Why do you want to design the circuit on the board to be curved?

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We will find that the circuits on the board are curved. Why should we design this? Three reasons are given below.


    First, if the lines in the board are designed to be straight, the board area will increase by several times. In today's era of pursuing exquisiteness and compactness, the area of the circuit board is naturally as small as possible, otherwise it will directly affect the area of electronic products. It is estimated that people's requirements for electronic products are: in addition to the larger the screen, the others are getting smaller and smaller, and the thickness is as thin as possible.


    Secondly, even if we don't care about the size of the board, designing the lines in the board as straight lines will cause other problems. In the board, the line will definitely need to turn. If we design the lines in the board to be straight, the angle of the turn is ninety degrees. Because the line can easily produce large reflections when turning at ninety degrees, such a board can easily be broken during production. In this case, not only the waste of materials, but also the successful manufacture of the circuit board, it is easy to produce quality problems.


    Third, the lines on the board are designed to be curved to ensure signal stability. The design of the circuit board is a technical activity, and only the corresponding design can ensure the stability of the signal. The chip on the board can only work properly if the signal is not disturbed.

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