Utilizing our more than 16 years of experience in PCB and electronic industry, our specialists handle all of your electronic manufacturing needs. From prototypes to high-volume production, from a simple PCB assembly to a full turnkey box build, we are structured to prioritize every customer’s demands.

One-stop Solution

We are able to supply one-stop solution for PCB fabrication, component sourcing, PCB assembly, wire hardness assembly to a complete electronic product assembly. So you don’t have to manage multiple vendors for PCB bare boards, electronic parts, metal/plastic parts and contract manufacturer separately. You send send us the files packages, and we will deliver the fully functional electronic products as your design.

High Quality

Quality is not just a slogan for us, but the No.1 Priority in our heart. All our printed circuits are produce and inspected IPC-A-600 Class 2 or Class 3 standards. And our PCB assembly is produced and inspected to IPC-A-610 Class 2 or Class 3 standards. Besides, we will do functional test or other testing according to customer’s requirement, to make our products meet the international hardstands and also custom’s requirements.

  • DFM (Design For Manufacture) for PCB
  • DFA (Design For Assembly) for PCB Assembly
  • Electrical Test (E-test) for PCB bare board
  • AOI (Automated Optical Inspection) for both PCB and PCB assembly
  • ICT (In-circuit Test) after PCB assembly
  • FCT (Functional Test) after PCB assembly
  • X-ray inspection for BGAs
  • Others as per customer's requirement

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    Strong Supplying Chain

    Since our foundation in the 2007, we grow together with our suppliers in different aspects. During these years, we have disqualified many suppliers which cannot fulfill our or our customer’s requirement, and also have been kept excellent partnership with qualified suppliers. At the same time, we are always trying to find the best suppliers to meet our demands in quality, price and service, to build a strong and competitive alliance with our suppliers, and path the befit to our customers.

    Our electronic manufacturing capabilities

    Types of Services

    • PCB assembly
    • Consigned PCB Assembly
    • Turnkey PCB Assembly
    • PCB Parts Sourcing
    • Box Build Assembly
    • IC Programming
    • System integration
    • Functional Testing
    • Cable/wire harness assembly
    • Conformal coating
    • Electromechanical assembly
    • Supply Chain Management
    • Repair/Rework services
    • Labeling & Packaging
    • Customized Logistics Per Customer
    • Laser cut framed SMT solder paste stencils

    Type of PCB Assembly

    • THD (Thru-Hole Device) assembly
    • SMT including BGA assembly
    • SMT & THD mixed
    • Flexible & Rigid-Flex PCB assembly
    • Cable assembly/Wire harness assembly
    • 2 sided SMT and THD assembly

    Order Quantity

    • No minimum order quantity
    • Engineering prototypes
    • Small series production
    • High-mix low-volume production
    • Mass production

    Components Available

    • Passives parts, smallest size 0201
    • Fine pitch to 8 Mils
    • BGA, uBGA,QFN, DFN, SOP, PLCC, POP, CGA, CSP and Leadless chips
    • High pin count press fit
    • Connectors and terminals

    Component Package Available

    • Reels
    • Cut tape
    • Tube and tray
    • Loose parts and bulk

    PCB Board Dimensions Available

    • Smallest size: 0.2″ x 0.2″
    • Largest size: 20” x 28″

    Design File Format

    • PCB Gerber RS-274X
    • BOM (Bill of Materials) (.xls, .csv, . xlsx)
    • Centroid(Pick-N-Place/XY file)
    • Other parts as drawing


    • 100% PCB open/short testing for PCB
    • Conformal coati100% AOI (Automated Optical Inspection)ng
    • 100% visual defects inspection
    • X-ray for BGA
    • ICT (In-circuit Test)
    • FCT (Functional Test)

    Turnaround time

    • 1 week for only PCB assembly
    • 2-4 weeks for turnkey PCB assembly
    • 4-10 weeks for Turnkey box build assembly
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    Viasion Technology is your trusted partner & one-stop shop for PCB fabrication, components sourcing, PCB assembly and electronic manufacturing. With more than 16 years of experience, we have been supplying high-quality PCBs with competitive pricing for 1000+ customers worldwide. Our company is ISO9001:2015 Certified & UL Listed, and all our products are 100% E-tested and inspected by AOI & X-RAY to meet the highest industry standards. So please get an instant quote from our sales team now, and we will take care of the rest.