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Top 10 PCBA Manufacturers and Suppliers in China

PCBA Manufacturers China

China is known for PCB and PCB assembly providers and this article will cover the Top 10 PCBA manufacturers and suppliers in China.

What is PCBA?

The process of soldering various electrical components to the printed circuit board (PCB) and assembling it into a working device is known as PCBA, or Printed Circuit Board Assembly. The components are assembled by inserting and soldering them onto the PCB, which provides an electrical connection between them. This procedure may take on a few forms, but the most common are SMT assembly and PTH assembly.

SMT assembly is an efficient and accurate method for PCB assembly. We will need to print solder paste on the printed circuit first using stencils. Next, electronic parts are placed on the PCB surface by hand or machine. And then, run the PCBs through the reflow oven, this melts the paste and secures the parts onto it.

PHT assembly begins with inserting pins from electronic parts into holes on a circuit board, followed by soldering with tin. This can be achieved using a wave soldering machine that works with a hot solder or manually soldering by hand.

What 10 PCBA Manufacturers in China

After knowing what PCBA or PCB assembly is, let’s look at the best PCBA manufacturers and suppliers in China.



JLCPCB has evolved from a modest metal parts factory in Suzhou, China, to a significant PCB assembly industry entity, now the third-largest PCB manufacturer globally.

Initially focusing on basic PCBs, the company has adapted to the shifting electronics landscape, embracing the production of components for new energy vehicles, among other innovations.

Occupying nearly 100,000 square feet of manufacturing space, JLCPCB excels in the complete PCB assembly process. They employ advanced technology for assembly and quality assurance, offering comprehensive solutions for complex or precision-demanding projects.

Prominent Features:

  • Second largest flexible circuit board manufacturer.
  • They offer SMT, backend, and final box build for PCB assembly.
  • JLCPCB has more than 100,000 square feet of manufacturing space.

2. PCBWay


PCBWay is all about making PCBs and putting them together. Working with Tech giants like Samsung and Siemens, they’ve got a special thing for new ideas. If you’re just starting to make something new and aren’t sure you can trust your PCBs to work, PCBWay will work with you to ensure everything comes out the best it can.

You can get all kinds of assembly work done, and they’ve got many of the latest machines and systems to help them do it. They use machines that can precisely put the parts on the PCBs, and they’ve got a lot of tests to check everything is working.

They’re very proud of being able to help so many people all over the world with their PCBs. PCBWay offers its clients a wide range of PCBA services like SMT assembly, electromechanical assembly, product assemblies, and cable assemblies.

Plus, they’ve got a special system of managing their work so they can do every job from the smallest to the biggest and never lose the high quality.

Also, they’ve got a really big team of engineers and technicians who are very good at figuring out all the best ways to make and test their PCBs and ensure every project succeeds.

Prominent Features:

  • PCBWay covers more than 170 countries.
  • They have five factories with more than 500+ staff.
  • Depending on the customer, PCBWay offers SMT, THT, or both assembly options.

3. Viasion Technology

Viasion PCB

With more than 16 years of PCB assembly experience, Viasion Technology is a PCB assembly manufacturer in China. They started in 2007 and provided different PCB assembly services such as Surface Mount (SMT) assembly, Thru-hole (PTH) assembly and mixed technology.

These are also noted for producing quality PCBs at competitive prices. They can do everything needed for PCB assembly; therefore, they can be considered by many customers in almost any part of the globe.

With Viasion, quality is crucial. Their PCB assembly quality control is stringent in the material verifications, how they manufacture their boards, and even when these are complete.

They also have certifications like ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016, which comply with RoHS/ REACH regulations. These certifications demonstrate that they are serious about quality.

Depending on requirements, they can solder components to one or two sides of the PCB and use various types of PCBs, such as rigid, flexible, and rigid-flex. They can also undertake high pin count press-fit and manual PCB assembly. Due to this, Viasion has proved to be a customer favorite, with over 99% satisfied customers across the globe.

Prominent Features:

  • One-stop Services from PCB to PCB Assembly
  • High quality and competitive pricing
  • Great custom services
  • 16+ experience in the industry
  • No minimum order quantity (MOQ)

4. STG electronics


STG Electronic Co., Ltd is a leading electronic PCB assembly manufacturer in Shenzhen, China. Their area of specialisation is in the manufacturing and assembly of electrical goods.

Complete PCB assembly solutions, including SMT, BGA, COB, and THT, are offered by them. They also provide testing and IC programming. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, STG’s services are primarily utilised across a range of industries, including automotive, energy, communications networks, aerospace, and healthcare.

They have the greatest tools to handle a lot of work throughout the course of the day and make sure everything gets done.

Numerous environmental and quality certifications, including ISO901, ANSI/ESD S20.20, FCC, CE, and others, are held by STG. They maintain high standards, guaranteeing the quality of their produce. They have an advanced assembly and quality testing device for PCBs. These include 8 SMT lines, wave soldering, hand soldering, and automatic programming.

STG also possess 20 testing nodes for various operations. With this wide range of services, STG continues to provide top-quality services worldwide.

Prominent Features:

  • They have industries best functioning machines.
  • 20+ experience in the industry.
  • They also provide custom clearing for importing and exporting their products to their customers.

5. RayMing Technology


RayMing Technology is also located in Shenzhen, China. It designs and manufactures PCB assemblies itself. This means they put everything together.

It has helped over 10,000 engineers and 6,000 companies get the PCBs they need for their creations.

Depending on a customer’s request, Rayming performs different tests like AOI, X-ray, and ICT to ensure that the assembly does everything it’s designed to do faultlessly. A test might determine, for instance, that the assembly can connect to Wi-Fi or GPS. Customers will continue to turn to RayMing because they can always be confident that they’re getting a high-quality PCB assembly.

Prominent Features:

  • They provide both turn-key and partial-key PCB assembly services.
  • Quick response time with a large support staff
  • 18+ years of experience

6. Huaxing


Huaxing was founded in 1988 and started as PCB manufacturers and assemblers based in Shenzhen, China. With limited resources at their command, they still came out as one of the top PCB assemblers in China, with almost 20 years of experience.

They can provide almost all services related to PCB assembling. For instance, they can process small components, such as 0201 size, and large parts, like BGA, and everything in between.

Plus, they can also apply special coatings to protect the PCBs and perform various tests to ensure they function properly and perfectly for their customers.

They also offer pre-production and prototyping services, surface mount technology(SMT), and through-hole assembly. The assembly products of Huaxing are used in things like phones, cars, smart home devices and many more.

They are loved all over the world for their good work, and a large number of their clients are satisfied. Also, they put a lot of effort into all they do, from the small details like putting on parts to even final checks so that everything is up and running right as it should be. Certifications like ISO 9001 prove that at Huaxing, there is no compromise on quality.

Prominent Features:

  • They are equipped with AOI scanning equipment and 2D/3D test instruments.
  • No minimum order quantity(MOQ)
  • The customer satisfaction rate is above 98%

7. Shenzhen Sunsoar Tech Co, Ltd.


Shenzhen Sunsoar Tech Co., Ltd. commenced the production of PCBs and PCB assemblies in 2008, and they have grown significantly since then. It has a large workforce today and makes numerous PCBs monthly with a production ability of 50000㎡ monthly.

Putting tiny parts on the PCBs and ensuring they work is just one of the things they do. They are picky about ensuring their PCBs are of the best quality and can help with most electronics.

Sunsoar is good at making samples quickly so their customers can see how their projects work without waiting forever. They use equipment from other countries to make sure they can handle very tiny and precise parts. This lets them be fast and very good at what they do, especially for electronics that need to be reliable.

Their PCB assembly is passed through 9 steps, strictly implementing the 5S and 6S concepts to maintain the quality standards.

Prominent Features:

  • Their PCBA is equipped with SMT and DIP assembly.
  • Sunsoar is equipped with advanced foreign equipment.

8. Fulltronics Corporation Limited


For 16 years, Fulltronics Corporation Limited has been helping customers with all their PCB and PCB assembly needs. They work hard to make sure their PCBs and assemblies are the best they can be.

FC have very strict rules that they follow. Also, they have gotten a lot of certificates to show that they are doing everything right. They can make just a few PCBs for people who are just trying their idea or a whole lot for people who are turning it into a real product. Whatever they are doing, they do everything they can to ensure the product will work well and be made well.

The company is good at putting together prototypes quickly, which helps inventors and companies see what their ideas will work like in real life. They use computers to make their SMT (Surface Mount Technology) assemblies perfect, but if something does have to be done by hand, they can do that, too.

They can also add many extra things to the PCBs, like adding a thin protective coating, programming a chip, or putting everything together. Once the product is all put together, they are extra careful to test everything to ensure that everything is perfect.

Prominent Features:

  • Fulltronics provides rapid prototyping, which leads to quicker visualization of ideas for PCBA.
  • No MOQ requirement
  • 16 years of industry experience

9. ElePCB


Founded in 2013, ElePCB is a major player in PCB assembly. The company takes pride in its quality production and has an average yield of 99.5 percent. Their specialties include complex installations of larger components that involve more intricate processes.

They are skilled in working with numerous kinds of BGA, an essential element for the functioning of smartphones, computers, and other modern devices while serving different spheres from aviation to a Smart home environment, which means they will need thorough examination that provides performance at its best.

Offering services like THT assembly and SMT assembly to its customers, ElePCB has proved to be a key player in the PCBA industry.

Prominent Features:

  • ElePCB has an average yield of 99.5%.
  • Their assembly services include aerospace PCB assembly, Beauty equipment PCBA, energy products PCBA, and LED lighting PCBA.

10. FS Technology

FS Technology

Manufacturing PCBAs for electronic products, FS Technology, located in Shenzhen, has been based there since 2004. This company is distinguished by a comprehensive range of PCBA production and the ability to modify or fully redesign according to individual customer’s needs.

FS Technology’s global collaborations highlight their effectiveness as manufacturers of essential electronic components, making them credible, efficient, and affordable.

Their service menu includes various PCBA manufacturing processes, including SMT Assembly, through-hole PCB Assembly, and Mixed Assembly with the green-oriented feature because lead is avoided.

They do very well with dealing with the more intricate parts such as BGAs and have quick prototyping and scalability for small runs and volume orders, integrating mechanical elements.

Prominent Features:

  • PCBA services include SMT, THT, and mixed assembly.
  • FS technology shares the same PCBA supplier components as Fortune 500 companies do.


Creating a printed circuit board or PCBA is fundamental to developing electronic devices. It’s as if one is building a puzzle where each part must fit just right for the device to function.

There are a lot of companies in China that excel at this. We discussed the PCBA manufacturers and suppliers who assemble these electronic games. In providing quality services, these companies use the best technology and have sufficient experience to ensure all the electronic devices they work on work smoothly.

So, the next time you take out your favorite electronic device to use or admire, remember that one of these top companies in China is perhaps responsible for it.

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