Quality control requirements for power boards

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Compared to other types of boards, power board requirements are high reliability and copper thickness requirements are special. These two points are just a difficult point for the control of the circuit board factory. How to produce a high-reliability power circuit board? Describe from the following four aspects:


1. Material selection: The power circuit board requires high stability, so the selection of materials should pay attention to the selection of medium and high TG plates.


2. Control of copper thickness: In the case of the same line width design, the thicker the copper (ie, 2OZ is thicker than 1OZ), the higher the current can be carried, so the requirements for copper thickness of the power circuit board are special, according to the application of the power circuit board. The requirements for copper thickness vary from field to field.


3. Ink thickness control: For thick copper power circuit board, the line is easy to expose copper red, so need to do two soldering to thicken the thickness of green oil.


4. Control of quality: The high reliability of power circuit boards requires stricter quality control, including AOI of inner layer, copper thickness test of electroplating, AOI of outer layer, electrical performance test, reliability test, etc. The control of a link is interlocking and indispensable.

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