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  • Q Does Viasion welcome prototypes or small quantity orders?


    Yes! We are proud to provide our state of the art ProtoType and Small & Medium Volume production to our customers!

  • Q What lead times should I expect for Production runs?

    A Average lead time for PCB assembly is 2-3 weeks, and turnkey assembly 4-6 weeks or more. The actual lead time depends on material/component lead time, and the material/component lead times vary from each component or parts.
  • Q Can assemblies be built using both tin-lead and RoHS (unleaded) parts?

    A Yes! We are assembling PCBs with both leaded and lead free process. Please contact us to discuss your requirement.
  • Q How long will it take to get my completed quote?

    A PCB assembly quote typically 1-3 days, and turn-key assembly around 3-5 days.
  • Q How do I submit a Request for Quote (RFQ)?

    A Please contact us by E-mail or Skype any time! 
    E-mail:info@viasion.com / viasion@yahoo.com 
    Skype: Viasion1
  • Q Does Viasion offer engineering assistance?

    A Yes, Viasion's engineers provide assessment of existing designs and assist in new designs to optimize manufacturability (DFM), minimizing costs and achieving quicker time to market.
  • Q What are some benefits of outsourcing my manufacturing to Viasion?

    A We allow our customer's to reduce their operating costs by taking advantage of our design, manufacturing, procurement resources. And our strong PCB production power will help customer to reduce cost and shorten products development time.
  • Q What information do Viasion need to quote a Turnkey assembly service?

    A We need your detailed idea and usage, quantity forecast and price level etc.
  • Q What information do Viasion need to quote a PCB assembly service?

    A We need Bill of Materials, Gerber data, and PCB specifications.
  • Q What does Viasion do?

    A Viasion provide services include electronic design, PCB Layout, prototyping, new product introduction, SMT, through hole assembly, material procurement, final box building, project management and sustaining services.

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