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Top 10 PCB Prototype Manufacturers in the World in 2024

PCB Prototype Manufacturers

In the electronics world, the innovation blueprint begins with a prototype. A PCB (Printed Circuit Board) prototype is the first form to shape the electronic design, as it will help the designer and the engineer to test and refine their ideas before the mass production process is started.

The PCB prototype manufacturer’s impact on your choice has so much influence because it directly impacts your product development’s speed, quality, and cost-effectiveness.

In a world of choices, we narrowed it down to the top ten PCB prototype manufacturers in 2024. We are focusing on those that have consistently shown excellence in quality, innovation, customer service, and technological advancement.

1. Advanced Circuits

Advanced Cіrсuіtѕ

The PCB manufacturer Advanced Circuits, among the biggest in the US, deals with various sectors such as aerospace, medicine, and technology startups, offering a customized wide range of services.

They have a “No Minimum Order” policy for prototypes that are good for small projects and individual designers.

Besides, they provide a free Design check tool that prevents common design issues. Advanced Circuits has complete manufacturing and assembly capabilities capable of handling both small and large-scale production orders while assuring the quality of each item.

2. Osh Park

OSH Park

OSH Park, an innovative American-made service with PCB production by a community, provides this service to hobbyists, schools, and some small companies.

They have cost-effective prototyping services, specializing in community projects that use a unique PCB panel system that reduces cost by combining multiple orders.

Currently, Osh Park supports the manufacturing of small to medium batches and maintains high standards on the average of 12 days for the manufacturing process.

3. Viasion PCB

Viasion PCB

Since 2007, Viasion has been the leader in PCB prototype production, carrying periodic improvement from both technical and quality perspectives.

This is complemented by a broad range of PCB services such as flex PCB, rigid-flex PCBs, HDI boards, multilayer PCBs, and custom prototypes, among others, that are produced with high quality and accuracy to meet the customer’s specific demands professionally.

Viasion personifies perfection within the PCB prototype industry and focuses on details, perfectionist ways, timely features, and high-quality, contemporary technologies.

Viasion has the power and ability to innovate and develop new technologies and techniques that keep clients on edge in electronics development. They can handle various problems regarding the complexities involved with their needs, putting them above all this field offers. Viasion is among the top 10 PCB prototype manufacturers in the world in 2024 because of its high quality and great customer service.

4. PCBWay


PCBway, from China, came out to be the front-runner in the PCB manufacturing and prototyping industry and became famous globally for its great technology, production quality, and consistency.

Well-noted for fair pricing and fast delivery, PCBWay is good at meeting customers’ needs at different levels with a variety of PCB prototyping services.

What stands out about the producer is that they are dealing with several types of PCB, such as flexible, rigidflex, aluminum substrate, and high-frequency ones. They cut the turnaround time with their team that can handle everything with promptness, and they offer expedited services. Moreover, the company carries out big batch jobs as well as strives for high quality with reasonable prices.



JLCPCB is among the top PCB manufacturers in the world. They are known for manufacturing cost-effective, high-quality, and fast turnaround time boards, making them popular in the market.

The prototyping company claims production times as quickly as 24 hours, and the user-friendly online platform helps simplify the prototype process.

Aside from prototyping, JLCPCB supports mass production for affordability while not compromising quality as they continue to cater to various PCB manufacturing services.

These services include the manufacturing of rigid-flex and flex PCBs in different colours. These prototyping and manufacturing services make JLCPCB one of the top PCB prototype manufacturers.

6. Eurocircuits


Euro Circuits is the top PCB manufacturer in Europe, which is dedicated to prototype and small‐batch production, paying a great deal of attention to what design engineers and electronics developers need.

They provide PCB prototyping services with various options, such as an advanced online checker and a visualizer tool to optimize the design and its manufacturing.

Euro circuits deal especially with low-volume manufacturing produced in various finishes and materials with the highest European quality standards and comprehensive support throughout the manufacturing process.

7. PCB Train

PCB Train

The UK PCB Train is a leading manufacturer of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) with a reputation for delivering exceptional service and exceeding customer expectations. They exist for different industrial requirements and project sizes but have flexible delivery timelines.

They provide PCB prototyping services and other services such as assembly and testing. The online system is systemized for immediate quotations and design submission, which eliminates the hard efforts of individuals to access and get the task done easily.

8. Rayming Technology


Rayming Technology has become an essential part of the field of PCB manufacturing since the beginning of its operation. The company’s journey began in the early 2000s when China was learning to be the global manufacturing and technology center.

The firm offers PCB prototyping and manufacturing to cater to various levels of complexity, ranging from simple designs to multi-layered circuit boards.

Rayming’s manufacturing is joined by its rapid prototyping services, which equip designers and engineers to turn their ideas into tangible prototypes at high speed and precision.

Rayming uses sophisticated technologies and a customer-oriented approach to implement each project to guarantee the highest quality and reliability.

9. PCBA Now


As the world’s leading PCB assembly and manufacturing company, PCBA Now Inc. is famous for its unmatched precision and world work. They give PCB prototyping services at the highest level of knowledge when the precision and expected speed are guaranteed.
Moreover, they have the flexibility with low-volume productions and their continued focus on quality ensures meeting the highest precision standards.

So, if you are looking for a PCB manufacturer that also provides prototyping services to its clients, PCBA Now, with its technology and abilities, will always cater to them.

10. BEC Manufacturing Pty Ltd

BEC Manufacturing Pty Ltd

BEC Manufacturing Pty Ltd, headquartered in Australia, considers quality, innovation, and sustainability when offering comprehensive solutions that suit the two markets (local and global).

The PCB prototyping services that the company is established to give are customer-oriented to speed up the electronics products development process, save time, and enhance quality.

They have a variety of types of PCBs, for example, single-sided, double-sided, and multilayer boards, and they can also do assembly and testing of the final product, which guarantees superior product quality.


Selecting a supplier of PCB prototypes is not limited to capabilities but also includes factors such as uptake on technological advancements and turnaround time, among others.

The companies above all have specialization strengths, meaning that when there are project requirements, one firm can initiate most of your PCB prototype needs.

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