What are the reasons for the high impedance of the circuit board?

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Impedance circuit board refers to the circuit board that needs impedance control. Impedance control means that under a high-frequency signal, the "resistance" generated by a certain circuit layer to its reference layer during transmission must be controlled within the rated range to ensure that the signal is not distorted during transmission. Circuit board impedance control is actually to make every part of the system have the same impedance value, that is, impedance matching.

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Reasons for high resistance of circuit board:

There are many reasons for the resistance process of the circuit board. If the resistance is too high, it should be divided into whether the inner layer is too high or the outer layer is too high. Under normal circumstances, the main reasons for the high resistance of the operating circuit board are as follows Several situations.

1. The lines of the circuit board are relatively thin, which leads to higher resistance of the circuit board.

2. The copper thickness of the circuit board is relatively thin, which leads to higher resistance of the circuit board.

3, the line spacing of the circuit board, the thickness of the dielectric layer is too thick, and the thickness of the outer ink is too thick, which causes the resistance of the circuit board to become higher.

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