PCBA processing requirements for plug hole design

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Plug-in processing is a process of PCBA processing. Inserting components are generally processed by wave soldering. Since the wave soldering time is very short (3~5s), if the ground/electric layer is connected to the jack, the tin will be poor. Will cause poor soldering. Then if you want to circumvent this problem, you need to start from the PCB design stage, and then Shenzhen Viasion Electronics will introduce you to everyone.

PCBA processing requirements for plug hole design


1. In order to ensure the tin-through rate in the hole of the plug-in, it is generally recommended that the ground/electric layer of the hole and the inner layer be designed with a flower pad. The specific dimensions can be referred to the relevant standards. If a solid connection is used, it is best to limit it to two layers.


2. If a large current is required in the circuit design and a certain current carrying capacity must be met, it is recommended to use the design of the power hole, that is, the insertion hole needs to realize the current carrying capacity through the surface solder joint and the power hole, and the number of power holes is based on the current carrying capacity. design.


Power hole


3. In order to meet the design requirements of 20A for uploading traffic, it is conditionally allowed to connect the ground plane to four layers. Claim:


▪ Four layers are close to the PCB heating surface, that is, two layers are close to the soldering surface, two layers are close to the component surface, and the component surface can be heated (not covered by the absorber).


▪ If the lead diameter is ≤0.5mm, the insert aperture should be 0.5mm larger than the component lead diameter; if the lead diameter is >0.5mm, the insert aperture should be 0.8mm larger than the component lead diameter to allow the molten solder to be more adequate. It is noted that the ground pin and the wall of the hole are heated. It is noted that the design of the hole generally requires a hole power aperture of 0.2 to 0.4 mm.


4. If four layers of ground/electrical layers are connected, but the pin component faces are covered by the package, a power hole design must be used.

The above is about PCBA processing on the design requirements of the plug hole, if you have circuit board products need to do PCB production, SMT processing, PCBA foundry materials, welcome to contact Shenzhen Viasion Electronics!

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