SMT patch quality analysis

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Common quality problems of SMT patches include missing parts, side parts, turning parts, offsets, and damages.

1.The main factors leading to the leakage of the patch

 a.The component supply rack feed is not in place.

 b.The air passage of the component nozzle is blocked, the nozzle is damaged, and the nozzle height is incorrect.

 c.The vacuum path of the equipment is faulty and blockage occurs.

 d.the board is not good, and it is deformed.

 e.there is no solder paste or solder paste on the pads of the board.

 f.component quality problems, the thickness of the same variety is inconsistent.

 g.The placement machine calls the program with errors or omissions, or the selection of the component thickness parameters is incorrect during programming.

 h.Human factors accidentally knocked out.

2.Main factors leading to the turning and side parts of the SMC resistor patch

 a.The component feeder is abnormally fed.

 b.The height of the nozzle of the placement head is incorrect.

 c.the height of the picking head is not correct.

 d.The size of the loading hole of the component tape is too large, and the component is turned over due to vibration.

 e.When the bulk material is placed in the braid, the direction is reversed.


3.the main factors leading to component patch bias

 a.When the placement machine is programmed, the X-Y axis coordinates of the components are incorrect.

 b.the reason for the patch nozzle, so that the suction is not stable.


4.The main factors leading to damage during component placement

 a.The positioning thimble is too high, so that the position of the circuit board is too high, and the components are squeezed when placed.

 b.When the placement machine is programmed, the Z-axis coordinates of the components are incorrect.

 c.The nozzle spring of the placement head is stuck.

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