Why is SMT chip processing used in circuit board processing now?

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Everyone knows that most of the circuit board processing now uses SMT chip processing, what will happen? What is SMT chip processing? What are the advantages? Next, Shenzhen VIASION Electronics, a PCBA processing manufacturer in Shenzhen, will introduce to you.


What is SMT chip processing?

SMT chip processing is also surface mount technology. The specific content refers to the placement of chip-shaped components or miniaturized components suitable for surface assembly on the surface of the PCB as required, and then solder them using reflow soldering and other soldering processes , Complete the technology of electronic components assembly. On the SMT circuit board, the solder joints and components are on the same side of the board, so on the PCB board processed by the SMT patch, the through holes are only used to connect the wires on both sides of the circuit board, and the number of holes is much less , The diameter of the hole is also much smaller. And such a design can greatly improve the mounting density of PCB components.

Advantages of SMT chip processing 1. Miniaturization The size and volume of chip components used in SMT chip processing are much smaller than those of traditional plug-in components, which can generally be reduced by 60% to 70%, or even by 90%. The weight is reduced by 60% to 90%. This can meet the development needs of miniaturization of electronic products. 2. High signal transmission speed The PCB board processed by SMT chip has compact structure and high mounting density, which can achieve the effect of short connection and low delay, and thus achieve high-speed signal transmission. At the same time, electronic products can be more resistant to vibration and shock. 3. High frequency characteristics The components processed by SMT patches are generally leadless or short leads, which reduces the distribution parameters of the circuit and thus reduces radio frequency interference. 4. Conducive to automated production SMT chip processing chip components have multiple characteristics such as size standardization, serialization and uniform welding conditions, which can make SMT chip processing a high degree of automation. 5. Low material cost The packaging cost of most PCBA patch processing components is already lower than that of plug-in processing components of the same type and function. 6. High production efficiency SMT placement technology simplifies the production process of electronic products and reduces production costs. The entire PCBA production process is shortened and production efficiency is improved.

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