Top 10 PCB Board Makers in the World in 2024

PCB Board Makers

Every industry and organization is shifting towards sustainability globally and the PCB industry is no exception. Also, many PCB manufacturers are finding ways to make environmentally friendly PCB boards by using biodegradable resources and natural combinations.

With the advancement of technology and innovation in research and development, PCB manufacturers have found many ways to remain competitive in the market and also that is because the demand for PCB boards has been increasing since their vast applications in a number of electronic and digital devices.

The annual growth rate of the PCB industry is between 4% and 4.12% and the value of the industry is expected to be 107.3 billion in 2027.
There are many best PCB board manufacturers in the world but we have shortlisted some of them based on product quality, customer services, experience and expertise, testing procedures, supply chain management, lead time, customer satisfaction and certificates. Following are the top 10 PCB board makers in the world.

1. AT&S


Austria Technologie & Systemtechnik Aktiengesellschaft (AT&S) was established in Austria in 1987. AT&S has scored the leading market position in the PCB manufacturing industry and because of its technological advantages, the company is confident to remain one of the best manufacturers in the upcoming years. AT&S is well-known for providing high-end products, PCB boards, and IC substrates.

The state-of-the-art facilities have enabled the company to follow new market trends, seize opportunities, and make innovation in their production lines. Digitalization, miniaturization, modularization, efficiency, and sustainability are the philosophy and core values of the AT&S.
Latest technologies like ECP, 2.5D, mSAP, and z-interconnect technologies have been used in the manufacturing of different types of boards like substrate-like PCBs, Rigid-flex PCBs, HDI PCB, backplane PCBs, high-speed PCB, high-frequency PCBs and all types of multi-layer and high-tech printed circuit boards.

2- TTM Technologies

TTM Technologies

As a global leader in PCB manufacturing and technological solutions, TTM Technologies is American-based company and was founded in 1978. TTM Technologies provides customers with one-stop solutions for all of their boards requirements and demands. The company never fails to prioritize their customers and always manages to work closely with clients in order to understand their specific needs and demands related to the PCB boards.

There are many reasons why TTM Technologies is among the top 10 PCB board makers. The company consists of almost 17,000 employees who are professional and experienced out of which 1,600 are engineers and technological supervisors and 250 salesmen in different markets around the globe.

With 24 manufacturing locations worldwide and 200 patent awards, their professionals are dedicated to overcoming advanced technological problems to make high-end PCB boards.

All kinds of boards are manufactured by them for automotive industries, consumer electronics, medical equipment, computer parts, military equipment, defense, network and communication, and planes. TTM Technologies is a trusted brand determined to fabricate great value products.

3- Viasion

Viasion PCB

Viasion is next on our list of top 10 PCB board makers in the world. Founded in 2007, Viasion is the most well-known PCB manufacturers in China.

Their 16 years of experience is concentrated on producing small to medium batches of PCBs. The most reputable supplier and producer of electronics in China is Viasion.

Any kind of electronic components can be obtained based on your specifications and demands. Their capabilities include wire bonding, IC programming, component sourcing, box build, electromechanical assembly, turnkey PCB assembly, consignment assembly, testing, and custom PCB design and assembly.

Viasion serves more than a thousand clients globally. They have over 500 regular customers as a result of their excellent customer service.
Products from Vision are used in a variety of sectors, including consumer electronics, robotics, IoT, aerospace, LED, and healthcare. In addition, Viasion possesses certifications from RoHS, UL, ISO, and REACH.

The PCB manufacturing process follows IPC-A-600 standards, while the assembly process follows IPC-A-610 standards. The majority of their products meet IPC Class 2 standards.

4- Zhen Ding Tech. Group

Zhen Ding Tech

Zhen Ding Tech. Group is also Chinese-based and is located in Taiwan. To meet the demands of highly advanced applications and products, the group strives to make use of cutting-edge technologies and to follow the trend of miniature products, automation, connection and motorization.
Advanced equipment, customized manufacturing services, advanced and modern product research and development enable them to deliver reliable products and services.

Their primary clients are mostly multinational electronic foundry companies or famous international brands of electronic devices.
The quick design, prototype development, and small to large batch production of the PCBs board are offered by Zhen Ding Tech. Group to make their clients satisfied.

Their quick production lines help customers to gain market share early and win the market opportunities before their rivals. The company offers great values to the customers demand, requirements, and money too.

Zhen Ding Tech. Group is a one-stop solution provider who strives to meet the customers’ requirements and make a long-lasting partnership.

5- Advanced Circuits

Advanced Cіrсuіtѕ

With more than 25 years of experience, Advanced Circuits has made its name in the PCB manufacturing industry in USA. The company is providing high-quality board products and services with most advanced, modern, and innovative technologies. The group excels at providing all types of boards from simple to complex ones and from small to large batch PCB production.

Despite being a household name in the electronic manufacturing, the group also provides hands-on customer services for everyday orders. Instant quoting and tracking system has made it easier for customers to place orders at Advanced Circuits.

The Advanced Circuits is also certified to international quality standards like IPC 6012 CLASS 3/3A, AS9100D, ISO 9001:2015, MIL-PRF-31032, MIL-PRF-55110, and ITAR Registered.

6- NOK


NOK is one of the oldest PCB manufacturing companies in Japan. It was established in 1941 and started as a small enterprise, but over the years, NOK has managed to make its name in the electronic world with continuous hard work and dedication.

Furthermore, as the pioneering Japanese producer of flexible printed circuit boards (FPCs), the NOK has made a significant impact on the progression of more compact, lightweight, and high-functioning electronic products and digital devices.

The company strictly abides by the international quality standards like ISO, UL, and IPC to make high-end electronic products. Also, the professionals of the company are always trying to perform better and to improve the system. Quality assurance activity plans and diagnosis have also been developed according to the quality assurance policy.

In terms of local and international producers, the NOK group also holds the biggest market share for flexible printed circuit boards (FPCs). Their flexible circuit boards have a significant impact on the conception of increasingly compact, lightweight, and highly functioning electronic devices since they are often utilized for intricate wiring in constricted places, including needs like wearable technology and cellphones.



MEKOPRINT is an enterprise located in Denmark, particularly specialized in the production of high-end printed circuit boards. The group is all set for making a sustainable future for the electronic devices. More than 500 experts and professionals are always finding new and innovative ways to give clients optimized solutions to their PCB board problems. Their experts are highly critical in designing and manufacturing PCB circuits.

The MEKOPRINT are experienced in every field but four are their main key areas, including graphic and printed electronics, micro components like battery and moving parts of the metal, cable harnessing, and metal solutions.

The company has 8 different factories and is specialized in 30 different technologies. The company is motivated in developing a balance between good-quality products with short lead time and customer satisfaction.



CISEL was founded in 1976 and is an Italian PCB manufacturer and supplier. With all these years of experience the company has developed a great sense of producing high-tech PCB boards with minimum errors.

At CISEL, you can have any type of board related to the requirements and needs. Single-sided, double-sided, multi-layer boards, any layer HDI boards, high frequency, and high-speed PCBs are included in their offerings.

The company also offers boards with or without assembled components. Different sectors and electronic devices, including lighting, white goods, automotive, medical, banking sectors, communications, and military equipment and so on, use their PCB boards.

To ensure product quality, their products are in compliance with international quality management system and also earned certificates like IATF 16949:2016, ISO 9001:2015, and ROHS standards.

9- ES&S


ES&S is a German-based PCB manufacturer and supplier with over 30 years of experience and expertise in the related fields. Cable assembly, adaptor solution, and PCB board assembly are their areas of expertise. However, ES&S group also manufactures customized boards for LED lighting and other electronic and cable assemblies.

They are also sensitive towards the environment and try to make the products that are environment friendly with minimum resources and latest technologies. ES&S comprises various professional workers and seniors to develop and improve the success of the enterprise.

The positive attitude and professional behavior of the workers ensure the smooth process of production of printed circuit boards.

10- SYE Europe

SYE Europe

Wrapping our list on the SYE Europe which is also a German-based PCB manufacturer and supplier. It is also known as SHENGYI Electronics Co., Ltd. SYE Europe is highly professional in making high-quality multi-layer printed circuit boards.

Their products are widely being exported to America and other regions of the world including Asia-Pacific countries. Their offerings include standard circuit boards, HDI boards, flex boards, backplane technologies, PA boards, and line-card capabilities.

Continuous innovation, modern technologies, and continuous improvement are the motto of the company. With manufacturing specialized printed circuit boards and associated technical assistance, SYE strives to meet client needs while nurturing win-win partnership that benefits society, shareholders, and staff.


As mentioned above, these suppliers and manufacturers are the top 10 PCB board makers in the world in 2024. These firms allow you to produce whatever kind of printed circuit boards you need, within your budget. Get in touch with them via their websites for further information.

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