SMT processing term explanation: what is BOM, DIP, SMT, SMD

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SMT processing term explanation: what is BOM, DIP, SMT, SMD


BOM Bill of Material,(BOM) is a file that describes the product structure in a data format is the bill of materials. The SMT processing BOM includes the material name, amount, and placement position number. The BOM is an important basis for placement machine programming and IPQC confirmation.


DualIn-line Package,Also known as dual in-line packaging technology, it refers to integrated circuit chips packaged in dual in-line form. Most small and medium-sized integrated circuits use this packaging form, and the number of pins generally does not exceed 100. The DIP packaged CPU chip has two rows of pins, which need to be inserted into the chip socket with the DIP structure.

SMT Surface Mount Technology, or SMT for short, is a circuit assembly technology that attaches and solders surface mount components to a specified position on the surface of a printed circuit board. Specifically, it is to first apply solder paste on the printed circuit board, then accurately place the surface mount components on the solder paste-coated pads, and heat the printed circuit board until the solder paste melts and cool After that, the interconnection between the component and the printed board is realized. In the 1980s, SMT production technology became more and more perfect. The mass production of components used in surface mounting technology resulted in a significant drop in prices. Various equipment with good technical performance and low prices appeared one after another. Electronic products assembled with SMT were small in size. With the advantages of good performance, complete functions and low price, SMT, as a new generation of electronic assembly technology, is widely used in electronic products in various fields such as aviation, aerospace, communications, computers, medical electronics, automobiles, office automation, household appliances, etc. Installed in the Union.

SMD SMD surface mount devices  "In the initial stage of electronic circuit board production, the via assembly is completely completed manually. After the first batch of automated machines are launched, they can place some simple pin components, but complex components are still Need to be placed manually before wave soldering. Surface mount components were introduced about twenty years ago, and a new era was created. From passive components to active components and integrated circuits, they eventually became surface mount devices ( SMD) can be assembled by pick-and-place equipment. For a long time, people thought that all lead components could finally be packaged in SMD.

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