What are the packaging requirements for PCBA board transportation?

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Shenzhen VIASION Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a PCBA service provider integrating design, development, production, processing and sales of electronic products. We provide customers with the most professional PCBA manufacturing services, and provide customers with services such as solution design, proofing, material purchase, production, testing and finished product assembly. Next, I will introduce PCBA board transportation and packaging requirements.

PCBA board transportation packaging requirements After the PCBA board is produced, we need to transport the PCBA board to the customer in various ways. During the transportation, we need to pay attention to the following requirements.

1. Packaging materials PCBA board is a relatively fragile and easily damaged product. Before transportation, it must be carefully packaged in bubble bags, pearl cotton, electrostatic bags, and vacuum bags.

2. Anti-static packaging Static electricity will break down the chips in the PCBA board. Because static electricity is invisible, intangible, and easy to generate, it is necessary to use anti-static packaging during the packaging and transportation.

3. Moisture-proof packaging Before packaging, the PCBA should be cleaned and dried on the surface, and sprayed with conformal paint.

4. Anti-vibration packaging Put the packaged PCBA board in an anti-static packaging box. When it is placed vertically, it should not be stacked up to more than two layers. A spacer should be placed in the middle to keep it stable and prevent shaking.

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