Why do components shift in SMT chip processing?

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Shenzhen Viasion has its own SMT chip factory, which can provide SMT chip processing services for the smallest package 0201 components. Next, I will introduce why there is component shift in SMT chip processing.

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Common causes of component shift in SMT chip processing.

1. The use time of the solder paste is limited. After the service life of the SMT solder paste is exceeded, the flux in the solder paste deteriorates, resulting in poor soldering of the SMT patch.

2. The viscosity of the solder paste itself is not enough, and the components are shifted due to vibration and shaking during transportation.

3. The flux content in the solder paste is too high, and the excessive flux flow during the reflow soldering process will cause the components to shift.

4. The components are shifted due to vibration or incorrect handling during the handling process after SMT printing and SMT placement.

5. During SMT chip processing, the air pressure of the suction nozzle is not adjusted properly, and the pressure is not enough, which causes the components to shift.

6. The mechanical problems of the SMT placement machine have caused the wrong placement of the components.

Only by doing every step of SMT processing carefully and strictly following the PCBA processing process can we make high-quality PCBA products.

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