The welding essentials of PCBA board processing

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The welding essentials of PCBA board processing: 


1. When soldering, make sure that there is tin around the solder joints, and solder them firmly to prevent false soldering. 

2. When welding integrated circuits, first check the model used and whether the pin position meets the requirements. When soldering, first solder the two pins on the edge to the foot to position them, and then solder them one by one from left to right from top to bottom. 

3. The order of assembly and welding of components is: resistors, capacitors, diodes, triodes, integrated circuits, high-power tubes, and other components are small first and then large. 

4. When soldering tin, tin should not be too much, it is best when the solder joints are tapered. 

5. When taking the resistance, after finding the required resistance, take the scissors to cut the required number of resistances and write the resistance for easy search. 

6. The chip and the base have directions. When soldering, you must strictly follow the direction pointed by the gap on the PCBA board to make the chip, the base and the PCB notches correspond. 

7. After installing the same specification, install another specification, and try to make the height of the resistor consistent. After soldering, cut off the excess pins exposed on the surface of the printed circuit board. 

8. For electrical components with too long leads (such as capacitors, resistors, etc.), cut them short after soldering. 

9. After the circuit is connected, it is best to clean the surface of the circuit with a cleaning agent to prevent the iron filings attached to the surface of the circuit board from short-circuiting the circuit. 

10. After soldering, check the solder joints with a magnifying glass to check whether there is any false soldering or short circuit. 

11. To carry out the aging process, many problems can be found. The connection should be connected tightly and the screws should be tightened. After repeated plugging and unplugging for many times, pay attention to whether the connection connector is damaged.

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