What are the requirements for the temperature and humidity of the SMT patch processing plant workshop

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The easy-to-understand statement of SMT patch processing is: attach capacitors or resistors on electronic products with a dedicated machine, and weld them to make them stronger and not easy to fall to the ground.

For example, the high-tech products that we often use nowadays are computers and mobile phones. The internal motherboards are densely arranged with tiny capacitors and resistors. These capacitors and resistors are pasted using SMT patch processing technology and processed by high-tech patches. The capacitor resistance is much faster than manual patching, and it is not easy to make mistakes.

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SMT is the abbreviation of Surface Mounted Technology, and it is a very popular processing technology in my country's electronics industry. Now that SMT chip processing is a processed high-tech product, I think it also has high requirements on the processing workshop. Let's find out what kind of workshop is needed.

SMT chip processing has certain requirements on the environment, humidity and temperature. In order to ensure the quality of electronic components and enable the processing quantity to be completed in advance, the working environment has the following requirements:

The first is the temperature requirement. The best temperature in the workshop is 23±3℃ throughout the year, and cannot exceed the limit temperature of 15~35℃.

The second is the humidity requirement. The humidity in the SMT patch processing workshop has a great influence on the quality of the product. The higher the environmental humidity, the electronic components are susceptible to damp, which affects the electrical conductivity, the welding is not smooth, and the humidity is too low. The air inside is easy to dry, and it is easy to generate static electricity. Therefore, when entering the SMT patch processing workshop, the processing personnel also need to wear anti-static clothing. Under normal circumstances, the workshop is required to maintain a constant humidity around 45%~70%RH.

There is also the requirement of cleanliness. The workshop must be free of any odor and dust, and keep the interior clean and free of corrosive materials. They will seriously affect the reliability of the capacitor resistance and increase the failure of the chip processing equipment. The maintenance rate reduces the production schedule. The best cleanliness of the workshop is about 100,000 (BGJ73-84).

Finally, the stability of the power supply is required. In order to avoid equipment failure during processing, which affects the processing quality and progress, a voltage regulator must be added to the power supply to ensure the stability of the power supply.

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