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What are The Advantages of Outsourcing PCB Assembly to a Professional Company?

pcb assembly

We talked about a checklist of essentials for starting a business, which is what my best friend and I engaged in discussion. So unsurprisingly, each conversation features the team members and their digital devices. The electronic devices industry is a major contributor to the surging demand for PCB assembly in China due to the increased demand for electronic gadgets all around the world. There are many PCB Assembly service providers that an individual can select from, but choosing the right one among them proves to be very difficult.

Therefore, we will now eliminate your burden and tell you the key reasons for outsourcing PCB assembly in China.

PCB assembly with PTH and SMT assembly

PCB assembly with PTH and SMT assembly

What is PCB Assembly?

PCB assembly is short for printed circuit board assembly. It means soldering electronic components on circuit boards manually and by equipment.

Let us know about the PCB manufacturer China processes.

The phases of the PCB assembly Process

  1. PCB and Electronic part sourcing: Firstly, we need to get all the electronic parts and PCB bare boards. Vision produces PCB itself which has an advantage in price and quality. 
  2. Solder Paste Printing: In this case, first, the solder paste will be dispensed and deposited on the board. It comes in the form of thick greyish cream containing very small round particles that consist of certain percents of tin, silver and copper; therefore, use it moderately. Mechanical clamping provides support to printed circuit boards and SMT stencils to print solder paste onto the PCB to ensure accurate paste placement in specified locations.
  3. Pick And Place: At this time therefore we require a pick and place machine. Surface mount component placing machine. Robots run automatic pick and place machines, twenty-four hours a day without fatigue. It has a very high accuracy that way exceeds error rates, thereby increasing the production scale manifold.
  4. Reflow Soldering: And, therefore, reflow soldering will be the next phase of PCB assembly. Afterwards, the circuit boards will be transported into a large reflow oven over the conveyor belt. This simply softens the soldering paste and liquefies the solder in the same solder paste, and the components will be soldered on the PCB permanently.
  5. Inspection: Inspection is necessary where there are issues with the functionality of circuit boards used in PCB assembly. The problem lies in the fact that the reflow can produce bad or non-contact. Thus, inspection is very significant in the stage of the assembly process. AOI inspection and visual inspection are always used. 
  6. Wave Soldering: Circuit boards that involve putting together other component pieces besides SMDs may also be in demand. Examples include thru-hole or print-through-hole (PTH) components. In this case, wave soldering should be applied and combined with manual soldering for the mounting of PTH components.
  7. Thorough Testing: The last inspection by PCB manufacturers involves testing processes as assurance that the product works well. This will entail replicating the work of a real PCB on the PCBA to confirm that it meets the required tolerance values for all the electrical parameters whenever it is being tested with signals and power. These tests include ICT testing and functional testing. 
Solder Paste Printing in SMT assembly

Solder Paste Printing in SMT assembly

Benefits of outsourcing PCB assembly in China

A professional PCB Assembly company will give you a lot of benefits, such as a simplified manufacturing process, lower cost, high and stable quality and great post-sales services.

  • Lower Expenses

At times, one may choose to outsource PCB because they are unwilling to constantly buy ready-made electronic devices. For PCB assembly to be successful, expired personnel and advanced machinery are essential. The purchase of machines and tools for SMT assembly is also expensive. This has made it possible to cut expenses like buying a lot of machines and employing many people. Similarly, you will spend more money obtaining relevant certificates when producing customized printed circuit boards.

  • Reduce your Operational Cost

Ownership of your PCB assembly line is not all about the price you pay for the equipment and workers involved in running it.

Some electronics manufacturers with inbuilt SMT lines are quite organized as they also manage storage, shipping, buying, and materials management. Moreover, they have business information in which they employ proven system options.

  • Get benefits of Experts’ Knowledge

Professional PCB assembly services in China are good because the Chinese have learned how things should be done properly. A team of highly skilled, professional experts is also available within our organization to help you out at all times. 

A technical EMS will have access to material documentation, making it easy for an expert in this field to suggest crucial revisions to the design, well ahead of manufacturing. This allows one to speed up in making a batch of products or spot errors in designs and materials.

  • Better Supply Chain Management

A PCB assembly usually have a very robust and mutual supply chain for all the electronics parts, such as circuit boards, components, cable, enclosure, etc. The supply chain usually fluctuates very soon, making it difficult to handle. In this case, an organized PCB assembly involves many suppliers, thus reducing the selection process. 

  • Excellent Service

Indeed, a competent PCB manufacturer can go beyond manufacturing boards and become a business partner seeking to ensure that you grow. You should consider working together with the most appropriate supplier since he will support you concerning every task including the design of PCBs and even marketing processes.

For instance, an excellent PCB maker should have engineers on their team so that they may assist you with PCB redesigns where necessary. For instance, this may prove beneficial in the situation when developing a novel product, yet maintaining an older one.

Certain problems are easy to handle and repair. This may have been a result of using outdated apparatus or a lack of required spare components. It will be important to identify the right kind of manufacturer since it manages serious issues such as repair and warranties.

Wrapping Up,

However, unless your workforce comprises nothing but idle hands with enough money for extra equipment, PCB assembly in China services is better off outsourced.

Ensure that your partner is a one-stop shop that will enable you to enjoy high quality, low cost and extra services such as design, DFM and after-sales support.

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