Top 10 Rigid Flex PCB Manufacturers In The World In 2024

Rigid Flex PCB Manufacturers

As a result of the several benefits attached to the use of rigid-flex PCB, many companies tend to make use of it for their electronic devices. Therefore, finding a reliable rigid-flex PCB manufacturer that will provide quality work at an affordable price seems very important. There is a trustworthy list of the top 10 rigid-flex PCB manufacturers in 2024 in this article to help your research. Kindly read further.

In electronic application, the board that is made up of joining rigid and flexible circuit boards is referred to as the rigid-flex PCB. In other words, the rigid-flex PCB is a circuit board that consists of elements of both flexible and rigid circuit boards. The combination of the elements of rigid and flexible circuit boards gives room for more multifaceted and firm designs in different electronic devices.

It is important to note that rigid flex PCBs are made up of the connection between the rigid layers and the flexible layers, to achieve multiple functions and also to be flexible in usage.

At this stage, it is good to know that the manufacturers of rigid-flex PCBs specialize in creating rigid and flexible printed circuit boards with experienced personnel and advanced equipment. Below are the top 10 rigid-flex PCB manufacturers in the world in 2024:

1. AT&S


This industry will be one of the top creators of PCB in 2024, with its locations in Europe and Asia. AT&S specializes in producing top-notch PCBs for modern applications. They engage in providing technological products like automotive, mobile devices, computer electronics, and other health-related equipment. Moreso, AT&S provides high-quality fabrication of rigid and rigid flex printed circuit boards for the use of any technological applications. This company can be a great choice for any tech application, as they offer top-notch technical equipment, including PCBs, without any dexterity.

2. TTM Technologies

TTM Technologies

This is another reliable rigid flex printed circuit board manufacturing company located in Santa Ana, California. Moreover, it is a well-known technological brand that offers technological solutions and services to customers. One of the things that makes it different from others as a PCB manufacturing company is its ability to produce new products and introduce them into the limelight within a short frame of time. TTM company offers high-tech PCBs to customers around the world.

3. Unimicron


Unimicron is a technology corporation established in 1990 and located in Taiwan, China. It is a PCB manufacturer company that engages in the production of rigid-flex PCBs, flexible PCBs, IC carriers, high-density interconnection boards, and other types of printed circuit boards.

4. Zhen Ding Tech

Zhen Ding Tech

The company is notable for manufacturing high-quality rigid and rigid-flex PCBs. Zhen Ding Tech has over five manufacturing branches in different countries, like China, India, and Taiwan, with over twenty sales offices across the continent. As a well-recognised brand for manufacturing PCBs, they specialized in simplifying the rigorous process of creating circuit boards by separating and grouping them into different important stages. Another striking thing about this company is its ability to creatively make use of technology in producing circuit boards.

5. Viasion Technology

Viasion PCB

This is a reliable PCB manufacturing company located in China and established in 2007. They engage in providing multilayer, single-sided, and double-sided printed circuit boards, including rigid flex PCBs. Apart from their ability to produce quality and reliability as one of the top PCB creators, they specialize in providing excellent support for their customers. Lastly, Viasion technology produces all one stop PCB services at competitive pricing, including PCB fabrication, PCB assembly and electronic manufacturing.

6. Sierra Circuits

Sierra Circuits

Another top ten company for producing rigid flex printed circuit boards is Sierra Circuits, which is physically located in the USA. Sierra Circuits is one of the biggest creators of PCBs with fast prototypes. Another thing to look out for in this company is their supply of Military & Aerospace rigid flex PCBs, they are ITAR Registered with MIL-PRF-31032 / 3 Flex Certificate.

7. Shennan Circuits

Shennan Circuits

Shennan Circuits is another global manufacturing company behind the creation of new trends in printed circuit boards. This brand was established in 1984 and has locations in China. They provide high-quality circuit boards, including rigid flex PCB and HDI PCBs. It is important to note that, among every other PCB manufacturing company, Shennan focuses more on the production of highly advanced printed circuit boards.



Dongshan Precision Manufacturing (DSBJ) is one of the best PCB manufacturers, founded in 1998. As a well-known creator of circuits, they expanded into generative tech industries like artificial intelligence. Moreover, over time, the brand gets involved in continuously innovating and producing different PCBs for the satisfaction of their customers. Most importantly, they produce multilayer and advanced circuit boards, which includes flex and rigid printed circuit boards.

9. Flexium Interconnect

Flexium Interconnect

Flexium Interconnect is another popular rigid flex manufacturer in 2024. This company was founded in 1997 in Taiwan to engage in producing electrical equipment like LCD screens, flexible PCBs, and other related electronic devices. Also, they are involved in designing, developing, creating, and selling rigid-flex PCBs. Single-sided, double-sided, multilayer, and other rigid-flex elements are part of Flexium Interconnect as a PCB manufacturer.

10. Rigiflex Technology, Inc.

Rigiflex Technology

Emerging as the third position in the American list of trusted, reliable, and superior companies for the manufacture of rigid-flex printed circuit boards. Moreso, with a professional experience of twenty-five years in the technological industry, they engage in delivering their product in a more exceptional manner, which shows their uniqueness. Lastly, they ensure the production of these circuit boards, such as rigid-flex PCB, in a compacted manner using robust materials.


Wrapping up on this topic, it is essential to know that the success of your technical projects depends on the selection of a reliable PCB manufacturer. Choosing a reliable manufacturer will enable you to have access to good operating printed circuit boards, which will make your work more effective and stress-free.

Moreover, before selecting any of these manufacturing companies as your choice, ensure you make a comparative analysis of their features by checking their websites. Most importantly, be on the lookout for how their products can contribute to the achievement of your project.

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