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Cheapest PCB Manufacturer: A Comprehensive Overview

As you know, PCBs have become the foundation of every electronic and digital device. Choosing a right manufacturer that can provide you with the good quality PCBs and competitive price could be very overwhelming.

Some manufacturers may offer good quality but their prices could be high but on the other hand, if the manufacturer is offering you the products at low prices, there are chances that their quality could not be up-to-date.

However, if you find the good PCB manufacturer with low prices, it is quite possible that they may work on only one domain. It’s likely that they only fabricate the board and don’t assemble it. So you would have to look for PCB assembly partner separately.

But if you are looking for a PCB manufacturer partner that can provide you with diverse services including design, fabrication, and assembly at low cost, then Viasion would be the best choice for you. They provide the best services with high quality at the most economical prices. Vision is one of the top cheapest PCB manufacturers in China.

It was established in 2007 and is located in China. They have been providing their customers with the best quality products for more than 16 years. They have over 1,000 satisfied customers in different electronic industries from all over the world.

If you want a one-stop shop that can assist you with your different requirements of fabrication and assembly of the board, then you can enjoy all these services at very low prices at Viasion.

With unremitting efforts, they can handle any issue and give their clients the best possible solutions for PCB manufacturing only because of their professional teams. With their modern and advanced methods, cutting-edge technologies, and various quality tests including manual and automated inspection, they managed to maintain their product quality. With all these characters, Viasion could be your wise decision in choosing a PCB manufacturing partner.

Following are the different reasons why you should choose Viasion as your PCB manufacturing partner.

PCB Fabrication

They can help you with different types of boards from simple to complex ones at very reasonable prices. They can manufacture a variety of PCB boards including rigid PCB, rigid-flex, flexible boards up to 40 layers. They use different types of materials according to your requirements including metal-core, aluminum, copper-based, ceramic, heavy copper PCB, etc.

Moreover, they also use their cutting-edge technologies like impedance control, blind vias, buried vias, stacked, blind vias, any-layer HDI, via in pad, and micro vias to manufacture PCBs with less errors. They made their boards to manage high speed frequency signals like microwave and radio frequency. The specifications of these boards may vary with your requirements or needs.

PCB Assembly

They use modern technologies like through-hole or surface mount technology for the PCB assembly. Apart from SMT and through-hole technology, their capabilities include mixed technology, single or double-sided placement, rigid assembly, flexible assembly, rigid-flex assembly, and press fit assembly or manual assembly.

They assemble the boards the way you want them. You can assemble your boards in different ways like full turnkey or partial turnkey assembly, press-fit assembly, kitted and consigned assembly, QFN, BGA, LGA, and many more. They use AOI, X-ray, ICT, and FCT techniques for functional testing of the boards to detect errors.

Electronic Manufacturing

They also offer you different services in electronic manufacturing like PCB parts and component sourcing like resistors, semiconductors and capacitors. Their electronic manufacturing capabilities are conformal coating, wire bonding, reverse engineering services, customized logistics for customer, box build assembly, IC programming, and wire harness assembly, and PCB design, and also you can enjoy custom labeling and packaging.

Their professional experts handle these component sourcing tasks to make sure that their partners are getting reliable materials at economical prices. These engineers also have their eyes on the latest trends in the market and they make sure that any new electronic design they make would follow the safety regulations and standards.

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Quality Standards

At Viasion, you can get only high-quality products. They follow the IPC standards that are most acceptable in the manufacturing world. For PCB manufacturing they follow the IPC-A-600 and for PCB assembly, they follow IPC-A-610.

Most of their products are of IPC Class 2 standards but they also can be of Class 3 standards as per the requirements of your products. They can provide you with premium quality products.

The quality of their products is the key to gaining trust of their customers. They have well-developed and controlled quality system. They pay very strict attention to every detail and during each stage of the manufacturing process they monitor the product carefully. Also they have various certifications to prove their reliability like ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and UL.

Application of Their Products

They are specialized in small to medium-volume PCB production. With their highly qualified and experienced staff, they manage to offer high-quality products to different industries. Their products have been widely used in IoT, robotics, medical equipment, aerospace, telecommunication, portable devices, LEDs, test and measurement, consumer electronics, new energy, healthcare, research and development, energy and power, and many other industries. They have made name for themselves with their highly reliable products and good customer services in the realm of electronics manufacturing.

Customer Relations

Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of Viasion. Almost 99% of their customers are satisfied with their top-class quality products. If you want a partner who is reliable and whom you can trust, then Viasion could be the best choice.

They have over 200 professionals on their team to provide you with excellent products and customer service. Moreover, at Viasion there is no MOQ required and there are quick lead time. They also deliver their products on time. They have won the trust of many companies with high-quality products, cheap and reasonable prices and first-rate after sales services.

They are highly experienced in manufacturing high-quality PCBs and offer multiple services including PCB design, fabrication, assembly, and also component sourcing. With their continuous efforts to increase production capacity with minimum errors, they aim to provide low-cost PCB manufacturing and assembly services to their partners. They are completely adaptable and flexible to satisfy their clients’ needs. Due to these qualities, Viasion is famous in many industries across the world. Hence, Viasion can be your long-term and reliable partner.

In summary, choosing Viasion would be the most advisable decision you’ve ever made. As you know, there are hundreds of thousands of PCB manufacturers around the world. Sometimes, it is time-consuming for a customer to select a suitable business partner from those suppliers. This article may be helpful for you to find a reliable cheapest PCB manufacturer.

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