The contrast between high precision (HDI) and ordinary PCB circuit boards

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PCB circuit board, called printed circuit board in Chinese, or printed circuit board, occupies an important electronic component in the electronics industry. It is the electrical and signal connection and propagation carrier of electronic components and the support of electronic components. It is made by electronic printing, so it is called "printed" circuit board.

Due to the consistency of the printed board, it can avoid errors in manual wiring after electronic equipment adopts it, and can also ensure the quality of electronic equipment, because it can also realize the automatic assembly, placement, welding, and inspection of electronic components. This can reduce production costs, further increase labor productivity, and facilitate maintenance.

HDI (High Density Interconnector) is a high-precision PCB circuit board, which is a circuit board with a relatively high line distribution density. The high-precision (HDI) circuit board is represented by the inner and outer layers. After the inner layer is blackened, the prepreg is added according to the predetermined design to add layers, and then the copper foil is added to the back and the opposite sides for pressure bonding. Using drilling, metallization in the hole and other processes, the internal connections of the individual layers are realized. The more the number of laminations, the higher the technical grade of the panel. This is the lamination method used by HDI high-precision boards.

The ordinary PCB circuit board generally adopts the traditionally developed pressing process. When the density of the PCB board increases beyond the eight-layer board, it is manufactured with HDI high-precision board, and the cost is lower than that. High-precision PCB boards are conducive to the use of technologically advanced industries and institutions, because their signal accuracy and electrical performance are higher than ordinary traditional PCB boards. In addition, the high-precision HDI board has an excellent improvement effect on electrostatic discharge, heat conduction, radio frequency interference and geomagnetic wave interference.

In combination with social development, we can clearly understand the upgrading of electronic products and market demand, and the development of high-precision (HDI) circuit boards will be very rapid. So whether you need high-precision or ordinary traditional PCB circuit boards, remember to follow and contact us Shenzhen VIASION Electronics Co., Ltd.

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