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Clients Comments

We are pleased to share with you some comments we have received from previous clients:
"It was our first order with Viasion and our first time outsourcing PCB fabrication and assembly, and we were hoping   things would go smoothly. I can say that things went better than we could have hoped. The quality of the PCBs looks very good. The boards arrived packaged   well, and having the assembly done saved us a ton of time. The best part is that   the service we received was all done with a big cost savings over what we were  paying previously, and Viasion was helpful and attentive to our needs."
--Stefan Nivall (Sweden)

"I am really impressed by your attractive price and short lead time. And I think   the quality is good as well since we did not get any compliant from our   customers. I am very satisfied with your service, and have decided to place more   orders in the following weeks."
--Cedaridge Farm (Australian)

"We used to assembly our boards locally   since we are afraid of fake components in China, but your PCB and assembly   quality of our testing main are excellent. Thanks to your services and FAB   skills. I will contact you in the next month or so for three different boards   that I am currently working on."
--Joe Sparrow (USA)

"We have been Viasion's customer for more   than 7 years. Sometimes we have been contacted by new PCB company with cheaper price, but your good service and quality is too good to allow us to change Viasion to another PCB shop. There are very very few problems from you during   these years, and I can get a quick reply and satisfied solution if something   happens."
--Henrik Andersen (Germany)

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