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Top 10 Custom PCB Manufacturers and Suppliers in the World in 2024

Custom PCB Manufacturers

Printed circuit boards hold a great importance in the modern world of technology. PCB makes the foundation and base of the electronic devices and the functionality of these electronic and digital devices also depend on the quality of the PCB boards.

Because almost all of the industries and organizations’ reputation is dependent on the custom PCBs so that the demand of the custom PCB manufacturers has been increasing.

Current Situation of Custom PCB Manufacturing

According to the research and data, the global growth rate of the PCB industry from 2021 to 2026 is expected to be 3.3% yearly and the annual growth rate of the PCB industry is between 3% and 4%.

With the advancement of the technology, many types of PCBs have also evolved. Mostly the rigid PCBs, flexible and HDI boards are drawing the most of the demand of the PCB manufacturers and suppliers. Rigid PCBs are the most widely used circuit boards. Usually the portable devices require flexible boards to fit in. HDI PCBs are used in complex devices such as smartphones, laptops, control units., etc.

The greatest market for PCBs is in Asia. And most of the organizations now want their boards to be custom made to fit into their devices of different shapes and sizes.

Custom PCB Fabrication

Top 10 custom PCB manufacturers

You may find many of the custom PCB manufacturers and suppliers in the world. Every manufacturer has its own qualities and value proposition. So you can get your PCBs for all of the electronic devices from consumer electronics to car appliances, and communication networks. But there are some common essential qualities of custom PCB board makers that you should look for before selecting them as your long-term partner. Let’s have a look at the top 10 PCB manufacturers and suppliers in the world in 2024 that we have shortlisted.

1- Nippon Mektron

Nippon Mektron

Nippon Mektron is a top leading PCB manufacturing company in Japan and its head office is located in Tokyo. The company was established in 1956 and since then, with their years of experience and efficient professionals in the relative field, managed to remain in the competition of the PCB industries.

The sales revenue of the company was 334.5 billion yen in the fiscal year 22. Nippon Mektron group is equipped with modern technologies and cutting-edge machines to make the quality boards.

More than 435 employees are working in their company and almost all of them are professional and highly experienced.
Flexible printed circuit boards is the main domain of the group but you can also order your custom PCB boards according to your requirement.

Nippon Mektron group strives to be the most trusted and reliable partners of their customers with best customer services and satisfactions.

2- KCE


Thailand based KCE group is also one of the best PCB manufacturers and suppliers in the world in 2024. The vision of the company is to always fulfill the demands and requirements of their customers or even exceed them.

With their highly modern state-of-art-facilities and advanced technologies, the firm promises to provide their boards with the highest qualities and shortest lead time possible.

The main specialty of the company is the manufacturing and supplying of the custom PCB boards, copper clad laminate boards. This can be used in the number of electronic and digital devices like consumer electronics including laptops, computer peripherals, smart phones, digital watches, in the health care sector, military equipment, and many more.

Highest quality PCB boards with a good supply chain and at minimum prices possible are guaranteed at the KCE group.

3- Viasion PCB

Viasion PCB

Next, on the list of top 10 custom PCB suppliers and manufacturers we have Viasion. It is a Chinese based company and has more than 16 years of experience in PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly. The customer oriented Viasion is determined to provide you with the good-quality PCB board with minimum errors and mishaps.

Viasion is also certified with different quality standards that are accepted globally like ISO, IPC class 2 or 3 and UL certifications.
You can trust them with your every requirement and solution of different types of PCB fabrication, assembly, and design too.

Viasion is a one-stop shop for all of your PCB boards’ requirements. With their exceptional services the company satisfied more than 1000 clients worldwide and made 500 long-term partners in different regions of the world.

4- Unimicron


A China based company known as Unimicron has also made its name in the world of technology and advancement. It was established in 1990 and headquartered in Taiwan.

The sales revenue of the company in January, 2024 was 9.22 million in Chinese currency. This group of companies is highly specialized in the production of ultra-multilayer PCB and HDI boards.

They are confident in their quality of boards and services and are eager to remain the top suppliers of the PCB boards in the coming years as well.

The company has developed many state-of-the-art research and development centers to be in line with the future trends and to maintain the quality of their products.

5- Ibiden


Ibiden electronics is also a Japan based PCB manufacturing company and has been dedicated to providing you with their premium boards since their establishment in 1972.

Currently, the company is making more than 7 billion in its yearly revenue and as per its growth rate, the revenue of the company will exceed 10 billion in the future.

Ibiden electronics export their products worldwide through their exceptional on-time delivery services. Also, at Ibiden electronics you will get the products at a lower cost as their state-of-art-facilities reduce the cost of manufacturing.

You can get PCB boards for all of your electronic devices. Visual inspection, x-ray, functional testing, and electrical tests are applied to reassure the functionality of their final product.



SCHWEIZER group is a Germany based PCB manufacturer and has their production plants in 4 different locations in the world. If you are particularly looking for a custom PCB manufacturer who is able to meet all your requirements within the given deadline then you can’t ignore the services or SCHWEIZER group.

With years of experience and 900 efficient staff members, the products of the company have a wide range of applications including, automotive, aviation, computer peripherals, and many more related to the electronics and digital devices.

Innovative technologies help them to provide the individual solutions and advice with high-quality and effective costs.

7- TTM Technologies Inc.

TTM Technologies

TTM Technologies is a US based PCB and electronic manufacturing company and suppliers founded in 1998 in the USA.

The company is dedicated to provide you with the most creative and innovative printed circuit boards, such as high layer PCBs, HDI PCBs, rigid flex PCBs, RF and Microwave PCBs, IMS PCBs, substrate PCBs, ceramic PCBs., etc. It managed to make thousands of customers throughout the world through its exceptional customer care. It is one of the great and large PCB industries in the USA and has proven the reliability of its products.

The company’s product has a wide range of applications in aerospace and military, automotive, medical, telecommunications, industrial, 5G, IoTs, portable electronics., etc.

8- Chin poon industrial

Chin poon industrial

Another best company in the PCB world is Chin poon industrial. Chin poon industrial is located in China and also has its production lines in Thailand.

You can have your custom PCB board manufactured at very reasonable prices and high quality at Chin poon industrial. The group is expert in making the PCB boards for small to medium batches and specializes in the making of multi-layer boards, flexible boards, and rigid-flex boards. The company guarantees the sustainability and longevity of their products. The quality of their products are approved from the various quality standards like ISO, TL, IATF, and IECQ.

The group has all the qualities to be your reliable, trustworthy, and responsible PCB manufacturer and supplier.

9- Compeq manufacturing

Compeq manufacturing

Compeq manufacturing with annual revenue of 2.2 billion is located in China and is the oldest PCB firm and suppliers. The company offers you diverse services including different kinds of PCBs, electronic manufacturing and component sourcing.

You can have all types of PCB board, design, fabrication, and assembly depending on the requirement of your electronic application.

Innovative technologies and years of experience and expertise, the company has excelled in making high density PCB boards, HDI boards, and flexible boards, high frequency boards for automotive, communication, aviation, and medical healthcare industries. It is a public owned company with hundreds of clients all over the world.

10- LENTHOR Engineering

LENTHOR Engineering

Last on our list we have LENTHOR engineering which is a US based electronic manufacturer and supplier. The group is certified with different quality standards of the world, including IPS, ICP, UL, REACH, and RoHS.

With the determination and dedication in manufacturing world class PCB boards including high density boards, flexible boards, rigid-flex, and all the other types.

LENTHOR engineering is very responsive to changes in market trends and demands and can help you to cope up with the competition in the electronic industries with their exceptional and reliable services.

Their products have been exported all over the world within the required time without any delay.


We have compiled our list of top 10 custom PCB manufacturers and suppliers in the world in 2024. For further information checkout their websites.

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