What are the benefits of PCB puzzle? What are the ways to jiggle?

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What are the benefits of PCB puzzle?

1. Convenient production: Some PCBs are too small in size to meet the requirements of SMT fixtures, so it takes several PCBs to put together before chip production.

2. Cost saving: some circuit boards have special shapes and different shapes, and the area of the PCB substrate can be more effectively used by combining the boards, reducing waste and saving costs.


What are the PCB boarding methods?

PCB boarding methods are mainly V-CUT, bridge, and bridge stamp hole.V-CUT means that several boards or the same boards can be combined and spliced together, and then after the PCB processing is completed, a V-shaped groove is cut between the boards with a V-CUT machine, which can be broken during use.

Slotting refers to milling out between the plate and the plate or inside the plate with a milling machine as needed, which is equivalent to digging out.

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