Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Multilayer PCB Supplier

Multilayer PCB Supplier

Searching for the right multilayer PCB supplier can be a very tough task to handle since you’d want to seal the deal with a reputable dealer. Taking impulsive steps in finding a supplier may seem good on paper, but in truth, it only brings more repercussions for your organization through malfunctioning electronic productions. In this guide, we’ll explore how you can choose the right PCB supplier so that you can procure quality multilayer boards.

Multilayer PCB: An overview

Before we proceed to the guide proper, let’s get to familiarize ourselves with multilayer PCBs first. Multilayer PCBs are best described as electrical boards that comprise multiple inner layers—at least two layers. The board consists of layers made out of conductors, such as copper. At first glance, the top and bottom layers of the multilayer PCB can be mistaken for double-side boards, but the key difference is the number of layers they can have.

All of the PCB’s layers are linked by copper-plated holes, allowing them to stack; typically, there’s around four layers for most multilayer PCBs. With that said, multilayer PCBs are sought out in different industries, ranging from electronics that we use at home up to devices used by defense and the military.

Multilayer PCBs

How do I find or choose the right multilayer PCB supplier?

Now we’ve arrived at the main topic: the methods you’ll need to take in order to find and select the right multilayer PCB supplier. Keep in mind that by securing the right supplier, you ensure that your devices and products will function properly and that there won’t be any need for additional repairs. Here are some of the approaches that you can use to find the ideal supplier.

1. Access to high-tech equipment and facilities

If you’re looking for a multilayer PCB supplier, you’d want to settle the deal with a supplier that has a state-of-the-art facility. These facilities are likely to sport the latest and most cutting-edge technology used in manufacturing multilayer PCBs en masse. On top of that, their high-tech equipment can offer heightened levels of precision and can handle complex designs that you forward to them.

2. Expertise and proven experience in the field

Experience and expertise are the hallmarks of an excellent multilayer PCB supplier. Whenever you’re researching a potential supplier, do check whether their company is a long-time runner, meaning that they’ve been around the industry for a long time. The idea here is to ensure that the projects you intend to complete will greatly benefit from their experience and insight.

However, it is advised not to impulsively settle with a supplier just because they are experienced. You must also check whether they have done or handled projects and industries that align with your niche. Also, make sure they have certain expertise in specific types of technology or applications.

3. Follows industrial standards and is certified

The next hallmark of an excellent multilayer PCB supplier is that they are certified for the industry they cover and also follow industrial standards. Certificates and adherence to industrial standards show how the supplier is committed to complying and delivering quality circuit boards for your organization. On top of that, certifications and compliance with standards mean that their printed circuit boards are safe to utilize for your devices.

Some of these certifications include the following:

  • ISO 9001, which covers quality management and control
  • ISO 14001, which is a certificate for environmental management
  • UL certifications, which show that the supplier is complying with safety standards.
  • ISO 13485, TS16949 are for PCB suppliers and manufacturers who work with the medical and automotive industries.
  • AS9100 is the certification for the aviation, space, and defense industries.

Keep in mind that the mentioned certifications are a few of the many certificates that a supplier could be in possession of. Do a little research and check whether your niche and the supplier’s certificates align together to ensure the best outcomes.

4. Has access to a wide network of material suppliers

Good suppliers also require a network of material distributors to ensure the quality of their circuit boards. By sealing the deal with a reputable multilayer PCB supplier that has access to a supply network, you are more likely to spend less, as they can source materials from reputable sources and manufacture quality circuit boards that fit your company’s budget.

Multilayer PCB Supplier PCB Testing

5. Conducts quality control procedures and has adequate testing services

Suppliers that have quality control protocols and dedicated areas for printed circuit board testing are potential candidates to settle deals with. Through quality control and testing, your supplier can check whether the multi-layered PCBs they are going to provide you with are working as intended. On top of that, testing are also vital when working with very specific and customized PCB projects.

6. Exceptional customer service and are open to feedback or suggestions

The other hallmark of a good multilayer PCB supplier is excellent customer service and a track record of very pleased clients. For customer service, a solid supplier candidate must be capable of listening to your queries and concerns. A good example is whenever your organization reports that their batch of PCBs happened to be defective. They’ll be willing to listen to the issue and get it resolved as soon as possible.

With that said, suppliers must also be receptive to feedback from clients. You can forward your insights on the PCBs they’ve provided; make sure to state what’s good and what needs improvement. The supplier must be open to suggestions as well; for instance, ask them if they can create customized multi-layer PCBs for use in your organization or products.

7. Cost-effective in printed circuit boards manufacturing

Take note that the pricing of a multilayer PCB supplier for their services and products can help you seal the deal or reject the offer that they have. The ideal choice for a multilayer printed circuit board supplier is one that offers reasonable pricing for what they provide. Factoring in the previously mentioned criteria can help you weigh whether their offer is too cheap or too expensive.

Choosing the right supplier is a process worth the effort

The task of finding the ideal multilayer PCB supplier can be a daunting task for you and your organization. However, by following the factors we discussed earlier, you should be able to mitigate the difficulties in securing a reliable supplier. If you ever have difficulty picking among the best suppliers, you must weigh their advantages and see which one provides the most perks.

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