Talking about the precautions of circuit board maintenance

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In the process of using the circuit board in peacetime, it is often caused by improper use, incorrect processing or aging of components, which causes the circuit board to work abnormally or even burn out. At this time, it is necessary to repair the circuit board. Next, I will introduce you to the precautions for maintenance of the circuit board.

1.Check the status of the board components. When the circuit board fails, the first thing is to see if there is any obvious component damage, such as power device, resistance burnout or bulging and burnout of the capacitor.

2.look at the welding of the circuit board. Look at the circuit board for solder joints and solder joints, whether there is warpage and deformation, whether the copper-clad skin of the circuit board has burnt black and lifted.

3.look at the plug-in status of components. Check the direction of the diode, integrated circuit and power transformer, etc., if there is any error, if necessary, correct it in time.

4. Perform a simple test on the capacitor resistance and inductance. You can use the tool multimeter to check the above components and perform a simple test to see if there is a capacitor short circuit, the resistance of the resistor is too large, the inductor is short-circuited, and the capacitance value changes.

5. Conduct a power-on test. If after the above steps, the cause of the fault has not been found, the power-on test can be performed. The test step is to test whether the power supply system is normal, such as whether the output of the regulator is normal, whether the AC power is normal, the waveform of the switching power supply, and whether the output is normal.

6. If there is a programming component, you can use the brush program method, so you can check whether the circuit board is caused by the abnormal operation of the program.

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