PCBA placement process control

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In PCBA chip processing, the amount of solder paste, chip glue, and component losses should be managed as one of the key process control contents. PCBA processing and production directly affect the quality of products, so it is necessary to control factors such as process parameters, processes, personnel, equipment, materials, processing testing, and workshop environment.

Key positions should have a clear post responsibility system. The operators of PCBA should be strictly trained and appraised, and they should take up their posts with certificates. PCBA manufacturers should have a set of formal production management methods, such as the implementation of the first article inspection, self-inspection, mutual inspection and inspector inspection system, the previous process inspection failed, can not be transferred to the next process.


1. Product batch management. The non-conforming product control procedures shall clearly define the isolation, identification, recording, review and treatment of non-conforming products. Normally, SMA should not be repaired more than three times, and components should not be repaired more than twice.


2. Maintenance and maintenance of PCBA manufacturing equipment. Key equipment should be inspected by full-time maintenance personnel to keep the equipment in good condition, track and monitor the equipment status, identify problems in time, take corrective and preventive measures, and maintain and repair them in a timely manner.


3. Production environment

1) Water and electricity supply.

2) PCBA production line environmental requirements-temperature, humidity, noise, cleanliness.

3) PCBA site (including component library) anti-static system.

4) PCBA processing production line access system, equipment operating procedures, process discipline.


4. The production site should be set reasonably and the labels should be correct; the warehouse materials and work-in-progress are classified and stored, neatly arranged, and the accounts are consistent.


5. Civilized production. Including: clean, no debris; civilized operation, no barbarous and disorderly operation behavior. On-site management must have systems, inspections, assessments, and records, and conduct "6S" (organization, rectification, cleaning, cleaning, literacy, and service) activities daily.


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