What is the reason why the solder on the surface of the circuit board is not tinned?

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It is more complicated that the pads on the surface of the circuit board are not tinned. Taking the process of tinning the pads in the early stage of the board manufacturing process is not an easy task. Below, VIASION Technology will answer this phenomenon for you.

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There may be several reasons for the lack of tin on the surface of the circuit board.

First, the reason for the design of the engineering materials produced. Each PCB circuit board is designed to meet the needs of customers, so the work of the engineering department is very important. Once there is a problem, it will cause a lot of trouble to the subsequent production.

Second, the construction staff made mistakes. When working on the machine, the staff need to adjust the power and temperature, as well as the welding method. If the operation is wrong, problems will occur

Third, there is a problem with the card storage method. Depending on the surface treatment of the board, the storage method is different. For example, some boards are OSP, immersion gold, spray tin, etc. The shelf life of the spray tin circuit board is generally about one week, and the surface treatment process of the OSP circuit board is preserved After 3 months, if it is an immersion gold multilayer circuit board, it can be stored for a long time.

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