PCBA processing flow of Shenzhen Weisheng Electronic Technology Co., Lt

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  1. Customer orders

  Customers place orders according to their actual needs, PCBA processing plants, and put forward specific requirements. The processing plant will evaluate its own capabilities to see if it can complete the order. If the manufacturer determines that it can complete the order within the expected time, then the two parties will negotiate to determine the production details.


  2. Customers provide production materials

  After the customer decides to place an order, he provides a series of documents and checklists to the PCBA processing plant, such as PCB electronic files, coordinate files, and BOM lists required for production, which are all required.


  3. Procurement of raw materials

  PCBA processing plants purchase relevant raw materials from designated suppliers according to the documents provided by customers.


  4. Incoming Material Inspection

  Before PCBA processing, all raw materials to be used are subjected to strict quality inspection to ensure that they are qualified and put into production.


  5. PCBA production

  During PCBA processing, in order to ensure the quality of production, whether it is patch or solder production, manufacturers need to strictly control the furnace temperature.


  6. PCBA test

  The PCBA processing plant conducts strict product testing, and the PCB boards that pass the test are delivered to the customer.


  7. Packaging after sale

  After the PCBA processing is completed, the product is packaged and then delivered to the customer to complete the entire PCBA processing work.

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