Terminology summary of letters on the board

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Rx is a resistor, there are many resistors in the circuit diagram, according to the serial number, R1, R2...

Cx is a non-polar capacitor, anti-interference capacitor at the input of the power supply;

IC integrated circuit module;

Ux is an IC (integrated circuit component);

Tx is the test point (for factory testing);

Spk1 is Speaker (buzzer, speaker);

Qx is a triode;

CEx-electrolytic capacitor, CNx-discharge, RNx-exclusion, CONx-connector, Dx-Diode , Lx-inductor/magnetic bead, LEDx-light emitting diode, Xx-crystal oscillator;

RTH (thermistor);

CY (Y capacitor: high voltage ceramic capacitor, safety regulations);

CX (X capacitor: high voltage film capacitor, safety);

D (diode);

W regulator tube;

K switch class;

Y crystal oscillator;

R117: The resistance on the main board, serial number is 17;

T101: Transformer on the main board;

SW102: switch;

LED101: light emitting diode;

LAMP: (indicator) light;

Q104 (E, B, C): transistor, E: emitter, B: base, C: collector.

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