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A Brief Introduction to Cable Assembly

Cable assemblies are electrical connection components used to connect different electronic equipment systems or subsystems and are composed of various insulated wires, shielded wires and electrical connectors. With the wide application of cable assemblies in the field of communication, the requirements for the stability, service life and environmental resistance of the electrical performance of cable assemblies are becoming higher and higher. 

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    The Mounting Methods of Cable Assembly

    There are three main mounting methods for cable assembly or wire harness assembly. 
    Direct welding

    Cable inner conductor and connector inner conductor. The outer conductor of the semi-rigid cable is welded to the connector's outer conductor, which needs special assembly tools.


    The cable shield is crimped and fixed to the connector by special crimping pliers. The structure is suitable for flexible cables.


    When assembling connectors and cables, the cable shield is connected and fixed to the outer conductor of the connector housing by a clamping mechanism using a nut structure, which is suitable for flexible cables and feeder cables.

    Considerations on How to Choose Cable Assembly Services

    We should note the following points on how to choose cable assembly service.

    In selecting products, we should fully understand the varieties of wire and cable products specifications, knot ditch and performance characteristics to ensure the performance and extend the product’s service life. For example, the choice of high-temperature enamelled wire will improve the working temperature of motors and appliances and reduce the size of the structure.

    What’s more, various insulated wire varieties have high-temperature resistance, cold resistance, shielding characteristics, and different softness. Therefore, these varieties must be selected reasonably according to the conditions of use.

    The cable line design routing should be as far as possible to avoid all kinds of external damage and interference factors (mechanical, heat, thunder, electricity, all sorts of turbid factors) or adopt the corresponding protective measures. In addition, the cable assembly service must make the correct design to ensure the reliable use of wire harness assembly.

    The cable body is only one component in an electromagnetic wave transmission system or project. First, it must be terminated and needs an intermediate connection or other measures before it is composed of a complete engineering system with cable accessories and terminal equipment.

    The quality of the entire system and its reliable operation depends not only on the quality of the product of the cable itself but is also closely related to the quality of the construction and laying of the cable line.

    Therefore, the construction and installation process must be strictly controlled, and special attention should be paid to matching cables and cable accessories when selecting cables.

    Cable lines often traverse long distances through different environments (fields, river bottoms, tunnels, bridges, etc.). Therefore, it is easy to be affected by external factors, especially damage from various external forces or corrosion factors. So we need to strengthen the maintenance, expansion, and management of cable lines, conduct frequent line inspections and preventive tests, take various effective protective measures and establish the necessary automatic alarm systems.

    Then, in the unlikely event of an accident, maintenance personnel can effectively determine the location of the fault, perform a quick overhaul, etc., promptly. These are necessary conditions to ensure the reliable operation of cable lines.

    Why Choose Viasion for Your Cable Assembly

    With professional technology, advanced production equipment, the spirit of continuous innovation and a strict and perfect management system, Viasion is confident to provide you with satisfactory products, comprehensive services and favourable prices.

    Viasion now has a group of highly qualified professional technicians and managers with many years of experience in the industry and has established a strict management system, perfect quality assurance and an excellent customer service team to provide customers with high-quality products, optimal solutions, the most competitive prices and the fastest delivery time.

    Since we have accumulated 16 years of technical experience and a lot of experience in the electronic industry, Viasion is a professional cable assembly manufacturer for you. Therefore, you can trust Viasion for all your custom wire harness needs. Our team of experts is dedicated to delivering the highest quality products that meet all your requirements. We use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques, so you can rest assured that we will get the job done right, on time, and within budget.

    We are good at listening to and understanding customers’ needs and providing timely technical support and corresponding solutions for our customers. We will use our service and sincerity to exchange for your trust.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Cable assembly are widely used in all electronics industries, such as:
    Power system: bare overhead wire, busbar, power cable, rubber cable, overhead insulated cable, branch cable (to replace part of the busbar), electromagnetic wire, electrical equipment wire and cable for power equipment, etc.
    Information transmission system: telephone cable, television cable, electronic cable, radio frequency cable, fibre optic cable, data cable, electromagnetic cable, power communication or other composite cables, etc.
    Machinery equipment, instrumentation systems: power cables, electromagnetic cables, data cables, instrumentation cables, etc.

    PCB is an essential electronic part, a support body for electronic components, and a provider of electrical connections for electronic components. However, cable assemblies are used to connect electronic parts, such as signal cables, power cables, etc. 

    The cost of cable assembly includes the following factors:
    1. The cost of fabricating and assembling the cables
    2. The cost of materials such as wires, connectors, etc.
    3. The cost of components
    4. Quantity needed
    5. Testing
    6. Packaging
    7. The shipping cost

    1. The reliability of the cable assembly is even more outstanding, as it can be used in different harsh environments and is stable and reliable in transmitting electrical energy.
    2. Low probability of failure
    3. Good thermal performance and high transmission capacity

    There are many types of connectors used in the cable assembly. The following are examples.

    1. N & 7/16 connectors
    2. DDF connectors
    3. BNC Connectors
    4. SMB connectors

    Generally, the lead time for cable assembly will take up to one week. However, the specific lead time varies from particular requirements for cable assembly.

    Viasion will conduct a series of quality assurance processes for all the products. Cable assembly is no exception. The following are the main ways of testing and inspection in Viasion.

    1. First Article Inspection
    2. Visual Inspection
    3. Incoming Quality Control
    4. In-Process Quality Control
    5. Quality Assurance
    6. FCT (Functional Testing)

    No, we think the two terms have the same meaning: produce cables as customers’s drawings, including wire size, length, connector types, etc., and both cable harnessing and cable assemblies are widely used.