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Top 10 Global Prototype PCB Suppliers in 2024

Global Prototype PCB Suppliers

Printed circuit boards are integral to electronic products. Without PCB boards, it is hard to imagine a world where electronic products and gadgets are ubiquitous. Although PCB circuit boards are of great importance, we still should underestimate the significance of PCB prototypes in the process of PCB assembly and fabrication. After the PCB layout design, the primary step is to prototype PCB boards to test their functionality and manufacturability. When it is done, PCB manufacturers will go into mass production.

What’s more, the PCB prototype has its unique advantage because it can satisfy customers’ personalized needs through low-volume production. Given that there are hundreds of thousands of prototype PCB suppliers worldwide, it is necessary for us to distinguish reliable suppliers from hundreds of thousands of suppliers. Therefore, we compile the list of the top 1o global prototype PCB suppliers in 2024 for reference.

1. Suzhou Dongshan Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Suzhou Dongshan Precision

  • Website: https://www.dsbj.com/#en
  • Address: Yunhe Town Headquarters Industrial Park, No. 99, Taihu East Road, Wuzhong District, Suzhou

Suzhou Dongshan Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Company) is a leading prototype PCB supplier in China, with high prestige in the world since its inception in 1980. In the field of electronic circuits, the Company is currently the second-largest FPC manufacturer and the third-largest PCB manufacturer in the world. The Company is an expert in PCB design, assembly, fabrication and inspection. As its name suggests, the Company can handle advanced multi-layer PCB and even HDI PCB. Moreover, the Company provide PCB prototyping services for customers since it boasts a large group of subject matter experts. As a reliable PCB supplier with years of PCB assembly and fabrication, the Company has served hundreds of thousands of customers at home and abroad and established a strategic partnership with many renowned brands globally.

2. IBIDEN Co., Ltd.


  • Website: https://www.ibiden.com/
  • Address: 2-1, Kanda-cho, Ogaki, Gifu 503-8604, Japan

As a multinational corporation with hundred-year history, IBIDEN Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Company) started the electronics business in the 1970s. The Company is the first among its rivals using new technologies to fabricate electric circuits. Unlike other PCB suppliers, the Company focuses on high-end PCB boards which are highly profitable compared with PCB boards used in general electronics products. In addition, PCB prototype plays an essential role in the company’s PCB solutions. Its engineers and technicians can fabricate different types of prototypes according to customers’ specific requirements. With today’s technologies, it makes the company highly competitive in the PCB industry.

3. JiaLiChuang (HongKong) Co., Limited


  • Website: https://jlcpcb.com/
  • Mail: support@jlcpcb.com

JiaLiChuang (HongKong) Co., Limited is also known as JLCPCB. Founded in 2006, JLCPCB is a globally leading PCB prototype enterprise and a high-tech manufacturer specializing in quick PCB prototype and low-volume PCB production. With increasing investment in innovation and digital system, JLCPCB works on building a one-stop industrial electronic platform, realizing digital PCBA processing by incorporating EDA, PCB, component sourcing, and PCBA services. This enables JLCPCB to meet customer demands for prototypes, small batch production, and other electronics manufacturing services. To put it briefly, the company aims to deliver premium and cost-effective products to customers around the world.

4. Viasion Technology Co., Ltd.

Viasion PCB

  • Website: https://www.viasion.com/
  • E-mail: sales@viasion.com; viasion@yahoo.com

Since its establishment in 2007, Viasion has pursued the goal of becoming a front-runner in the PCB industry, especially the PCB prototype fabrication and assembly. Vision has gained ISO9001, ISO13485 and UL certificates, all their PCBs meet the IPC standards, industrial standards and customers’ requirements.

After years of experience in PCB assembly and manufacturing, the company is now widely recognized as one of the most successful prototype PCB suppliers on a global scale. The core competency of Viasion includes but is not limited to competitive pricing, on-time delivery, flexibility, great customer services and one-stop solution for PCB assembly.

5. TTM Technologies Inc.

TTM Technologies

  • Website: https://www.ttm.com/
  • Address: 200 East Sandpointe, Suite 400, Santa Ana, CA 92707

TTM is the abbreviation for “time-to-market”. TTM Technologies, an American-based PCB manufacturer, is a global leader in technology solutions and PCB manufacturing. TTM offers a wide range of PCB boards including HDI PCB, FPC, rigid-flex PCB, SLP PCB, PCB prototype assembly. Its products are applied to aerospace, national defense, automotive, computing, medical, networking, telecommunications, and so on.

6. HanStar Board Corporation


  • Website: https://tw.hannstarboard.com/en/
  • Address: 8F, No. 398, Xingshan Road, Neihu District, Taipei City
  • E-mail: alsinspk@walsin.com

HanStar Board Corporation mainly engages in the production and sales of printed circuit boards. HanStar Board specializes in the production of 2 to 26-layer PCB boards. Unlike other PCB giants, the company also lays emphasis on PCB prototype manufacturing. With a large group of committed and accomplished engineers and technicians in different plants, the company can produce more than 11 million square feet per month in total.

7. Nippon Mektron, Ltd.

Nippon Mektron

  • Website: https://www.mektron.co.jp/english/
  • Telephone: +81-29-830-9236

Nippon Mektron, Ltd. is founded in 1969, which grew into a multinational corporation specializing in PCB production. The company centers on single-sided FPC, double-sided FPC, multi-layer FPC, and other custom PCB assemblies. It also provides value-added services like PCB prototype manufacturing for customers if necessary.

8. Daeduck Co., Ltd.


  • Website: https://www.daeduck.com/
  • Address: 230 Gangchon-ro, Danwon-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do, 15602, Republic of Korea
  • Telephone: +82-31-8040-8082

As a Korean PCB supplier, Daeduck Electronics focuses on technology, quality, and customer orientation. The company has made unremitting efforts to become a global leader in materials and components for the last fifty years. Focused on chip and substrate, the company takes differentiated measures to quality assurance and technology. Apart from mass production, Daeduck Electronics engages in PCB prototype service.

9. WUS Printed Circuit (Kunshan) Co., Ltd.

wustec logo

  • Website: http://www.wustec.com/
  • E-mail: laura_huang@wustec.com

WUS Printed Circuit (Kunshan) Co. Ltd. was established in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province in 1992 and got listed in 2010 after corporate merger and acquisition. Through years of rapid development and brand management, WUS has moved up to the top of the PCB industry, becoming one of the most reputable prototype PCB suppliers. Its main products are widely used in various fields such as communication, automotive, industrial control, microwave RF, and other fields.

10. Kingboard Holdings Limited


  • Website: https://www.kingboard.com/en/
  • Address: 23/F, Delta House, 3 On Yiu Street, Shek Mun, Shatin, N.T., Hong Kong

Kingboard now operates more than 60 manufacturing plants, with business activities ranging from laminates to printed circuit boards. Those plants mainly fabricate single-sided PCB, double-sided PCB, multi-layer PCB, and HDI PCB. To meet diversified needs and offer personalized services, its designers create and deliver PCB prototypes to customers according to their specific requirements. Although it is a huge company, Kingboard never ceases to pursue excellence. Products made by Kingboard are in full compliance with regulations.

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