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What is a Box Build Assembly?

If you are in the market for electronic products, PCB assembly, or electronic manufacturing, then you might be familiar with “What is box build assembly service?”

Here is an overview of the services that box build assembly providers offer: printed circuit board(PCB), PCB assembly, cable assembly/wire harshness, assembly of electronics parts in din rails/racks or chassis/enclosure, assembly of all relative supporting material, software programming, testing, labeling, packaging, etc. All these materials need to be produced or outsourced by box build assembly providers, or EMS suppliers.

Besides, you can also ask about customized final testing for the completely electronic box, which includes the following: power on/off, waveform analysis, impedance matching, keypad input and screen output, etc. Lastly, the box build assembly provider should store the products in a clean warehouse, and make ensure finished products are handled properly and stored in a secure environment.

In some cases, customers will look to the manufacturer of PCB box build assembly to design the entire electronics product, which is a task that cannot be accomplished without sufficient competence and experience. Since box build assemblies is a complex task, it can only be done properly by a dedicated company with experienced staff.

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    Benefits of Outsourcing Box Build Assembly Service

    Generally speaking, people who need custom box build will turn to electronic manufacturing service providers or PCBA manufacturers. Some end users may think why should I outsource our electronic parts as turnkey box build?

    The benefits of outsourcing PCB box build assembly service are listed below. By working with a reliable box build assembly service supplier, the companies can significantly reduce the cost of products. Additionally, they will enjoy an array of additional benefits, including reduced investment in processing equipment and materials, as well as an extra set of eyes looking over their projects. This is an excellent way to minimize costs and ensure that the product is delivered on time and in top quality.

    Here are some main benefits of outsourcing electronic box build assembly service:

    Less personnel needed

    As we can see from the above introduction, a PCB box build assembly services need a PCB bare board, all kinds of electronic parts, cable and wire harness, metal rail or part, plastic or metal enclosure, any type of supportive material, software programming, testing, labeling, and packaging. To source all these materials correctly and follow them to be delivered on time is a complex job, no one can do all these by himself or herself. So several professionals are needed. But if you outsource the box build assemblies to an electronic contract manufacturer like Viasion, one person is enough, just send us the files package, and we will take care of all the rest.

    Better quality

    Since a good electronic contract manufacturer has its mature supplying system, no matter printed circuits, electronic components, din rails, enclosure, or any kind of supportive parts. So the quality is much better than you trying to find new suppliers for all these parts. In Viasion, we only use approved suppliers and will also do an audit every year to make sure our parts suppliers can meet our high-quality standards.


    A good and experienced electronic contract manufacturer should exist in the electronic industry for many years, with dedicated professionals and a mature supplying system. In short, they understand this industry. Viasion exists in box build assembly industry for over 16 years, our professionals fully understand the situation of each specified area, such as printed circuit board, electronic components, cable and wire, metal parts, etc, then our buyer team can make sure get the qualified products at the lowest possible price, and then pass the benefit to our customers.

    Quicker delivery

    Because a good electronic contract manufacturer always has a mature supplying system and professionals to handle all these parts. So lead time is shorter to get all these materials collected and assembled, comparing sourcing all the parts by yourselves. 

    So generally speaking, by partnering with a box-build manufacturer, you can have your products assembled by a single manufacturer with good quality, reducing scheduling and communication concerns, while keeping costs under control. So whether you are developing a new product and want the product to go to the market as soon as possible or want to control the unit price of mass production, using a box build assembly service can be a great way to expedite the development process, since the electronic contract manufacturers usually have very experienced staff and also mature supplier system which we can rely on. In addition to speeding up the production process, it also provides high-quality and durable product assembly.

    Our Box Build Assembly Capabilities

    In Viasion, the following types of box build assembly are included in average PCB box build assembly services.

    Box Build Assembly Cost

    The following factors affect the cost of box build assemblies.

    Applications of Box Build PCB Assembly

    What Is Included in An Average Box Build Assembly Service?

    In Viasion, the following types of box build assembly are included in average PCB box build assembly services.

    What Is the Value of a Custom High-Quality Box Build Assembly?

    Box build assembly is a very complex task. Every detail is related to the reliability of the whole electronic product. Paying attention to every detail of the assembly process is the key to ensuring the reliability of the entire assembly. It can be seen that the process of a high-quality box build assembly is directly related to the final quality and reliability of electronic products.

    Main Steps of Box Build Assembly Process

    Custom box build assembly is far more complex than we think. Before we get started, we should make sure we have a clear understanding of the parts you need and the processes involved in box build production.

    One thing that reflects custom box build services is a complex task is the multitude of components involved in the process including PCBs, cables/wires, DIN rails, racks, cases/enclosures, software, testing, and all support components. The multitude of components can complicate the process of the box build manufacturing service. And even the boxes may be connected to other components and subassemblies and can include additional electronics or pneumatic devices.

    The ideal electronic contract manufacturer offers both PCB assembly and box build assembly whose services provide one-stop solutions for everything from PCB design to PCB assembly and final box build assembly. Box build services takes care of both manufacturing and outsourcing of relative parts, ensuring a quality product, from simple PCB assembly to complex electro-mechanical systems.

    Of course, the specific processes of PCBA box are different since customers’ requirements are various. But typically there are 4 main parts in a custom box build assembly:

    PCB assembly is the core of box build assembly since the whole electronic product is useless without a properly functional printed circuit board. Of course, PCB assembly here includes a bare printed circuit board and PCB assembly service. If readers would like to know more details about Viasion’s PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly services, please visit our website ( ) for that information from the related articles. There are input and out connectors on assembled PCB, other electronic parts are connected by these connectors. And all the other parts would be integrated/connected around the PCB board.

    A wire harness is an internal wiring system used for electrical interconnection. It consists of multiple wires bundled together and branching out in different directions. The wires may have multiple connection points and will be insulated and labeled to meet the needs of the environment. A connector or cable is a part of the wire harness. Both types of wiring have different functions and must be assembled properly. During the wire harness /cable assembly process, the drawing and instructions should be used to provide a guideline for the cable or wire harness. It would be very helpful if there is a sample.

    Although they are not a necessity, 3D models are often helpful when producing a wiring harness kit. This way, you can get an accurate idea of how the wire harness will look and function before producing it.

    We are talking about box build assembly, so a “box” is needed. This box normally is plastic or metal. Sometimes we can use a common box that can be bought directly from the market, but most time they are custom ones. Whether the custom chassis/enclosure is good or not would affect the whole box build assembly quality. The process of building and assembling custom enclosures requires proper documentation. It should also include robust examinations of enclosures to make sure the chassis /enclosure is strong enough for end users. This can be accomplished by stress testing and soak testing.

    Then we need to input everything in the box, PCBs, power, fans, etc. are all fastened on the rail/racks, and the cover of the Chassis/enclosure is locked by a screw.

    Depending on the type of electronic device, testing may be done before or after the assembly of the whole electronic product. In some cases, testing is not necessary at all, but for most products, it is a vital part of the box build assembly process. Not only does a box build service perform functional tests, but it also ensures the finished product is error-free. A good electronic contract manufacturer will create detailed test plans that include on-board and off-board programming tests, functional testing of client-designed features, 3D automated optical inspections, and factory acceptance testing. More detailed test plans will ensure quality results from your finished product.

    Product testing focuses on safety, randomness, and other aspects. Most products need to be tested before they go to market. Testing allows the manufacturer to detect software problems and hardware problems before they affect the entire assembly.

    In Viasion, our build assembly services include PCB fabrication, PCB assembly, wire harnessing, enclosure assembly, and final testing. In addition to box build assembly manufacturer, we also offer other services, such as software loading, conformal coating, labeling, packaging, etc. We have the experience necessary to meet deadlines while maintaining quality and standards.

    Examples Of Box Build Panel Assembly

    The custom box build assembly requirements of industrial robots are used as an example for illustration.

    Key Considerations in Box Build Assemblies

    1) Requirements for operators

    • Operators are not allowed to wear rings, watches, or other hard metal objects, and they are not allowed to have long fingernails.
    • The operator must wear gloves when touching the machine's exterior parts and the workstations that may cause harm to the human body (such as the sharp folding edge of the bottom case).
    • When holding the finished product, the product should not stick to the body, and the product should be more than 10cm away from the body. Prevent the operator's label, clothing twist buckle, and other hard objects from scratching the appearance of the product.

    2) Requirements for the production line

    • The production line must run smoothly. Each workstation should be normal and flow smoothly.
    • The surface of the production line body should be clean and free of dirt.

    3) Requirements for instruments and tools

    • All instruments, meters, and soldering irons must be reliably grounded.
    • The operation tools should be prevented from scratching the product’s appearance.
    • The distance from the upper surface of the machine should be more than 15cm when the hanging wind batch/electric batch is not in operation (in the free hanging state).
    • Tools should be placed in a fixed position when not being used. They should not be placed at random.

    What Files are Sent to the Manufacturer for a Box Build Assembly Service?

    You may be looking for box build assembly manufacturers for your electronic product. However, you may not be sure how to start and what things are needed. Here are some important factors that you need to take into account before starting this process.
    Whether your assembly is simple or complex, you’ll need to provide your box build manufacturer with an accurate design of your final product. This design will list all the needed parts and how they should be assembled and tested. Furthermore, don’t forget to provide the complete electromechanical design to the manufacturer. When the design is complete, the manufacturer will proceed to create the parts and put them together.

    Taking into consideration the uses of different substrates and components, the practices of manufacturing custom box build assembly will be varied. But here are the basic files we need to finish as box build solutions.

    Related Information for a Box Build Assembly

    Selection and use of auxiliary materials

    Use of flux

    Welding auxiliary materials to be used is generally rosin flux. In the welding of heating elements, too much flux should not be added. When the welding temperature exceeds 6 0 ℃, the performance of the flux insulation has decreased. The residue of welding has greater harm to the heating element, so the assembly structure should be easy to clean. We should pay special attention to the gap between the components and the printed circuit board. Too small a gap or too high surrounding components can affect the cleaning effect.

    Selection and use of adhesives

    In the process of electronic assembly, adhesives will also be used. The adhesive used in the electronic assembly process can not be acidic or corrosive. Otherwise, it will seriously affect the reliability of electronic equipment. In the process of use, process personnel must be familiar with the composition and performance of the adhesive used. The method of use, the amount of application, and the curing time should be indicated in the process documents.

    How to Choose the Right Box Build Assembly Supplier

    Considering that it is not easy to complete the task of manufacturing PCB box build assembly services, we should be very careful in choosing a good supplier. Of cause we should choose the ones with better prices and good communications first, but how to choose among these potential box build assembly manufacturers. Please consider the following points:

    As we mentioned above, box build is a complex task since many parts should be organized, such as printed circuit boards, all kinds of electronic parts, din rails and racks, plastic or metal enclosures, cables and wires, power supplies, and many kinds of supportive material. So box build assembly cannot be done properly without quite an experienced team.

    When choosing a custom box build assembly manufacturer, it is important to choose a supplier who has more than 10 years of experience and above. If then the supplier should have a comprehensive understanding of the specifications for the product you’re designing and can do things correctly firstly, also supplying good prices, quick delivery, and high-quality products.

    Viasion has been working in this industry for over 16 years, with quite experienced professionals to take care of your projects.

    From the above, we can learn that box build assembly cannot be completed without the use of numerous materials and components. So the box build assembly manufacturers should have a very strong supply chain to meet all the requirements of customers. So when you’re looking for a contract manufacturer to complete a PCB box build, it’s a good idea to choose a company that has experience in working with multiple outside resources.

    If we take PCB assembly suppliers as an example, they often work with several different vendors for different types of PCBs, such as FR4 PCB, flexible PCB, rigid-flex PCB, HDI PCB, high-frequency PCB, quick turn PCB, low-cost PCB, etc., since different factories have different advantages. The EMS provider can choose the best in quality, price, and delivery.

    Viasion has its PCB factory for small to medium volume production and also has many PCB partners for different types of PCBs to meet different PCB assembly requirements. So supported by our strong supply chain, we can produce the best quality electronics box build at the lowest possible prices.
    Generally speaking, Viasion is one such company with more than 16 years of supply chain experience in box build assembly, and our expertise is reflected in our access to approved vendors for different materials such as PCBs, enclosures, wires and cables, power supplies., etc., strong product data management, and advanced planning capabilities to make sure your electronics box builds are delivered on time and in good quality, and of course at competitive pricing.

    When choosing a contract manufacturing partner for box build assembly, be sure to choose one that has a robust engineering team. Your supplier should have the experience and knowledge to read your 3D CAD box build drawing, Bill of Materials, PCB Gerber files, and other supplemental documentation.

    Besides reading these files, a robust engineering team will also help customers to solve the problem or find the best options when they encounter problems in the box build assembly process. For example, in the PCB assembly process, we may find out that some components are run out of stock or obsolete, a robust engineering team will give you proper advice to solve this problem quickly, other than waiting for months or redesigning the PCB.

    As we all know ISO9001 is a quality administration standard. A company certified with ISO9001 means their production and operation are properly done, and the quality should be under control. So it is not possible to do an on-site audit currently, a ISO9001 certificate is helpful.

    UL is short for Underwriters Laboratories, which is a leader in applied safety science. UL 94V-0 certified products mean the product is fire protection and electrical safety. All our PCBs and electronic components are UL94V-0 certified.

    We think another thing is the production scale of the supplier is suitable for your demands. If your order quality should be varied from a few pieces to a few thousand, it is not suitable to find very big EMS suppliers with thousands of workers. Viasion is a box build assembly manufacturer dedicated to smaller to medium volume production. We take orders from prototypes to a few thousand pieces. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Viasion’s box build assembly services are as follows:
    1) PCB fabrication
    2) PCB assembly
    3) Consigned PCB Assembly
    4) Turnkey PCB Assembly
    5) PCB Parts Sourcing
    6) IC Programming
    7) Functional Testing
    8) Cable/wire harness assembly
    9) Conformal coating
    10) Repair/Rework services
    11) Labeling & Packaging
    12) Customized Logistics Per Customer

    There is no specific classification on the types of box build assembly yet.

    It is necessary to test the stability, advancement, and reliability of electronic products through the box build assembly.

    We think these two terms have no much difference. They all talk about complete electronics production, including PCB assembly and electro-mechanical box build.

    1) Less personnel needed
    2) Better quality
    3) Cost-effective
    4) Quicker delivery.

    The following points can be a reference for choosing the right box build assembly manufacturer.
    1) Long experience in box build assembly
    2) Strong supplying chain
    3) Robust engineering team
    4) UL & ISO9001 certified
    5) Suitable for production scale

    Typically, box build manufacturing service includes the following steps: PCB bare board fabrication – circuit board assembly – IC programming – testing and inspection – enclosure or mechanical box build – final testing.

    We think experienced production and quality team, responsive sales team and strong supply chain are every important to be a box build assembly house. Viasion have 16+ years of experience in box build electronics production, so you can trust us to supply you the best quality products. Please contact us for a free box build assembly quote any time.