What inspections are required for PCB light boards before they can be shipped?

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  What inspections are required for PCB light boards before they can be shipped? Many friends are concerned about this issue. PCB light boards need to go through multiple inspections and the shipment inspection report is issued before they can be shipped. Next, Shenzhen VIASION Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. will introduce the shipment inspection items of PCB light boards.



  1. Basic inspection

  Sheet information: type, finished board thickness, outer copper foil, inner copper foil, warpage, ink, color, position, marking, minimum line width, line spacing, ring width, solder mask, surface treatment, special process , Test items, film, etc.

  2. Electrical performance test report

  a. Test category: single-sided, general-purpose, special-purpose, test points.

  b. Test parameters: current, voltage, on-resistance, insulation voltage, etc.


  3. Metallographic Section Analysis Report

  Copper thickness, nickel thickness, gold thickness, lead tin thickness, circuit copper thickness, roughness, etching factor, plating cracks, resin shrinkage, plating voids, delamination, etc.


  4. Impedance test, etc.

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