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Key Factors for Choosing a PCB Fabrication Partner in China

PCB Fabrication

In the modern era, printed circuit boards have become the foundation of many electronic devices. Although, the design of the PCB is the initial step, the next step is to find the right manufacturing partner or company that will turn the design into a fabricated board.

If you are looking for a partner or manufacturer in China, then you could be overwhelmed with so many options. China has become one of the best PCB manufacturers in the world in the past few years and they provide you with high-quality fabricated boards as well.

Due to the abundance of manufacturers or suppliers, it is quite possible that you may come across a company that may not have any kind of certification, authorization, or good-quality products.

So, it is necessary that you research the company thoroughly before signing any contract for PCB fabrication in China. Let us guide you in finding the right partner.

How to choose the right partner for PCB fabrication?

The question arises of how to choose the manufacturer that could meet all your requirements. When you search for the suppliers on any search engine, tens or hundreds of manufacturing companies can be found. But how would you choose the best partner for your project? This article will cover the different aspects of the company such as the timing, pricing, quality and technology important for the fabrication of the PCBs.

Industry Experience

For the best quality and product you should seek out the companies that have the most experience in the required field. You should ask the company about their previous experiences and see if they have worked on a project like yours before.

It is not necessary for the organization to be 50 years old, but it should have 5 years or more of experience in PCB fabrication. The fabrication of the boards could be very complicated and you would not want to spend your decent amount of money on a company that is not capable of doing its job properly because of lack of experience in your area. A partner that has the expertise would also have the modern tools and technologies to do the job accurately.

Industry Standards and Certifications

It’s critical that the PCB manufacturer has the necessary certifications, experience, and expertise to properly handle your project in order to guarantee that your design won’t have any fabrication issues or, worse that you won’t have to deal with expensive mistakes down the road.

You can only be certain of this if you are confident that the partner possesses strong quality management systems and the appropriate PCB certifications and standards.

Also, find out whether the company has an ISO 9001 certification out of all the QMS certifications, and also a UL certificate.

PCB fabrication China

PCB fabrication China

Competences and Technology

Analyze the capabilities and array of technologies provided by the firm. Make sure they can meet the needs of your project and manage the particular kind of PCB fabrication you want (single-sided, double-sided, multilayer, rigid-flex, etc.).

Look for partners that use cutting-edge production techniques and contemporary machinery. Seek out a company that employs knowledgeable and competent workers. To fabricate a PCB correctly, one must possess a great deal of process expertise and ability.

Skilled Workers

While choosing a fabrication partner, you should make sure that they have the skilled workers and expertise in the required field as we know that there are many onshore and offshore companies that are manufacturing the PCBs but it is not necessary that they have all the required talent to meet your needs.

You should choose a partner that has the professionals and skilled staff for fabricating the PCB, as it takes a lot of knowledge and experience to do this job.

High-Quality Products

Which degree of quality do you anticipate from the PCBs: basic electrical functioning and visual perfection? Clearly defining this aids in selecting a partner who shares your commitment to high standards of quality. You cannot compromise on quality.

Prior to making an investment or collaborating with a Chinese PCB fabrication manufacturer , confirm that they can produce fabricated pieces of superior quality.


Naturally, decide on your board fabrication budget as well as your expectations for price models, such as bulk order discounts, etc. This also relies on the minimum feature sizes and PCB material selection.

When these factors are stated up front, you can assess PCB manufacturers more effectively and determine how closely they meet your needs. You won’t be able to invest in other areas of your company to grow it into a lucrative and competitive one unless you find a balance.

Fast Turnaround

You need a manufacturer with a quick delivery time if you want to increase output in a shorter amount of time. Additionally, it will provide your company with a competitive edge.

To outperform the competition, you will be able to modify changes in demands and trends. A shorter manufacturing time will result in lower storage expenses, less inventory, and more effective use of resources.

China offers lower prices for PCB fabrication for labor and products; therefore it’s critical that your partner provide the production efficiencies found there, yet with lead times and quality comparable to those of manufacturers in North America or Europe.

Great Customer Service

Some manufacturers may simply not work with a small number of orders or prototypes, or they will raise their rates to only accept big quantity orders. Look for a manufacturer who can satisfy your demands without compromising quality or affordability.

Your partner should be able to provide prototypes or rapid expansion. Whether you need one piece fabricated or ten thousand, choose a partner who will provide you with the same excellent service and will not compromise with their customers.

PCB fabrication is always evolving in order to keep up with the advancements being made with new components. It is essential that manufacturers adapt to these changes as components get smaller and more intelligent in order to provide you with the finest product possible.

Primed circuit board production

Primed circuit board production

Good Communication

The cost and production speed of PCB fabrication in China is remarkable, but because of time zone differences, frequent and timely communication is challenging.

Many businesses promise online quotes and monitoring but make sure the data your partner gives you is precise and helpful rather than a generic message.

Lastly, search online for reviews. Given the degree of privacy in online evaluations, it can be challenging to evaluate them, but it is simple to identify a pattern and draw a firm decision of whether to select this partner or not.

Security and Privacy Protection

You are entrusting your partner with your project when you turn in your ideas to Gerber files and Bills of Material. It is imperative that your intellectual property and personal data receive the appropriate protection and security in today’s cutthroat and hostile market. It is essential to find a partner who will ensure you and who is governed by laws requiring them to guarantee your security and privacy.

Flexible to Fullfile all Your Requirements

It is important to notice if the PCB fabrication company in China would be able to meet your requirements or not, such as capabilities, lead time and order quantities. You have to make sure that your fabricator meets your potential capability criteria, such as what kind of equipment they are using. Whether the equipment is traditional printers or if they are advanced fabricated equipment, also, make sure to check what kind of materials they are using. Or whether they would be able to deliver the fabricated boards in the required time or not. If the company can fulfil your requirements without charging anything for your design, then you are good to go with this company.


These are the main key points to keep in mind while choosing the PCB fabrication partner in China. However, there could be many other aspects that could be discussed but these are the most common and crucial points such as: Does the company have high-quality standards or not? Will it be able to meet your quality, delivery and quantity requirements? Would they deliver in the required time with a reasonable price or not? Do they have the expertise and experienced staff or not? When they answer all these questions and make you satisfied with the answers, then you have found the fabrication partner.

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