The circuit board chip manufacturer tells you why you can't touch the circuit board with your hands?

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  The circuit board manufacturer tells you why you can't touch the circuit board with your hands? In winter, the human body can release up to tens of thousands of volts of static electricity. At the end of the year, the project has reached the final stage. Don't directly touch the live motherboard with your hands with static electricity and cause the motherboard to burn out!


  The hazards of static electricity:


  In different environments, the electrostatic voltage carried by the human body ranges from several volts to hundreds of volts to tens of thousands of volts. Contact with electronic components (conductors) by human hands will cause electrostatic discharge, which will damage the device and reduce reliability; in severe cases, electrostatic discharge will cause the device to breakdown and cause the product to be directly scrapped.


  In addition, the electrostatic discharge process also radiates radio waves at a certain frequency, which interferes with the surrounding microprocessors, causes the application program to run disorderly, and seriously affects the normal operation of the device.


  Therefore, it is necessary to standardize operations in daily production and work (including the correct wearing of electrostatic rings); try to avoid direct contact with electronic components with human hands, especially in a charged state.


  Human hand touch (human body equivalent resistance introduces interference) changes the characteristics of the feedback loop (including pole shift), causing the feedback loop to oscillate, resulting in unstable DC-DC output voltage.


  The output voltage of DC-DC is unstable, the lighter one will cause the system to restart (DC-DC automatically adjusts the output voltage), and the serious one will burn out the main chip of the circuit board (DC-DC automatically adjusts the output voltage), so the main board is not allowed to be touched when it is charged. .

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