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Top 10 EMS Manufacturers and Suppliers in China in 2024

EMS Manufacturers

We often hear the term electronic manufacturing services or electronic contract manufacturing services, but what does it exactly mean? An electronic manufacturing services provider takes care of everything regarding the design, manufacturing, logistics, supply chain, component sourcing, testing, repair, and return of the electronic devices and printed circuit boards.

The world is technology-driven now, and the demand for electronics and digital devices is increasing rapidly. The multi-national companies and industries are always looking for the electronic manufacturing services providers to take care of their relative fields.

These electronic suppliers work with the original equipment manufacturers (OEM). The EMS suppliers and manufacturers help businesses to focus on their core value by offering a diverse range of services from design of the electronic device, research and development, to marketing of their products.

Electronic manufacturing has various applications in different electronic devices including, healthcare, medical equipment, commercial sectors, aerospace, military, telecommunications, mobile phones, laptops, and computer peripherals.

China has made its name in the electronics world because of its skilled labor, efficient services, and vigorous supply chain. You can find hundreds of manufacturers in China but how would you determine which EMS manufacturer is best for you?

There are always few points by which you can judge the supplier of electronic devices. Before choosing the supplier, first gather the information about their experience in the relative field, what types of tests they apply on their devices to avoid any future complications, are they providing flexibility and scalability in their services, how they handle their supply chain, are they cost efficient or not, and repairing services.

Electronic manufacturing services providers may be different but they do offer some common services like PCB assembly, cable assembly, prototyping and design, supply chain management, box build assembly, electromechanical assembly, and evaluation of the final products.

In this article, we will talk about the top 10 EMS manufacturers and suppliers in China. These manufacturers are listed below:

1- Hon Hai Technology Group

Hon Hai Technology Group

One of the world’s largest electronic manufacturer is Hon Hai technology group and is a part of Foxconn. It was developed in Taiwan, China, in 1974. The house is excellent solution provider for every software and hardware devices and their research centers are always integrating with the emerging technologies related to the electronic manufacturing.

You can use their products not only in electric vehicles, digital health, and robotics but also in artificial intelligence, new generation communications, and in all recent emerging trends. With their roots in leading OEM and ODM services providers and is a vertically integrated company.

With robust global network, the group is serving almost 200 countries in the world. Innovation is the core value of their businesses and are dedicated in providing the best services regarding the electronic manufacturing.

Fostering industry cooperation, using cutting-edge technologies to make high-quality products, and making values to encourage their partners and societies are the objectives of the Hon Hai technology group.

As the supply chain is the important factor of any EMS manufacturer and supplier, the corporation is taking specific actions for the maintenance of their supply chain to ensure the on-time delivery of their products.

2- KAIFA technology

KAIFA technology

Shenzhen KAIFA technology was established in 1985 and became a listed company in 1994. The company has 9 different manufacturing sites in the world and is a home for 16,000 skilled employees. KAIFA technology has been serving their customers with different manufacturing services and electronic products.

KAIFA has the most efficient research and development centers to help their partners remain competitive in the market. They aim to create value of the society while they also promise to develop the career of their employees.

Shenzhen KAIFA technology is providing their services across different regions of the world in different areas like supply chain, research and development, designing and prototyping, management and logistics maintenance.

Their final products can be used in many electronic devices like in semiconductors, metering system, IOT, high-end electronic products like data storage, commercial and industrial products, renewable energy systems and many more depending upon the requirement.

To ensure the quality of their end-products, professionals always check the compatibility of their devices by several electrical and functional tests. Teamwork, striving for excellence, financial stability, integrity and honesty, innovation, and collaborative growth are their main goals. In short, it can prove to be a great choice for your EMS services.

3- KINPO group

KINPO group

Last on our list of Top 10 EMS Manufacturers and Suppliers in China in 2024 is KINPO group. It is one of the largest EMS manufacturer and supplier in China.

Since its establishment in 1973 in Taiwan, they are providing excellent electronic manufacturing services and original design manufacturing services.

Moreover, all of their electronic products are in compliance with the electrostatic discharge certifications which means that their devices are safe to use. KINPO group has developed certain quality management systems like manufacturing execution system, statistical process control, and quality apps to meet Cpk.

Their management system based on the excellent quality products and satisfaction of their customers. To meet the needs of their customers and partners, they also developed the risk management measures like FMEA and SWOT analysis.

Consumer electronics, printing and imaging, communications, semiconductors, artificial intelligence, power management, precision parts are their offerings. The group can be your one-stop solution for your EMS manufacturing. Total manufacturing solutions, design and development of the devices, and quality management are their manufacturing capabilities.

4- 3CEMS


One of the best electronic manufacturing services providers and suppliers in China is 3CEMS group. It is a leading manufacturer in China and have profound experience to provide you with all kinds of EMS solutions. Complete device assembly, electronic assembly, schematic designs, IC programming, optimization, corner bonding, and component sourcing, traceability, and DFM are the areas of their specifications.

You also don’t have to worry about your batch requirement as they offer design, prototyping, and manufacturing from small to large volume batches. 3CEMS have incredible engineering capabilities and manufacturing experience and with their exceptional knowledge and skilled staff, the company can manufacture the design of the device earlier in order to optimize the cost and production of the whole batch.

3CEMS group promises to fulfill your every need and requirement regarding to your electronic device. Quality should be the prime focus of any EMS service provider and supplier. 3CEMS group has established the proper system of quality control.

Their quality plans include reliability and environmental tests, quality training program, FAI/SFIS control, tools adjustment and certifications like ISO, UL, IPC, RoHS, REACH, and SGS. Also, their products have applications in all types of electronic industries environmental, aviation, space, military, automotive, telecommunications, medical equipment, and other laptops and computer peripherals.

5- RYDER Industries

RYDER Industries

RYDER industry deals with every kind of possible solution related to EMS and printed circuit boards. From design of the board to the board assembly and complex mechatronics, you can enjoy all services in very less price.

The company’s aim is to take decisions based on their customers’ requirements and demands, so you can manufacture your device in a way that you need. Vigorous solutions for every type of turnkey assembly, box build, conformal coating, and wire box for small to medium volume productions.

With two plans to manufacture high-quality electronics in China, the firm employs over 3,500 people with a wealth of skills and expertise.

RYDER industries has partnered with many top technology companies. Through their one-stop shop for solutions, excellent manufacturing services, experience, and cutting-edge technology, RYDAR has been able to win over their partners’ trust. Their products are widely being exported to the different regions of the world including North America and Europe.

Their specialties are mostly in audio industry, consumer electronics, safety and security, and IOTs. Apart from that, RYDER also serving other industries like home appliances, automotive, telecommunications, precision control devices, and also in sports.

6- Viasion Technology

Viasion PCB

On the top of our list of best electronic manufacturers and suppliers, we have Viasion. Viasion is the most renowned company in China and was established in 2007. With 16 years of experience, their focus is on the small to medium batch PCB production.

Viasion is the most reliable electronic manufacturer and supplier in China. You can have all types of electronic manufacturing according to your requirements and needs.

Turnkey PCB assembly, consignment assembly, box building, electromechanical assembly, components sourcing, IC programming, testing, wire bonding, and custom PCB design and assembly are included in their electronic services.

At Viasion, the process of electronic manufacturing services is completed in 12 careful steps. The company is dedicated to providing their customers with high-quality PCB and PCBA in lowest prices possible.

With the combination of experienced team, professional workers, cutting-edge technology, and advanced research and development centers, they promise their customers to provide better services than any other EMS manufacturers in China.

Their products have passed the various certifications of UL, ISO, and ICP class 2 and 3. Moreover, it is best known for its great customer relations and on-time delivery of the products.

Customers are their top priority and with their exceptional services they have more than 1000 satisfied customers all around the world. Viasion can be your one-stop electronic manufacturer and supplier.

7- MOKO Technology


Next on the list is MOKO technology. Reliability, value, and innovation are their main areas of focus that has developed them into a sustainable and dependable electronic manufacturers in China.

MOKO technology works closely with their clients in every stage of the electronic manufacturing to assure the needs and requirements of their customers. Providing rich expertise and excellent services, the company has also excelled in the area of research and development.

Their electronic manufacturing capabilities include electronic designs, mechanical designs, embedded designs, manufacturing designs, assembly and prototyping of PCBs, and lifecycle management of the products. The workers use advanced and modern technology to make the high-quality products.

Every type of testing is applied to ensure the functionality of their final products like AOI inspection, X-ray testing, electrical tests, and functional tests on every stage of the manufacturing.

The organization rigorously focuses on every detail in order to reach their goals and please the clients. Their focus is solely on the consumer and outcomes.

Many sectors, including automotive, communications networks, LED, industrial electronics, IOT, medical equipment, and renewable energy, can benefit from the wide range of uses for their goods. Moreover, MOKO’s technology offers bespoke board manufacturing services.

8- IBE Electronics

IBE Electronics

If you want to have a great experience in industrial design, research and development, manufacturing, and marketing, then IBE electronics are providing you with the best solutions in the market in competitive prices. IBE electronics are proficient in providing best customer services and technical support to their customers.

3 factories were made for their PCB production, OEM/ODM services, and also for electronic manufacturing services. The total area is covered with multiple laboratories and research centers to meet the needs of today’s technological world. IBE electronics has over 18 years of experience in electronics and PCB manufacturing and strive to provide their customers with high-quality products and quick deliveries all around the world.

Multiple services like design and engineering capabilities, logistics, after sale services, lifetime management, supply chain management, and different tests are included in their offerings.

The corporation has done more than 850 projects successfully and has over 3000 satisfied clients across different regions of the world. Wide range of IT services are also offered by them. It is certified with internationally accepted quality standards like ISO, IATF, FDA, CE, UL, ROHS, and REACH.

If you are looking for all-rounder electronic and PCB manufacturer and supplier, who can take care of all of your needs regarding electronic devices, then IBE electronics can be your next stop.

9- Shenzhen Zowee Technology Co., Ltd.


Zowee Technology is also the one of the best ESM manufacturers and suppliers in China. Zowee Technology was established in 2004 and has great experience in the electronic manufacturing field. It was also listed on the Shenzhen stock exchange in 2010.

The company has become successful in providing you with the high-quality end-products because of their extensive research and development centers. Striving excellence and innovation are the core values of the Zowee Technology’s philosophy.

Consistent quality is the specialty of the group as they make sure that each employee is doing his duties carefully and with dedication. This reduces the chances of errors and quality is guaranteed. Moreover, strict quality implications have been established at each stage of the manufacturing process.

The Zowee Technology has more than 10 years of experience in electronic manufacturing and supplying. The core values of the company have helped in developing it into efficiency driven, one-stop solution provider.

Their services include, development and manufacturing of mold, spray printing, printed circuit board manufacturing and assembly, product assembly, and packaging, system integration and testing, supply chain management, production track systems and other relatable areas. Also, their high-quality products are in compliance with the standard quality system. They aim to follow the environmental regulations to meet the customers’ environmental requirements.

10- ABP Electronics

ABP Electronics

ABP electronics provide full services for your every PCB and PCBA projects. ABP electronics own various PCB manufacturing and assembly factories and also modern technology and equipment to manufacture the products with minimum errors. Shenzhen and Dongguan are home to the company’s two factories.

At ABP electronics, the skilled staff and professionals will offer you with the best and quality guaranteed services and products. Various quality certificates related to the EMS quality like ISO 9001:2008, IATF16949, ISO13485, and UL, RoHS to ensure the best quality of the end products.
Customers are the top and foremost priority of the ABP electronics and they have a record of keeping their customers satisfied. 99% of their customers are happy with their services, 24/7 customer services available, and 95% on time delivery guaranteed.

Lenovo, JPT, KUANG-CHI, GEELY, and HAN’S motors are of their famous clients. You can avail all types of services from designing or prototyping to standard PCB fabrication, advanced PCB fabrication, PCB assembly, and electronic component sourcing.

With the 18 years of experience in the electronic manufacturing services, the ABP electronics have managed to make long lasting cooperative relationships with famous industries around the world.


These manufacturers are among the Top 10 EMS Manufacturers and Suppliers in China. You can manufacture all of your electronic devices according to your requirement and budget at these companies. For further details contact them on their websites.

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