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Rigid PCBs are the most commonly used printed circuit boards in electronic devices, they are often used as the main printed circuit board in electronic products. Rigid PCBs can be divided into 3 categories according to the layer counts: single sided PCBs, double sided PCBs and multilayer PCBs. 

Rigid PCB capabilities
  • Single layer, double layers and multilayer up to 40+ layers
  • Wide range of laminate, such as CEM3, normal FR4, high TG FR4, halogen free FR4, high Speed, high frequency, aluminum base, copper base, ceramic, PTFE, Rogers RO4350, RO4003, RO3003, Arlon 85N, 33N, VT47, Panasonic Megtron 4, Megtron 6, TU872, EM827, ISOLA IS410, FR408...
  • Mixed dielectric (hybrid) constructions, such as FR4 and Rogers; FR4+PTFE
  • Blind & buried vias available
  • Via In Pad, Conductive & Non Conductive
  • Micro Vias, Any-Layer HDI
  • Heavy copper (20 oz. outer layer / 10 oz.inner layer)
  • Rigid, Flex and Rigid Flex
  • Microwave & RF
  • Impedance Control
  • Backplane, back drill
  • Heavy Copper 20 oz
  • IC Substrate PCB
  • Impedance control available, max. +/-5%
  • Panel size up to 21"x 59"
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