What issues need to be considered for mass SMT patch processing?

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SMT processing efficiency

  Generally, large-volume circuit board processing requires high efficiency for the entire SMT processing plant. Because whether PCBA is a high-precision or ordinary product, its process is the same, and all processes must be completed before it can be considered complete. Especially for customers, when you want to find a manufacturer of SMT chip processing that suits you, you need to carefully choose one that meets the efficiency standards. The efficiency here is not only speed, but the matching of speed and quality. Blindly pursuing high speed and ignoring the corresponding quality issues, it still cannot be put into the market or used normally after it is produced. This point may be a big point of concern. Because serious quality abnormalities will cause the cost of the entire project to rise and delays in delivery, and ultimately affect the company's overall strategic planning.


PCBA processing cost budget

  Usually, because there are more SMT points in large quantities, there will be more bargaining power on the overall price. Many factories also like this kind of customers. Therefore, every aspect of the PCB production, device procurement, and SMT links is It can be communicated and negotiated separately, including subsequent assembly and testing, logistics and transportation, etc., which can be communicated.


  The above two points are basically the most important of all factors in the current PCBA processing process. A supplier with high efficiency and cost advantage is the basis for long-term friendly cooperation. At the same time, a partner with rich industry experience is also a point to be investigated. When choosing your own supplier, you can consider from the following perspectives:

  First of all: to understand the quality control of the manufacturing process by visiting the physical factory. In essence, this is a consideration of efficiency.

  Second: What testing equipment and inspection procedures are available.

  Third: The delivery time is also very important.

  Fourth: Do you have processing experience in related industries, because only by doing it can you know the concerns and quality abnormalities of related industries. The best thing to understand in the industry is from practice.

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