protection.

    Environmental protection is priority

    Environmental protection is closely related to life worldwide, and it is also a fundamental priority. Therefore, countries have begun to promote environmental protection policies, similar to the main content of this article is PCB halogen-free.

    Halogen-free PCB is highly praised

    Viasion thinks that the environmental protection features of halogen-free PCB make it highly praised by the electronics industry and worldwide. As Viasion said earlier, there is no doubt about production difficulty, but Viasion believes they must be higher and much more difficult. Because of the material, they will be more fragile, prone to breakage, and easy to produce white spots in some production stages. However, with the passage of time and development, Viasion believes that the status of PCB halogen free will be further and higher in the PCB industry.

    Halogen-free PCB materials will be more popular

    These are also some challenges. However, Viasion also believes that the application of halogen-free PCB materials will become increasingly popular because environmental protection is an issue that needs the close attention of all humanity. As environmental protection policies are paid more and more attention, Viasion will continue to improve and optimize the production process of printed circuit boards made of halogen free material.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The core benefit of halogen-free PCBs is that they are more environmentally friendly.
    Also, halogen-free PCBs can be used in products that are closely connected to the human body, such as medical electronics. 
    Moreover, halogen-free PCB materials provide less harm to humans in case of fire.

    Halogen-free PCBs use halogen-free materials which do not contain (or extremely low amount) halogens such as bromine or chlorine.

    Medical devices
    Wearable electronics
    Industrial electronics
    LED lighting products
    Consumer electronics such as electronic toys, remote controls, etc

    The cost of using halogen-free PCBs is higher.

    Halogen-free laminates are higher than standard materials. 

    Viasion will conduct a series of testing and inspection for all the products. The following states the main ways of testing and inspection in Viasion.
    Electrical Test (E-test)
    AOI (Automated Optical Inspection)
    Visual and mechanical inspection after every process
    Micro-section inspection
    Any other tests customers required
    TDR Impedance test
    Solderability Test
    Thermal Test
    Tape Test (adhesion test)
    Peel Test (conductor peel strength)
    Ionic Contamination Test
    Inspect to IPC-A-600 Class 2 and IPC Class 3

    International standards for PCB halogen free include the IEC 61249-2-21 and the UL 94V0.

    You can search for such information by entering keywords like “halogen-free PCB” in the Google search engine. Then, Google will present the relevant pages. You may also contact us if you have any questions about your products. 

    When using halogen-free PCBs, we should take into account the following points.
    1) Fully understand the parameters to make sure the material can meet your requirements;
    2) Take into consideration that halogen-free material is more expensive than standard FR4 material;
    3) Longer lead time may needed, so please ask PCB manufacture in advance.