High-Quality Capacitive PCB with Competitive Pricing

  • PCB Types: Rigid PCB, Flexible PCB, Rigid-flex, Semi-flex
  • Material: FR4, High Speed, High frequency, Microwave
  • Impedance Control With 5% Tolerance
  • Blind & Buried Vias, Micro Vias, HDI
  • ISO9001:2015 Certified & UL Listed
  • Standards: IPC-A-600 Class 2, Class 3

What is A Capacitive PCB?

Capacitive PCB is a printed circuit board (PCB) technology that utilizes capacitive sensing to detect touch or proximity interactions. Capacitive touch sensors are composed of two layers: an electrode layer, typically made of conductive metal containing the sensing electrodes, and a dielectric layer that acts as the insulator between the two layers. Capacitive touch sensing is based on a simple electrical principle: capacitance changes when an object, such as a finger, comes into contact with the electrode layer. 

When the user touches the Capacitive PCB’s surface, it changes the capacitance between each electrode and the ground layer. This change in capacitance is then interpreted by the Capacitive PCB’s control circuitry, allowing for accurate and reliable touch sensing. 

Capacitive Touch PCBs are robust and highly durable, making them ideal for various applications, including consumer electronics, medical devices, automotive controls, industrial systems, etc. In addition, Capacitive PCBs provide a reliable and cost-effective solution for intuitive user interfaces, allowing users to interact with their devices naturally and seamlessly. As a result, Capacitive PCBs are fast becoming the preferred choice for touch-based device design, allowing manufacturers to create products that combine convenience, usability and style. 

In Viasion, we are skilful in producing different kinds of Capacitive Touch PCB.

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    Why Choose Viasion for Your Capacitive PCB

    World-class PCB manufacturing

    Viasion keeps improving its ability to produce Capacitive PCBs that meet the highest quality and performance standards.

    Competitive price

    With our strong supply chain and 15+ years of experience in PCB production, we can supply capacitive PCBs at a very competitive price.

    Short lead times

    We have invested in advanced PCB production equipment and processes to reduce lead times dramatically.

    Complete PCB services

    Viasion can provide various Capacitive PCB solutions, including PCB design, fabrication, assembly, testing, inspection, etc. Our complete PCB services will satisfy your needs remarkably.

    Applications of Capacitive Touch PCB

    Information Related to Capacitive PCB

    Capacitive PCBs are used in various applications, from consumer electronics to medical devices, where the ability to detect user input is essential. Capacitive Touch PCBs are highly reliable and relatively inexpensive compared to other technologies, such as resistive touchscreens. Capacitive PCBs are also more responsive than traditional mechanical buttons and offer a wide range of design possibilities due to their thin profile. 

    Capacitive PCBs use copper electrodes printed onto the board surface, which responds to capacitance changes caused by contact with fingers, a stylus, or other objects. The electrodes are connected to a controller that can detect and interpret the changes in capacitance and relay the corresponding input signal. 

    They can also be combined with other touch-sensing technologies to create hybrid user interfaces. Capacitive Touch PCBs are highly durable and can withstand intense use, making them an excellent choice for commercial and industrial applications. In addition, Capacitive PCBs offer the flexibility needed to create unique, user-friendly experiences. 

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Capacitive PCB is a circuit board made by the technology that utilizes capacitive sensing to detect touch or proximity interactions.

    A Capacitive Touch PCB is a circuit board that utilizes capacitive sensing to detect touch inputs. Capacitive sensing works by measuring the electrical capacitance of the surface on which it is placed. When an object such as a human finger gets in contact with the surface, its presence causes a change in the capacitance, which the Capacitive PCB can detect.

    According to Viasion’s experience, we summarize the benefits of using Capacitive Touch PCBs below.
    1. They are incredibly reliable since they require no physical contact for operation.
    2. They are essential in offering high accuracy and sensitivity to touch input.
    3. They are durable enough for long-term industrial or commercial use.
    4. They provide quick response times, allowing users to interact quickly and efficiently with their devices or systems.
    5. They have low power consumption, which means they are energy efficient and cost-effective in the long run.

    You need to think about the following points of view to choose the right Capacitive PCB:
    1. Long experience in this industry;
    2. Highly skilled engineering, production and quality team;
    3. Good supply chain and can offer competitive pricing;
    4. Great customer service team who can respond quickly.

    In general, the basic process of Capacitive PCB design is as follows: diagram generation → PCB outline design → PCB layup design → PCB layout → copper trace routing → optimization and checking → network and DRC check → PCB files conversion.

    The following are the main steps of Capacitive PCB manufacturing in a simplified way.
    Board cutting → Drilling → Dry film and exposure → Copper etching → Solder mask printing → Components marks printing → Surface treatment → outline Profiling → testing → Quality checking → Packaging & shipping

    1. Based on Viasion’s manufacturing experience, working with Capacitive PCBs can be a complex endeavour due to several layers of materials that must all be placed in exact positions for the board to function correctly.
    2. For example, these components must also be connected and tested for accuracy, which can only be possible with the right expertise.
    3. Moreover, Capacitive PCBs require advanced fabrication processes and use materials with specific characteristics, such as conductive copper and non-conductive substrate layers, which can result in higher costs.

    As engineers in Viasion suggest, we can take the following measures.
    1. Check if the Capacitive PCB is appropriately connected to the power source.
    2. Verify that all components are correctly soldered in place.
    3. Make sure any protective coatings are removed from the PCB surface and well-cleaned.
    4. Ensure that the EMI filters provide adequate protection against electromagnetic interference.
    5. Replace damaged or malfunctioning parts on the Capacitive PCB with authentic parts.
    6. Inspect for any physical deformations or damage to capacitive touch sensors, traces and other components on Capacitive PCBs.