Precautions for the use of SMT processing patch adhesive

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Shenzhen VIASION has its own SMT chip factory, which can provide SMT chip processing services for the smallest package 0201 components. Next, I will introduce the precautions for the use of SMT processing patch adhesive.


Precautions for the use of SMT processing patch adhesive

1. Storage

 Store SMT processed patch adhesives strictly in accordance with the requirements of the instructions. Generally speaking, it is necessary to store SMT processed patch adhesives in a 5℃~10℃ environment. The patch glue used for SMT patch processing cannot be stored and used near the fire source. The patch glue that has not been taken out will continue to be stored in a container at low temperature and sealed for storage.  

2. Rewarming

 Because it is stored at low temperature, it needs to be warmed up before using the patch glue in SMT patch processing. Normally, under room temperature, the temperature recovery time cannot be less than 3h. It should be noted that the temperature must not be restored by heating, which may cause the performance of the patch adhesive to be damaged during SMT patch processing.  

3. Use

In SMT patch processing, the patch glue needs to be stirred before use, and used up within 24h after stirring. If the stirred SMT patch glue is not used up, it should be stored in a special container, and it cannot be mixed with new patch glue for storage.  

4. Syringe

 The patch glue should be completely degassed, that is, put into the syringe without bubbles.  

5. Ambient temperature

 The operating place should be controlled at a constant temperature, and large temperature changes will have a certain impact on the quality of the patch glue coating.  


 The application of SMT processing patch glue refers to applying the patch glue to the designated area of the PCB. The application of patch glue can adopt dispenser dispensing technology, needle transfer technology and offset printing technology.  

When the method of applying the patch adhesive is different, the performance requirements of the patch adhesive are also different. The patch glue that is suitable for dispensing by the dispenser is not necessarily suitable for the application of needle transfer technology, and vice versa. Therefore, the type of patch adhesive must be correctly selected according to the coating method.

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