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Custom PCB: The Most Important Part in Your Electronic Device

Custom PCB

What is a Custom PCB

A custom PCB (Printed Circuit Board) is a board specifically made to meet a critical or remarkable requirement of an electronic device or system. Custom PC Board are designed to serve the functional requirements of a particular need by offering solutions from the optimized point of view that standard PCBs are not able to provide.

Custom made PCBs today represent the foundation of modern electronics, featuring customized solutions that provide devices with more performance and functionality. They have been developed to plug and play into any type of electronic application, without compromising their efficiency and reliability.

While a standard PCB has a generic design and specifications, custom PCBs are designed for optimized performance, size, and functionality according to the specific users’ needs. This way, such customization would better cater to the requirements of efficient layouts, accurate placement of components, and improved performance characteristics.

Benefits of Custom PCBs

The role of Custom Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) in today’s electronic development cannot be overstated. Here are several benefits of Custom PCBs:

  • Tailored Performance

With custom-made PCBs, designers can arm them with the exact specifications of the device to satisfy its highest levels of performance. The inherent nature of the customisable approach and its reliance on the specialized functions that standardized PCBs cannot give may contribute significantly to the overall efficiency and capability of the device.

  • Increased Reliability

Viasion is oriented at developing high-grade solutions that will ensure the accuracy and quality of their custom PCBs. Each board is custom made to excel even under the rugged conditions of our markets and guarantee the boards long lives and consistent operation. This reliability is vital in the industry where failing to perform might lead to the grave danger of huge fines or security issues.

  • Space Optimization

Custom PCBs can be fabricated either to wise up the space available inside electronic apparatuses thereby saving space or customized by having a shape that is not an ordinary shape. This is especially suitable in miniaturized and portable electronics like handheld ones, where every single millimeter is the focus and thus leaving more room for improved performance with shrinking of the device’s size as a by-product.

  • Rapid Prototyping

The board layout can be modified easily with custom PCBs, therefore, the prototyping process improves in its speed and efficiency. We can design rapid testing and development cycles as and when required because we can print boards meeting specialized project needs at a high speed. It thereby shortens the duration into which these new products are brought to the market.

Through opting for custom PCBs, the companies can guarantee that the electronic items they are making are not only successful, but also catered to the precise requirements of the applications, advocating innovation and efficiency across the cycle.

Customized PCB

Application of Custom PCBs

PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) are integral in fabricating, or designing, electronic devices and systems. Here are the key applications that highlight their importance:

  • Optimized Device Performance

In Viasion, we design our controlled PCBs to the exact requirements of devices. This is so that the performance is improved by placing components properly and by structuring layout. In this way, the electronics manufactured are more reliable and they display increased precision as well as durability.

  • Innovative Design Solutions

Design flexibility of the custom PCBs is one of the most important features that makes them suitable for the gadgets which are revolutionary in electronics.  We ensure the integration of components of newer designs, which are compact in size and over the delivery of functionality and performance.

  • Enhanced Scalability

We particularly engineer custom PCBs based on the volume needed for any project, small scale runs for prototypes to industrial scale production, with none of this undermining our quality. Such scalability is indeed the main feature which makes quick production of prototypes and new products possible.

  • Diverse Industry Applications

From the consumer electronics to the critical aerospace and medical devices, custom printed circuit boards are what provide a platform for these technologies to operate smoothly.


Design Essentials for Custom PCB

At Viasion, we are alive to the fact that the beauty of electronic gadgets is in the details and design of their custom PC Board. We, therefore, operate in a way that guarantees the highest level of performance through the consideration of a couple of critical elements:

  • Optimized Layouts

The layout of a PCB is core to the success achieved from it. We emphasized how best we can make designs that will optimize space and have an effect on decreasing interference, factors that might have a great influence on the functional ability and reliability of the devices. Our team takes meticulous care that each layout they design is in a manner optimized for a PCB fulfilling your unique project requirement.

  • Placement of Strategic Components

The difference between signal integrity and power distribution lies in the placement of components on a PCB. Our applied techniques to component placement are high-end and positioned for better efficiency without any threat possibilities like heat build-up and electromagnetic interference.

  • Enhancement of efficiency

Our designs in PCB not only meet the present requirement of the device but also enhance the overall efficiency. These include features that will help in improving power consumption, enhancing the reliability of products, and improving the life of products.

  • Personalized functionality

Every device has specific needs, and our custom made PCBs are meant to cater to these very needs. Starting from the most sophisticated multi-layer boards to flexible PCBs for wearable technology, Viasion is ready to offer custom solutions to realize your ideas at a high level.

Viasion ensures there is excellence in PCB design and manufacturing to guarantee that your electronics are not just functional but optimized for peak performance.

Manufacturing Process of Custom PCB at Viasion

Steps Description 
Design and Pre-productionAll of this is an ordered chain of actions that starts with a careful review of your design specifications for the PCB, and that extends to align the abilities of manufacturing with the end-user requirements.

This also includes Viasion’s DFM checks (Design for Manufacturability) to increase production efficiency and quality.

Fabrication of the PCBWe make use of the current updated equipment in the fabrication of the PCBs. The production process involves etching to take away excess material and drilling to place vias.

All these are done with the help of our advanced machinery for accuracy and according to your specifications on the design.

Layer Stacking and LaminationThese include the alignment and bonding of the multiple layers of PCB under heat and pressure, an important procedure that helps to enhance the connectivity and integrity in multi-layered PCBs.
Solder Mask ApplicationIt is then applied with a protective solder mask for each board, protecting it against oxidation and preventing solder bridges at the component placement area.

This step also provides a silkscreen in which labels are added to make it easier for assembly.

AssemblyModern pick-and-place machines are used, which enable automatic and accurate placement of the components on the board in either through-hole technology or surface mount technology.

Similarly, for such applications, Viasion ensures the use of the latest technology to make sure high-quality assembly is done.

Inspection and TestingThe finished PCBs undergo strict test procedures, including AOI (Automated Optical Inspection) and functional testing to verify their performance against your requirements.

It is this that makes them of great reliability and quality for every piece.

Final Review and ShippingOnce approved, the PCBs are then packed with the required protections and dispatched.

Once the boards are completed, Viasion assures that the product reaches your desk on time and in the best of conditions to be plugged into your devices.


When you choose Viasion for your PCB manufacturing and assembly, we ensure that your electronic product is built to the highest level by using our expertise and commitment at each step.

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Quality Control and Testing of Custom PCB at Viasion

At Viasion, quality and reliability are our priorities in every customized PCB due to strict testing and quality assurance methods. Through a comprehensive procedure, each of the PCBs we produce will be there in terms of quality and be ready for application.

Advanced Inspection TechniquesIn addition to having an Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) system, Viasion also uses X-ray Inspection and a host of other advanced techniques to identify and catch defects at the earliest point of production.
Functional TestingEvery single PCB goes through a functional test to prove its performance and is checked by the needs of your project thereby assuring you that it will not malfunction under severe applications.
Environmental TestingBeing subjected to a rigorous environmental stress test, our PCBs undergo extremes of temperature and humidity to make sure that they will run with firmness, certainty, and robustness under severe ones.
Certifications of Quality:Viasion meets the highest industry standards. Accreditation among others includes ISO 9001, UL, and RoHS compliance, reifying the company’s dedication to quality and ecological responsibility.
Continuous Improvement ProcessA specific culture of continuous improvement, which will include revised test methodologies and quality control processes, which will be in line with the latest technology and industry trends.


Why Choose Viasion for Custom PCB Bare Board

At Viasion, we specialize in making tailor-made PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards), which provide the basis for all modern electronics. Partnering with Viasion for your customized PCB needs ensures an electronic device that is functionally superior to be perfected for the exacting performance requirements it has to satisfy. By selecting Viasion, you can expect to accomplish the following:

Customized SolutionsPrinted circuit boards designed by us are meant to increase the performance of your device. Our customization capabilities will mean that every inch of PCB will fit perfectly into your technology and business requirements.
Improved Device PerformanceDevices installed with our designed custom PCB exhibit improved performance, reliability, precision, and durability. The very importance of these cannot be understated in industries where optimal function can have your product standing ahead of the others in the market.
Scalability and FlexibilityViasion can offer its customers scalable solutions according to their business. The manufacturing processes of Viasion are very flexible and adapt with ease to the volume requirements from small prototype batches to large volumes, always keeping the quality standards constant.
Advanced Technology IntegrationWe are up to date and integrated into the latest advancements, including PCB technology. Our PCB bare boards are made using the  high etching technologies and precision techniques.
Comprehensive Service RangeEvery lifecycle support, from the design of the first part through to final production.
Advanced Manufacturing TechniquesAdvanced quality of your PCB through cutting-edge technologies like etching, layering, and material.
High Precision and ReliabilityMaking sure that all boards meet the performance criteria demanded by industries.
Customization and FlexibilityIts ability to be able to make PCBs of any complexity or size according to the customer.
Industry-level ApplicationsAerospace, Medical, Automotive, and Consumer Electronics. These are few to name, some of the very specified sectors where we provide our services.
Innovation and DevelopmentContinually develop technology that will fully serve the changing requirements and demands of the electronics market.
Customer-Centric ApproachTo become a customer-centric organization, we provide excellent delivery of services with tailor-made solutions that meet the satisfaction of its customers.

Choosing Viasion as your manufacturer of custom PCB bare board means you have joined one of the best in the field. We are ahead with quality and innovation, for the products to reach, and of course, exceed the market’s expectations.

Working with Viasion guarantees that all components in your electronic products are assembled and tested to be of acceptable quality and reliability so that each device will function perfectly in the application it is supposed to use. Among our best strengths at Viasion is the fact that we make your initial electronics concepts a reality with customized PCB services.

Choosing our custom PCB services leverages niche expertise that will further enhance your electronic products, making us a part of the technology that drives your innovations.

We call on the innovators and manufacturers to note the major implications of using custom PCBs to address advanced electronic needs, and this will undoubtedly lead to technology advancement and market success of their products.

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