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Choosing the Right Fast Turn Flex PCB Manufacturer: Key Considerations

Fast Turn Flex PCB

Most people would agree with the view that the top priority of electronics manufacturing services is to select a suitable fast-turn flex PCB manufacturer if your delivery schedule is tough. Fast-turn flexible printed circuit boards are now trending around the world due to their unique properties and space-saving design. However, choosing the right quick turn PCB manufacturer is mandatory to take advantage of all the benefits. This article will give you a detailed step-wise guide regarding the selection of the right fast-turn PCB manufacturer from the market based on quality, pricing, material, and much more. Flex PCB manufacturer selection can be the best match for all of your desired needs. Now take a quick read and find out how you can choose the right fast-turn flex PCB manufacturer for your big projects.

What are Flex PCBs?

Flexible printed circuit boards can be bent or twisted during assembly, so they can be integrated into devices with almost any form factor and with space constraints. Having the ability to flex and bend, flex PCBs give a lot of possibilities regarding product creation and mechanical integration, which is not offered by rigid PCBs. In other words, it won’t be wrong to say that flexible PCBs are the name of innovation in the world of electronics. Flexible PCBs are called so because in their manufacturing the substrate used is flexible like polyimide. Due to this flexible base, the flex circuit can bear heat and vibration and can be folded into different shapes. Due to their flexibility, flex PCBs are used widely in creating innovative electronic devices like smartphones and some sort of wearable technologies.

Flexible circuits or flexible printed circuit boards are made up of an insulating thin polymer film that exhibits a conductive circuit pattern which is attached there and also gives a protective shield. These are made up of polyimide or other comparable polymers which is quite helpful for dissipating heat as compared to any other circuit boards in the market. The substrates used in the flexible circuit boards are divided into three different types. These are polyester (PET), and non-adhesive and adhesive polymers.

Fast Turn Flex PCB

What is a Fast Turn Flex PCB Manufacturer

A fast turn PCB manufacturer is a printed circuit board manufacturer who can produce flexible PCBs in a very quick lead time, normally within 1 week, or even 24 hours if needed. So fast turn PCB manufacturer or quick turn PCB manufacturer needs to have the following two capabilities:

Flex PCB Production Capability:

A flexible circuit board is a special type of PCB, the material, process, technology and equipment are all different from rigid PCBs. So a rigid PCB manufacturer may not produce flex PCBs. So we need to make sure the supplier has the ability to produce flexible PCBs.

Quick Lead Time in PCB Production:

The standard PCB production lead time is around 2-4 weeks, depending on the materials, quantities, production difficulties., etc. Different PCB manufacturers have different capabilities. Mass production PCB manufacturers may need 2-4 weeks to produce a type of PCB, quick turn and prototyping PCB suppliers may be able to finish PCBs in 24 hours. So we need to go to fast turn PCB manufacturers when we need PCBs quickly.

Factors to Consider While Choosing Fast-turn Flex PCB Manufacturer

If you are looking for the best fast-turn flex PCB manufacturer in the market, then here are the important considerations to add up.

1. Turnaround Time

Lead time is the most important factor if we need fast turn PCB manufacturing. It is believed that fast-turn flexible PCBs have a quick turnaround time, which can be crucial for all sorts of sensitive projects. If you are going to choose a fast-turn PCB manufacturer for your project, then you need to inquire about the turnaround time and the ability to meet the deadline.

2. Quality

While choosing the right fast-turn flexible PCB manufacturer, ensures that the manufacturer ensures all the mandatory quality control standards. Make sure to have a quick check of all the necessary documents like ISO 9001 regarding inspection, product testing, and everything else. This is the only way to check out the quality of your flex PCBs. This certificate acts as proof that the company is using the best protocols to make high-quality products. Along with this document, a UL certificate is also mandatory in the flex PCB fabrication. Always keep in mind, that before choosing the quick turn flex PCB manufacturer, you need to verify their certificates.

3. Experience

If you want to make the right choice regarding flex PCB manufacturers, then you need to give priority to all those companies that have extensive experience in the creation of flexible printed circuit boards. Spend some time evaluating the best manufacturers in the market whose products are hot-selling and find out what are the unique materials in their products.

4. Cost-effectiveness

Cost is considered to be a very important consideration, but keep in mind that it shouldn’t be the sole factor in choosing the right fast-turn flex PCB manufacturer. Consider the overall value that is being offered by the manufacturer. You need to spend some time comparing the quotes from multiple manufacturers in the market to make sure that what you are getting is a competitive price.

Flexible PCBs

5. Materials and Supply Chain

The fast-turn flex PCB manufacturer should use reliable materials that can bear any sort of damage to the product. The mandatory component is the substrate selection which should be done with care and polyimides, flex-grade PCB materials, and adhesives should be chosen as the substrate in the flex PBSs. It is also believed that a good manufacturer should also possess a reliable supply chain. Don’t hesitate to inquire about the sanctioned suppliers and their recommendations about the products.

6. Customer Support

Check out whether your supplier is providing satisfactory customer support or not. Sometimes, while being quick in making decisions, you may run into some sort of issues that require any changes in the design. This is only possible if your manufacturer gives value to their customers and can accommodate you in any sort of emergency.

7. Technology and Capabilities

Make sure that you evaluate the manufacturer’s capabilities and technology so that you can get your desired products. Have a quick check of the manufacturer’s production capacities, facilities, and all sorts of equipment.


To conclude, choosing the right fast-turn flexible PCB manufacturer needs continuous research and comparison of all different factors. The main considerations include technical capabilities, materials used, pricing, and quality systems. Keep in mind that every successful design should possess flex materials that can satisfy all the requirements of a flex PCB bend. It is never an easy job to find a trustworthy partner in the market, but with careful checking, you can find the one which meets your requirements.

If you are looking for the best fast-turn flex PCB manufacturer, then come on and visualize your dream with Viasion Technology Co., Ltd. We are excited about the prospect of collaborating with you to make flexible printed circuit boards which are crucial to realizing your dreams. Feel free to reach us and start a journey towards bringing life to your ideas today.

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