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Choosing the Right PCB Manufacturer in China: Key Factors to Consider

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If you are looking for a PCB Manufacturer in China, you may get overwhelmed with a whopping number of options in this industry. Recently, China has grown to be one of the largest PCB (printed circuit boards) producers, globally. Here, the average PCB production capacity is surprisingly high. Additionally, advanced technology and equipment allow companies in China to offer these services at the most competent prices in the world. However, along with some of the best PCB manufacturers in the world, the country houses companies that deal with only small-scale manufacturing that requires less technical expertise. One may also find manufacturers in local markets who do not have any certifications, authorisations or quality control departments. Therefore, it becomes crucial to run a research drive before outsourcing your project.

Here is a comprehensive guide with all the points you should keep in mind while looking for the best PCB manufacturers in China to partner with.

Table of Contents

  • Why choose China for your next PCB manufacturing project?
  • What should you do before looking for PCB manufacturers in China?
  • What are the factors you should consider while looking for PCB manufacturing companies?
  • How to find the best PCB manufacturers in China?
  • What factors should you assess when contacting your shortlisted companies?
  • How to finalise a China PCB Manufacturer?
  • The Bottom Line

Why choose China for your next PCB manufacturing project?

  1. The country is emerging as a leading PCB manufacturing hub with an increasing global share of PCB output.
  2. Almost all kinds of PCBs and various scales of manufacturing projects are efficiently dealt with in the country. Therefore, no matter what type of PCB manufacturing requirement you have, China has a company that offers you exactly the same.
  3. Chinese manufacturers possess unmatched technical expertise, advanced technology and precise equipment to eliminate chances of errors and defects in the final product.
  4. Like most electric and electronic components, custom-designed PCBs are also available at affordable prices in China.
  5. In China, PCB manufacturers usually depict a top-notch level of professionalism. They offer exceptional client handling and service support. This helps customers stay updated throughout the manufacturing process. Chinese manufacturers prioritise communication which further helps build trust and a strong partnership between the customer and the manufacturing company.
PCB Manufacturing-Drilling

PCB Manufacturing-Drilling

What should you do before looking for PCB manufacturers in China?

Instead of blindly hiring an industry giant or a popular manufacturer, prefer looking for the right match as per your specific requirement. Every company has its own areas of expertise. Therefore, rather than picking a famous name without checking its offerings, consider a manufacturer that serves your requirements well.

For this, you must first define your requirements clearly. So, pick up a pen and paper, and list all the features of your ideal PCB. Start with the order quantity, lead time and the kind of PCB you need, then, additional requirements if any, like packaging, delivery methods, etc. You may also list your desired certifications. Also, mention a justified range of budget that works the best for you.

This step will help you navigate through the sea of options available in the Chinese PCB manufacturing market. In addition, it will also help you discuss your needs and expectations with the partner manufacturer clearly without leaving any scope for misunderstanding. Now proceed looking for PCB manufacturing companies that are the closest to your requirements and steer clear of all other companies even if they are simply popular.

What are the factors you should consider while looking for PCB manufacturing companies?

  1. Industry Experience: Before shortlisting a manufacturer, check its years of experience in the industry. While you do not essentially need a 50-year-old company, it is better if the company has 5+ years of industry experience. Avoid partnering up with manufacturers who only started up a couple of years ago.
  2. Areas of Expertise: As you know, there are various types of PCBs. Some companies may not offer manufacturing services for all kinds of PCBs. Therefore, check whether a company manufactures your required kind of PCB or not. Also, check what industries the manufacturer usually deals with.
  3. The Scale of Production: Usually, manufacturers deal with a similar kind of production scale. That is, a large-scale manufacturer may not handle small-scale projects at all. Therefore, check the scale of production a manufacturer deals with, and if it suits your requirement.
  4. Certifications: It is crucial to have all the needed certifications while dealing with electric and electronic components. So, make sure you shortlist only those PCB manufacturing companies that have all the necessary certifications, such as ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO13485 and UL certificates, etc.
  5. Testimonials: Make sure you go through the clientele list and testimonials before shortlisting any company. This will help you know if the claims made by the manufacturer hold any authenticity or not.
  6. Additional Services: Check what other services the company offers. For example, some companies like Viasion Technology Co. Ltd., offer additional services like PCB design and layout, components sourcing, PCB assembly, box build assembly, final testing and whole electronic products assembly.
PCB Manufacturing - AOI Inspection

PCB Manufacturing – AOI Inspection

How to find the best PCB manufacturers in China?

Now you may wonder, where and how to look for the best companies. For this, you would be required to conduct thorough research and shortlist companies as per the list above. To find your options:

  1. Look online
  2. Browse listing platforms/directories
  3. Visit exhibitions, conferences and trade shows
  4. Take referrals and recommendations from colleagues or contacts in the industry

What factors should you assess when contacting your shortlisted companies?

  • Request a quote: After shortlisting PCB manufacturing companies as per your requirements, the next step is to contact them to request a quote.
  • Manufacturing costs: At this step, there are several things you should assess along with the manufacturing costs and pricing offered by the company.
  • Shipping and other charges: Ask the company about additional charges such as shipping, packaging, taxes, etc. Make sure there are no hidden charges that may affect your budget later.
  • Quality management systems: Also, do not shy away from asking the manufacturer about the quality control measures they practise.
  • Communication and customer support: Most importantly, during this initial phase of communication, assess how readily and satisfactorily the manufacturer responds to your queries. This will give you an insight into their customer support and client dealing services. No matter how renowned the company is, if it is not communicating well or on time, avoid hiring them.

How to finalise a China PCB Manufacturer?

Once you have followed all the above-mentioned steps, find the right match from your shortlisted options on the basis of their pricing quotes, certifications, product quality, delivery time, testimonials and customer support services. Make sure the company you finalise suits your requirements well.

After finalising a company, the next step is to sign an agreement. No matter who drafts the agreement, you or the manufacturer, ensure you go through it thoroughly. Remember, this is a legal contract and forms the foundation of a client-manufacturer partnership. Therefore, make sure all your requirements, terms and conditions are clearly defined in the agreement. Also, check the manufacturer’s terms and conditions before agreeing to the agreement.

The Bottom Line

With so many PCB manufacturing companies in the Chinese market, it might get overwhelming to find the right partner. However, even a little bit of neglect of any of the above key factors while outsourcing your PCB manufacturing project can make you regret it in future. Therefore, take your time and research well before hiring a PCB manufacturer in China.

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